April 5, 2020
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I’m heading to the grocery store you
guys I always wait last minute to go grocery shopping I feel like I always
have these plans of doing it early and then I’m like oh it’s Sunday right
before rush hour and I need to go to the grocery store and no one else is
thinking this I’m thinking of doing Chinese food I’ve been craving Chinese
food so I figured I would like to go ahead and do it but boxes so hopefully
that will come in soon either you’re watching this first or that so whichever
one it is head over to the other one and check that out I’ll leave it down below
now if you guys do like these types of videos I don’t want me to continue
making them on this channel don’t forget to give me a thumbs up or a comment that
you do like this video so I know to keep them up alright guys let’s go ahead and
go shopping first I have some cauliflower I’m going
to do making cauliflower rice hopefully I can get a meal prep in and show you
guys what I do green onions also fits all flock red rice bell pepper I’m gonna
be using this for a chicken quesadilla type of film that’s cream cheese I’ve
been craving grape jelly so I picked up some great early I don’t know what I
would do with the shit but I have some Kashi milk
I haven’t gotten fashionable in forever I went to almond milk but it’s my first
love so I’m gonna go back to the good stuff I have some ginger as well as some
five-spice this is gonna be for the egg rolls but I’m going to be making a
Copeland they turn out good I have some cheddar jack this is gonna go for those
kids videos that I’m talking about earlier heavy whipped cream because I
can’t come here without getting this for my coffees I make cheese sauces with
this Mick’s are gonna keep jumping up with
around the ports that I have it’s gonna go for the egg rolls some baby shrimp I’ve been missing my cauliflower fried
rice so if you really feel like a Chinese takeout I’m doing the lazy girl
and I’m grabbing a rotisserie chicken I’m gonna shred this up I can have it
with like aside as Bradley it’s also going to go into my quesadillas that I
talked about and last but not least I decided to shoot myself and get some
sparkling eyes this one’s the nectarine and this one is the orange mango so my
key favorite types of flavors in a drink now they’re parts perfect I know it’s
really short first of all that I have a lot of stuff at home still as I’ve
stated a couple of basics so finally I’m done chopping it literally took so much
longer I’m used to shopping at night and just getting out of the way so this
everyone’s here but the total cost was only $52 and keep in mind the chicken
that was already pre-made the rotisserie chicken was $10 alone so I you can
definitely cut corners and make Keo be a lot cheaper for you um but I just wanted
to come here and give you guys kind of a different type a of grocery haul let me
know if you guys like this style more I’ll do more vlog style grocery hauls
and I will see you guys in the next one bye I forgot three vital
to create a great sandwich so you want to drive this in there too hey I’m the
zoo man I enjoy look like Rick

Randall Smitham



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