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Keto Grocery Shopping With My 7 Year Old Son

Hey everybody! I get asked all the time, every
day, what do I shop for? Where do I go shopping?
What do we eat in our house? So, I thought
my son, Christian, who is seven and a half
Can you wave and say hello? And I would show
you what we shop for at the grocery store
at Whole Foods. The reason I wanted to just
show you what we shop for is it’s just a small
portion of what we eat that we shop at the
grocery store for. So, on average, about 80%
of what we’re eating
comes from the farmers market, right?
– Yeah!
We go to the farmers market every single Saturday
and we’re here in Gainesville. Home of the
Gators! University of Florida! And we’re huge
fans of our entire environment here. We love
the University. We love all of the research
that comes out of the University. We love
the brains, the minds, and we also love the
farms, the soil. When we go to the farmers
market, we typically find four or five organic,
even biodynamic stands that we’ve been going
to for a long time. We get our dairy
there, we get our meat there, we try to get
almost everything at the farmers market, right?
-Like olives!
We get our olives there, we get our sprouts
there. What else do we
get at the farmers market?
– Umm… We get hotdogs there?
Yes, you do get your hot dogs there. What
Uhmm. Jan gives you the organic
meat that you get. And-
– Don’t we usually get Indian food?
We get Indian food, too. Yes.
Christian was born in India. Where were you
born in India?
– Umm… Hyderabad.
In Hyderabad. So the southern part of India.
And so for us, when we shop, we’re thinking
about a lot of different things. So, Christian,
as any child, is born with a
microbiome. That’s about 1/10 of what an adult’s
is. So he has maybe a 100 or 200 different
microbes in his microbiome, where I may have
more like a 1,000. And when he was born in
India, he
definitely had different taste buds when he
was born. You’re gonna see some of the
foods that we like in our family. He is allergic
to casein. So dairy is not part of his life,
but he has many-
– Casein?
Casein. That’s found in dairy.
– Oh.
That’s why you have your special cheeses.
So we’re gonna incorporate all of those into
shopping. Last thing I want to share with
all of you is I know as everybody does, that
this is a very expensive place to shop. And
we typically spend about 20% of our grocery
bill here. So, we’re a family of six, and
we spend about $350 a week-
– Six?
On, well it’s you, Megan, Sammy, Brenda, and
Daddy and Mommy. We’re a family of six and
we spend about $350 a week on groceries and
we try to spend 80% of that at the farmers
market. Because when we shop at the local
farmers market, we’re cutting out the middleman,
we’re going direct with the farmer. We’re
getting something that’s so fresh, so nutritious,
so delicious that it really upgrades our entire
program and makes all the difference and also
our budget in line. So we’re gonna go in and
we’re gonna show you what we love. So in the
produce department I shop as little as possible
because I want to do all of that at my local
farmers market. So we like to eat what’s local.
But there are some favorites that we have
that we can’t find locally so we like to sort
of go through the edges over here. And we’ll
show you a couple of the items we like in
the produce.
You can get the pickles.
Yeah. Okay so Christian, what do you have?
– Pickles!
And tell us why you love pickles so much.
– Because I was born to eat pickles.
You were born to eat pickles! I think you
were! It’s definitely a big staple in our
– Where are the olives?
The olives are on the other side. Let’s see
what else we like here. We eat a ton of kimchi
and I like a lot of different
brands. And then the sauerkraut. So some of
our favorites. I find on keto that when we
can get a fermented food with every meal,
it makes a huge difference. And fermented
foods are prebiotics, so they’re feeding our
microbiome. They’re
giving us so much energy and so much nutrition.
So it’s a daily occurrence. And I like it
to be two to three times a day.
And then we’ve got some awesome butters.
So, we’ve got pecan butter here .
– Peanut butter!
And almond butter. Now we can make these at
home. These are expensive, but you can make
them at home very easily in the Vitamix and
we talk about that at a later point. But I
like to have a bit of the almond butters,
a bit of the different peanut butters, or
cashew butters. He loves cashews more than
anything. When you’re doing keto you don’t
want too much, because you don’t want so much
of the monosaturated you want to have more
of the saturated fats. They’re a cleaner
source of fat when you’re doing keto. Oh,
you got some more pickles, huh?
– Yeah, I got the sweet ones!
We make guacamole most days and we love avocados,
but they’re not our only source of good fats.
These are organic, but that’s a whole other
discussion that we’ll have
at a later point. Add some of those in. Okay,
so this is my favorite section of the produce.
And again, we have our own
sprout man, right? That’s at the farmers market
who we absolutely love. And we typically get
broccoli sprouts, which we love. We eat tons
of sunflower shoots and when I show you my
kitchen, you’ll get to see all of these things.
These are
peas, which we like a lot as well.
– I’ll take them
The microgreens -No. You know, what honey,
we have a lot of them at home.The kale where
these combos. An ounce of sprouts microgreens
is so powerful for our nutrition it’s like
eating a whole plate full of vegetables.
And I love, love,
love sprouts more than anything. Yes. Yeah,
these look really good too, right? So these
have got… umm I’m not crazy about the alfalfa,
the sunflower, the beets, not crazy about
the mung beans, but some of these are really
interesting and good. And there’s just a
whole variety and we eat them all the time
at home every day. And then you can see up
here you’ve got
all the herbs. Can you pick that up? So up
here you’ve got
all the herbs. Now I get my herbs from my
garden. I have a huge herb garden and we also
get them from the farmers market. Every morning,
in my house… What do we drink? What’s the
first drink that we have at our home?
– Water?
Yes, and what’s the second drink we have at
our home? What do you drink in the morning?
– Pickle juice!
What else? What does-
– Green juice!
Green juice! Of course! In the green juice
we have celery, cucumber, parsley, cilantro,
and all sorts of greens and all sorts of herbs.
And all sorts of microgreens. Okay, pop up.
Okay, I want to show you a section that we
don’t shop in, but I feel very strongly that
there’s an awesome opportunity to really transform
our health when it comes to salad dressing.
So, we make our salad dressings at home and
we like to add MCTs into them. A lot of salad
dressings are going to have different types
of oils that we don’t want to be ingesting,
so we just make them easily at home. You’re
gonna see in
the description we have so many awesome recipes
for dressings and salads.
-MCT oil?
Yup! You mean the tea seed oil?
– Yeah!
All of these good oils and salad dressing
is actually a part of our diet where we can
put so many plants, so many herbs, so much
nutrition. And it’s really a carrier and awesome
when we’re on keto.
We like seaweed.
You like seaweed?
– Yeah.
We love seaweed. We love this brand particularly.
– We also love this.
Which one do we love as well? Yes we do, but
we’re gonna focus on the seaweed. So, we love
– Can I eat one?
You can. We love seaweed because… I’m going
to show it to you. We love the minerals. This
is a snack. We also just love the taste. Right,
Christian? This is a snack we eat a lot of the
time. And it’s very natural, very pure, very
delicious, and very clean.
So you can see, there’s a lot of our
favorite nuts here. What’s your favorite nut?
– Cashew.
Mine is almond right now, macadamia nuts we eat.
We eat pili nuts at home. That’s the whole
tea section and coffee
section, but I’m gonna share with you in another
video my favorite coffees and my favorite teas.
Okay, can you show us what else you like to
buy here? I think some of your favorite foods
are right in there. Yeah. You can get one.
– I like fish eggs.
So this is our super duper treat.
This is where we spend most of our
money, right? And
– Can you show the camera?
Tell them why you like them.
– I like them because they’re like really small
and they’re good to eat. They’re healthy.
Yeah, and what’s this right here?
A special spoon you can use.
Yeah. And how often do you eat these?
– Umm… Once a day.
Every day? Twice a day or once? Come talk
to me.
– Twice a day.
You eat them twice a day?
– Everyday!
So, for some reason, he developed an affinity
with fish eggs. And he loves sushi and he
loves fish eggs and so this is a big
treat for us at home. And he eats about a
scoop a day. What else do we want to get out
of here that’s our favorite?
– Show the camera.
This is salmon.
This is salmon.
And when do you eat that?
– Umm.. A lot. With bagels and cream cheese.
He eats the salmon just by itself most the
time and loves it. And we all love it in our
family. There’s so much value to, you know really good-
Stop. Enough now, okay? Umm… He eats a lot
of salmon. Wait. This one is from Maine. We
like the one from Alaska. Christian was keto
when he was about five years old
and he likes to eat high fat. He experienced
different seizures so we got into a high-fat
diet at a pretty young age and it’s made all
the difference in our family. And it makes
the difference in a lot of people’s families.
So sardines are an important and fun part
of it.
I love the yogurt, because it has lots of
vitamins in it that I need.
-(Laughs) So we love Bio-K. We’ve been using
it since he was born. Even was his big sister
was born. We love the company. We love the
founder. We love the whole family that makes
this. It is such high quality. We love the
science behind it. And all of my kids drink
this every single day. And this is our favorite
one because… they’re drinking the vegan
form because he’s non-dairy. So, he’s drinking
it from fermented rice, but I use a lot of
different keifers. We make a lot of keifers
at home. We get keifer from the farmers market
and we’ll talk about that at a later time.
You may have seen my video when we were in
the Japanese supermarket and the whole area-
and if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it.
It’s pretty interesting. There’s a huge
section of fermented foods. So, we eat olives.
Christian eats five to ten every day, right?
– Yeah.
And which are your favorite olives? We get
them primarily from the farmers market.
– I like the purple ones.
Show them.
– I like those, those, and those.
Yeah. And so we like a total variety of olives.
All different types
– I like black olives, too.
You love black olives as well, yeah. And we
love artichokes. There’s a lot here that are
some of our favorite food.
– And we love green olives.
And we love green olives. So as a treat, we
usually get the ginger, but we get one kombucha.
We actually get it at the farmers market, but we also
love this kombucha. Just a little bit. Not
for me, it doesn’t really work for me on keto,
but Christian has it periodically and
he loves it. Okay, is there a reason?
You’re not gonna video him every time
he’s like stuffing his face with it?
Okay, why don’t you try putting those
all in your mouth at once?
So, that’s it guys.
This gave you a bit of an overview of what
we buy at the grocery store. So, everything
from some of the different seafoods, the fish eggs,
we like to buy our nuts here. We buy some
of our sauerkraut, our pickles, we like to buy
Gut Shot. We buy our- some of our probiotics,
some of our prebiotics. But about 80% of what we buy comes locally. We’re very, very serious about that.
It’s very important to us. Not just for our
own health, but that of our communities.
We love being Gators and it’s a delight to be
at Whole Foods.
That’s it for the video.

Randall Smitham



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