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Happy Monday YouTube family y’all so
today we are doing a weekly keto grocery haul y’all know I live for these videos
if we go talk about food I can sit here and talk about it all day long mom’s
just over here on the side of me y’all but she is sick and she’s trying to make
me sick y’all like my throat was filling yeah today and we gonna nip that in the
bud I’ve been taking a whole lot of water
I’ve been getting my vitamins in today like I was not playing any game said I’m
not trying to be sick we don’t need that type of negative energy in our life
right now Tom but you want to set anything to our YouTube family hello my
wonderful family it’s so good to talk to you all again
it’s been a long great day oh it has been marvelous so wonderful to be with
my little yes y’all today I do have a keto grocery
haul shopping list yeah I’m so proud of myself hashtag adulting
over here you are gonna make sure we get some medicine for the both of us so
let’s go ahead and start our weekly keto grocery haul nope we’re not getting that
all right yeah so let’s get some cucumbers I’m thinking maybe three
cucumbers will be great for this week second thing y’all understand people
making like the stuffed bell peppers and I wanna try them I think that’d be cute
and make it like keto friendly and dairy-free friendly you know yeah yeah
that sounds fun all right yeah so I have to build peppers um I don’t know if I’m
gonna like this but I mean the meals like that I see you’re on YouTube and
all Instagram they look so good so we’re gonna try it hopefully it’s good so you
guys I’m literally addicted now so I have the vegan go veggie cheesy bliss
this is their biggest constraints just so good I do have to be careful though
y’all with this vegan cheese because look at the carbs we have our pasta zero spaghetti noodles
y’all I will be having my mother to try this this week she got out of doing it
last week but she’s gonna try this week y’all so hopefully she likes it so you
guys we were gonna get some strawberries the big container because I’m thinking
maybe some keto strawberry muffins I think I want to do that this week hey
guys so now we are gonna get one bag of lemons and they are at 477 ER stick so
we’re definitely going to be using it this week so y’all we are going to get some shrimp
we’re gonna get the medium-sized last week y’all I like my stuff like I was
gonna make some keto pizza and I didn’t but this week I’m gonna definitely try
to make some keto slash dairy free pizza for this week’s vegetables y’all we have
broccoli cauliflower and green beans our first meat is going to be neck bones
my mom really loves to have this for breakfast so we are gonna get some
ribeye chops okay so this is like a little bit of keto on a budget I guess
y’all so we got some steak like you can get like the high quality steaks y’all
but like let’s be realistic most of us are really trying to save but we still
want to have like good food so I have this and it’s 1326 okay y’all so now we
are in the poultry section so we are gonna get some chicken wings and of
course my mom is gonna want a whole chicken as well y’all y’all I don’t know
who I think I am I’m over here passing up the bacon my mom was like so you just
never get any baked you know I said holger wait a minute I was like oh my
gosh who ever of course we gotta get bacon
we have some Tennessee pride mouths sausage y’all oh my gosh I didn’t
realize how much I missed these things until I had some this week y’all I was
like I need to make sure I started back getting these now so y’all I’m about to
get some pepperoni because like I said I’m gonna be trying my keto dairy free
pizza over here hopefully I don’t fail at this fingers crossed
now you guys we’re gonna get two things of a’s yeah we go through eggs like it’s
nothing now at the house so you guys this week’s drink of choice will be coq
au vin coca sprite zero y’all we gotta get some coconut oil I’ve run through
this way too quickly just way too quickly you guys we love some lemon
pepper seasoning and we use a good amount of black pepper as well so we got
to put these into the buggy as well since chef unique is in the house now
y’all we got to get some more stevia so we can bake more and all that fun stuff
y’all I gotta get some pumpkin because you know last week I made some pumpkin
keto muffins and so since I’m literally addicted to them now we’re gonna make
some again this week and also my mom loves them y’all she really like hasn’t
eaten all my cute old muffins like you know I’ve been making sauce from mainly
me but she just didn’t eat them like they just the best thing ever
I will have linked above now the keto pumpkin muffins recipe when y’all become
obsessed and try to eat all the keto pumpkin muffins I don’t want to hear
y’all saying anything about the fact that y’all are addicted okay alright but
thank me later anger major shout-out to dr. Griffin
2002 thank you so much for telling me about these plant butter sticks of
butter they’re dairy-free and I didn’t know they made like dairy-free sticks of
butter like I know you may like the container right another six oh yeah yeah
he’s like well y’all like leave comments like that they helps me out so much like
I am definitely not the type of person that acts like I know everything if I do
I promise y’all I’m not in real life but like thank you so much like thank
you I’m so excited to try this hopefully it’s good yeah
I don’t think I’ve ever a child there on dairy-free butter so yeah this is gonna
be fun new particle Eric alright y’all since mother nature is knocking on my
door y’all she’s basically here I’m gonna get some Aleve and we are in
tampon and paddle and sorry to the males no this is a normal thing for women and
if you got a problem with it get your life together period boy that escalated
quickly I mean that really got out of hand fast
y’all somebody then came in here and stole out of two boxes look at this this
one’s open and this one is open Hey wow if they will go steal Jake they should
if they’re go steal they should have just stole out of one box like why would
you open two boxes then you guys we’re just gonna get some personal wipes
alright y’all so happy to finally begin this we are going to get some nyquil you
guys love good fats it’s in my Walmart I’m so happy about this so they have the
plant-based one and they just have the regular one um so we’re just going to
get the plant base one yeah and let’s give the nutrition facts that’s fun so
it is for one bar 190 calories 14 grams of fat 14 grams of carbs 9 grams of
fiber 2 grams of total sugar and 7 grams of protein and just in case you’re
interested in the regular kind here are the nutrition facts for that as
well y’all we are about to kick these
workouts up an ostrich will you look at me because since we have some new
equipment at the gym and plus they’re still getting new equipment in we got
some pure epson salt yeah for these non-existent muscles yo I was
just about to cry but God was looking out for me Amen so we are gonna get some
so delicious butter pecan coconut milk no sugar added ice cream this is just so
beautiful all these registers y’all we got a good wood three or four open fun
times baby so cute ie to family so we are in
the car y’all it is cold colors can be right now little color for the south
will say that so you guys if by any chance you are new to the channel
welcome to the fam I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss
journey your girl is sharing everything we are combining straight keto and lazy
keto so join me by clicking that subscribe button plus the notification
bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here I do upload
three videos a week so you can’t expect the video from me on Mondays Wednesdays
and Fridays and we have not missed an upload yet to my amazing beautiful
YouTube family thank you so much for watching this video as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you
in the next video which will be Wednesday okay y’all so I’m about to go
home and I’m gonna take some night quote and I’m gonna sleep like a baby I’m
sleep so goodnight so yeah I love you all so much and I
will see y’all on Wednesday bye

Randall Smitham



  1. Nicole Taylor Crawford Posted on November 4, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    Hey y’all I love y’all enjoy y’all day

  2. Desiree 2123 Posted on November 4, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    "We are in tampon and pad land!!!!" Lol!! Girl so many options now days. Lol!!

  3. BrownGirl Life Posted on November 4, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Since mom got out of it last week, she should have to try the noodles on camera! I hope you both feel better soon!

  4. BrownGirl Life Posted on November 4, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    Also, I am curious if you can do ghee since there is no milk solids in it.

  5. Emoni Williams Posted on November 4, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Thank youuuuuuu ! Gosh I’m going keto your videos are so helpful !!

  6. Katie B Clean With Me Posted on November 4, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Great vid! New sub 😊

  7. debrabo100 Posted on November 5, 2019 at 1:28 pm

    Absolutely love all the inserts! Hilarious! Hope your momma feels better!

    What area of the store did you find the Good Fat Bars? Keep us posted of your thoughts on them. ❤️