December 14, 2019
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Good morning, y’all so first meal of the day I’m having three pieces of my well-cooked
Vegetarian bacon strips, then have cucumbers three eggs salt and pepper
Then I also have some coffee and I’m gonna put my just a little bit of this sugar-free french vanilla syrup in it
All right. So now I’m not to have one of my hair skin and nails vegan tablets y’all look at how huge they are
Oh my gosh
And for something to drink I’m having my diet cranberry juice. This only has 1 gram of sugar
You have to make sure you get the diet one because the one that has no sugar added it still has like a whole lot
Of sugar in it. Good afternoon. Y’all so babes and I are about to go to where?
Okay, so we’re about to go to the zoo, but first we got to eat cuz we haven’t eaten since this morning
Okay y’all for lunch. I’m having a nice little vegan and keto slash low carb meal
So everything like I said is vegan my noodles my beefless ground my even put a little bit of vegan cheese in it
But you really can’t even tell.
Oh, and of course
I used coconut oil because I wanted to make sure I did have a good amount of healthy fats in this meal. So
Yeah, that’s what your girl is doing. And plus I’m gonna drink some diet
Cranberry juice and maybe a little bit of water. Hey y’all. So Jodeci was supposed to have me at this Wildwood Zoo
I’m thinking it’s gonna be some fancy right now. We’re just walking we on the trail
Y’all know I don’t like walking. I don’t like doing it. Y’all we over here thinking that the bear supposed to be over here
But I don’t know if he’s hiding or what.
I don’t know where he is. Come out come out wherever you are. So this is the gray fox
Let me tell you what Jodeci did. He had us on this little wildlife whatever Zoo thing, whatever.
Y’all, all the animals are hiding there. Their like it’s sooo cold. Come back during the summer and I agree
We some the foxes. No, one fox, so I just want y’all know I’m out here cold as can be and
Jodeci kept trying to make the bear appear and the bear was like no
I’m not doing this and understand he took a sick day. He’s not with it
I’ve been wanting pickles since we made it down here in Wisconsin, and they didn’t have any but
We went to Walmart today and saw these no sugar added sweet gherkins.
I’m so late talking about this, but I’m drinking this Powerade Zero
Um, like everyone that’s basically keto drinks this. This is sugar-free and
I gotta be honest y’all. I was missing out this so good. I’ve never been like a sports drink type of person
I did not like drinking any of this when I danced in high school or in college
But this Mixed Berry y’all this is delicious.
It’s so good. This is one of my favorite dark chocolates
If you don’t know dark chocolate has a lot of benefits and if I’m correct
I think it’s 70% are higher is vegan friendly from this company. Alright y’all so tonight
we are eating it the patreon Mexican restaurant and
They have like some seafood and other stuff so yeah I’m really excited to eat here.
It doesn’t matter y’all look at their own Halloween decorations
very creative
Yeah, ain’t no way they got that skeleton stuck in that spider web.
That’s funny. Okay. Yeah, so we have homemade
Tortillas Jodeci has some cheesy sauce that he’s loving with this. I also have some salsa
Well, we also have salsa and some guac best to enjoy this little appetizer. So, this is Jodeci food.
He don’t even know he got y’all it got some shrimp some beef. it looks like some green peppers
Just some whole lot of everything gosh. Darn it. I don’t even know what to say. Okay, y’all here’s my food
Got some shrimp in here. I requested no cheese and
Sour cream. I’m not gonna eat these beans y’all
I don’t even know why I got that cuz I don’t even like beans like that. Okay
How are your fingers feelings? For my cheese lovers
You know, how do y’all eat cheese disgusting human beings I’m just jealous
Finally about to watch season 2 of big mouth

Randall Smitham



  1. Ned Sam Posted on November 9, 2018 at 12:13 am

    You and your fiance look like brother and sister

  2. Lauren Ellis Posted on November 9, 2018 at 12:22 am

    Your zoo experience was hilarious 😂

  3. Linda James Posted on November 9, 2018 at 1:02 am

    Tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping and getting that diet cranberry

  4. The Weightloss Chronicles Of A Fat Girl Posted on November 9, 2018 at 2:08 am

    I'm not a fan of sports drinks either, and I use to hate dark chocolate, but now it's my favorite.

  5. Kimberly Davis Posted on November 9, 2018 at 2:57 am

    Where did you get your hair skin and nails pills?