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– I just started the keto nutrition plan, and I want to take you through
the shopping that we did. All the food to start this keto off right. (upbeat pop music) What’s up crew? Jeff Thornton here with Land of Lean. Be sure to subscribe to this channel, click the notification bell below to stay informed on new
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if you enjoy these videos. Today, I just started the keto diet. I finished my seven-day water only fast, and I wanted to kick start
this ketogenic nutrition plan, I shouldn’t even say
diet, on the right foot. So I wanna take you
through the shopping list and all of the items that I bought to start this nutrition plan off right. So we’re gonna start from
my right side right now and go all the way down here to the left. Starting out, we have Orbit White gum, and these are, the flavor is peppermint, peppermint gum is just all it’s called. I’m not sure how keto this is, but I choose these during
workouts to chew on something and keep my mouth active
while I’m working out. They’re very good and I like
how it keeps me hydrated during a workout. I really love this stuff. Orbit White Peppermint gum. First thing I bought. Next item on the list is
this Chicken of the Sea pink salmon in a can. I love this stuff. What you can do, you
can do a lot of recipes with the pink salmon in a can. You can mix it with eggs, and I think I’ll just probably
have to use almond flour or things like that since I’m on keto, but there’s a lot of different
recipes that you can do, and we’ll make videos
on exactly the recipes we’re gonna make with this pink salmon. I bought six of these from Wal-Mart. Everything up here that you
see behind me is from Wal-Mart, so you don’t have to go to
these health food stores where you’re gonna be
spending a ton of money. You can get everything that you need on this ketogenic
nutrition plan at Wal-Mart or any store like that near you. So, not to be stressed
out about all of the money that it takes to do this stuff. It’s pretty much the same cost of just buying your normal grocery bill. And I’ll tell you how
much all of this cost at the end of the video as well. Next we have my favorite,
which is mustard. Mustard is my absolute favorite condiment. I fell in love with this stuff
when I started bodybuilding because it was zero calories and it just became a staple in my pantry throughout the years. I really love the flavor,
I love putting it on pretty much everything, on
my vegetables and meats. Very good staple to have. I bought four of these mustards. The next item that we
have is this rainbow kale. Kale is something I
haven’t eaten too much, but when I do eat it, it’s incredible. There’s some recipes that I wanna try where you can deep fry this in coconut oil and it’s still gonna stay keto friendly. So I bought two of these kale bags to give those two a shot and just see if it’s gonna be a staple in my pantry and my nutrition plan. So I bought two bags of
these puppies right here. Next item that I bought is the spinach. You can’t go wrong with spinach. I eat this stuff pretty
much every single morning. I cook it first. I put olive oil in my pan,
or coconut oil in the pan, cook these up and get
’em to where I want to, and then I throw usually
just full eggs in there and mix it with my eggs. And this is just a great
combo to add volume to your nutrition. It’s fulfilling and it’s also just great for your body overall. Let me look at the carbohydrates on this. Yeah, so it says it has
three grams of carbohydrates, but the dietary fiber, it has two grams, so the total net carbs you’re getting from 85 grams of this
spinach is 1 net carb, so it’s perfect for a ketogenic diet. I’m gonna love this stuff. I bought two bags of this. Next item we have is a staple in everything that I do every single day, and it is the large white eggs. I bought, I don’t know how
many are in here, 60 eggs. 60 eggs are in these. I bought two of ’em, so
we have two big boxes, as you can see right here,
and I blow through ’em. I eat about six eggs a
morning, six full eggs, so yolk and everything. But these are a staple in my nutrition. They’ve been since, whew man, 2009? I eat eggs every morning. So 60 of these puppies, not too expensive, bought all this stuff from Wal-Mart, but 120 eggs total. These are gonna be fantastic. Next item that we have is the bacon. Hickory bacon. It’s zero carbohydrates, and since keto is a
higher fat nutrition plan, bacon is one of the staples in keto, and to be honest, I’m not
really an avid pork eater, I don’t eat a lot of pork, so I really wanna see how my
body reacts to this bacon. I bought two of these because
they’re a lot higher fat and you see it recommended on a lot of the ketogenic resources, when people talk about staple foods. So I put this in my shopping list. We’ll see how my body reacts, so I’m gonna just measure my
weight, my body composition, and things like that, and
overall seeing how I feel, but I’m gonna give this bacon a shot. I’m excited to try it. I do love bacon, I’m
not against it at all. I’m just not a huge pork eater, so having this in the diet’s
gonna be a little bit different or having this in the nutrition’s gonna be a little bit different, but I’m excited to give it a shot. Next we have one of my favorites. We got the cheese baby. This is Monterey Jack cheese. Very good stuff, zero carbs. I love cheese. I put that stuff on everything. With Monterey Jack and we
also the mild cheddar cheese. These are the two cheeses
that I really enjoy. I also like the Colby Jack, but I’m not sure how many
carbohydrates it has. I’ll have to give that a check. But these are the two I bought, and you can see it’s a lot. So, and you get it for a very good price. That’s why I went with this. I’m gonna put these in my eggs
and everything that I have, mix it with some of the recipes that we’ll be bringing on this channel. The next item that we have, which is a staple in my
pantry, we have the almonds. Blue Diamond Almonds. Usually have to have a
handful of these puppies. They’re extremely good and they’re perfect for this diet because they’re high in fat. Only thing you have to
watch is the carbohydrates, so you wanna be sure to measure those. You wanna be sure to measure these and making sure you’re
not passing your threshold of carbohydrates, and I
believe the carbohydrate limit on keto is 20 grams of carbs, and I’ve also seen 35
grams of carbs per day. So you just gotta see how your body feels, measure your ketones and things like that, and make sure it’s not
taking you out of ketosis. But it’s a journey, so we’ll
see how this does for the body and if it messes with my ketosis, but if it does, we can just re-evaluate and get back into ketosis quickly by following the plan and getting our body where we need to go. Just not stressing about it. Just gonna have fun. Almonds are the number one, baby. And next we have a cousin,
or a brother, I don’t know, the cousin of the almonds,
we have the pecan halves. I haven’t had pecans in a long time, but I really enjoy the flavor of these and these are gonna be fun
to have in the nutrition. And the last thing we
have from the nut family is the walnuts, halves and pieces. I haven’t had a lot of walnuts. I’ve been seeing that these are a staple in a lot of nutrition
plans involving keto, so I had to take the
jump and give ’em a shot. Gonna try ’em out and there’s
some interesting stuff that you can do with these
when it comes to recipes, so I’m excited to share those with you. Next we have my all-time favorite. I’m a huge fan of Asian food
and Asian culture as a whole, but these are noticeable
when you know how they wrap the seaweed around the sushi? These are just the seaweed wraps. They’re called sushi nori. They’re just the seaweed wrap
that goes around the sushi, but I enjoy these as a snack. Five calories, no carbs, no
fat, one gram of protein. It’s just a nice, savory treat. And they also sell ’em in little slides I guess you would call ’em. Yeah, they sell them as snack sizes where they salt ’em and
they do some other flavors. But this is unsalted. This is just the entire roll,
or the entire nori itself. But I bought four of these,
I bought four of these and they’re just like snacks
throughout the day for me. I really enjoy the flavor
and texture of them. Next item that we have is
the heavy whipping cream from Land o’ Lakes. Land of lakes. I bought two of these. This is to go into my morning coffee, so when I’m making keto
coffee or bullet-proof coffee, I’m gonna use heavy whipping cream with butter and MCT oil or coconut oil, and we’ll discuss videos on how to make all that stuff as well, but I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with how to make bullet-proof coffee and keto coffee at this
point, but we’ll make it, and I’m gonna add this
to my nutrition plan. Two of these heavy whipping
creams for the morning coffee. Next item that I have is the
Almond Breeze almond milk. But this is the unsweetened vanilla and I’m gonna use this on
the No Better Foods cereal and just in different stuff, different items throughout the day. So almond milk has been staple for the past two years for me. I really love this stuff. It’s unsweetened, my favorite, and you can just mix it with
your protein shakes as well, and that’s what I mostly use
it for, the protein shakes. Next item that we have are these
Cary Gold Pure Irish Butter unsalted butter. This is exactly what I
use in my morning coffee to make bullet-proof coffee. You take about one or
two tablespoons of it, mix it in your coffee in the
blender and you’re good to go. I bought four of these, and these have been a staple
for me for the past year. I really enjoy the flavor and this is just very great stuff. Cary Gold Pure Irish butter, unsalted. Next we have Philadelphia cream cheese. This is the high fat version since keto is a high-fat nutrition plan. Cream cheese, the highest fat, is a must. I’ve been reading about it and a lot of the keto recipes
have this cream cheese in it so I’m gonna be using this. Cream cheese is fantastic. I’ve only used it on
bagels and foods like that, but I’m interested to see
what type of combinations I can make, like maybe a keto cheesecake, some desserts with it, and also some savory treats as well. So I bought two of these
Philadelphia cream cheeses. Next we have the Parmesan shredded cheese. This is my first time actually buying Parmesan shredded cheese. I usually buy the powdered version where you put it on your
spaghetti and stuff. But I saw this in that
artisan or gourmet section of Wal-Mart and I wanted
to give it a shot, so I bought two of these
Parmesan shredded cheeses. Next item that we have is
the Maranatha Almond Butter. It says no sugar or salt
added, which is fantastic. You have to watch the carbohydrate intake. Well it says seven grams total carbs, four grams of fiber, so it’s
three grams net carbs total, so you shouldn’t have a problem with it, adding it to your foods. Not like you’re gonna sit
here and eat the whole thing. But I bought two of these and
almond butter is my favorite. I’ve tried the other
butters, like cashew butter and peanut butter. They’re fantastic as well, but almond butter is definitely
a staple in my pantry. Next we have the avocados. You know you can’t go wrong with avocados. I bought six of ’em. I’m gonna use these every
single morning with my eggs, cut ’em in fourths and probably just eat, maybe just a fourth of that and we’ll be good throughout the day, but these avocados are definitely gonna be a huge staple in my nutrition plan. The next thing we have
is the mozzarella fresca. This is in the gourmet or artisan section and I love this stuff. If you can see it, it’s very soft texture. It has a liquid in it. When you eat it, the flavor is incredible. It’s not the hard cheese that you get, like this type of
mozzarella cheese behind me. This one is extremely soft in texture and the flavor is incredible. Nothing like I’ve ever had. It’s a little bit more on
the pricier side of things, but if you ever have a
chance to give this a shot, definitely give it a try because I tried this stuff late last year and man, I’ve been buying it ever since. That’s how much I love it. I just cut slices off. You can mix it with pepperoni
or whatever you like, or any of your meats, and
it’s just a great snack to add to your nutrition. I bought two of these. Next item we have is sour
cream, full fat sour cream. This is gonna be a lot of fun to add into the nutrition plan. I’m not sure what I’m
gonna use it with yet. Probably on the eggs starting out. That’s the most simple
thing I can think of. But we’ll find some recipes to work with that use sour cream. (laughing) My favorite: Hot sauce, baby. We have Frank’s Red Hot hot sauce. I bought the big version man, ’cause I blow through
hot sauce like crazy. I like spicy food. I’m from New Mexico baby,
you know I love the spice, so I had to buy the hot sauce right here. This is gonna be the good stuff. It’s gonna be a staple for me. And you know I had to do it crew. I’m from New Mexico, like I just said, and our staple is New Mexico green chile. The chile capital of
the world is New Mexico, so you know I had to add this
in the nutrition plan, man. Put this stuff on the eggs
every morning, my meats. Green chile, if you’ve never
had it, you’re missing out man. This stuff is incredible. Best stuff is from New
Mexico, I live by it, and if you haven’t tried
New Mexico green chile, you’re missing out, but
this stuff is a staple in my nutrition plan and
this is the last thing I did buy, I bought four of ’em, so as always, gotta get the
New Mexico green chile, man. I love this stuff. Grew up on it and it’s
just incredible stuff. Give it a shot, try it. So with all the food that we bought, right here behind me that you’re seeing, the total price came out
to, drum roll please. (drum roll) $256.26. So it’s really not that expensive and you don’t have to buy the amount or the quantities that I bought. I just like stacking the food up so I don’t have to keep on going shopping and if I do have to go shopping, I’ll usually order online and
they’ll deliver to my house and things like that. And what’s really nice
is Wal-Mart’s convenient. You can go online and you
can order your food online and then once it’s ordered, they have the pickup option
where you set the time you wanna pick it up, drive to Wal-Mart, they’ll bring it to your car, and you can just drive off. You don’t have to go and worry
about the hustle and bustle through the store. So that’s a very nice option. And if you have a Safeway, and in Arizona we have Fry’s Food, I also order all of my meat
from both of those places, because they have the best meat selection and the prices for the
meats are fantastic. So I have those ordered
and brought to my door and it’s just a very convenient option, especially if you are productive
and busy throughout the day you’re at work, you have kids, you can just order the food,
they’ll bring it to you, and just put it in your refrigerator. So those are three options I use, but $256.26 was the total
cost for all of this and we’re gonna see how this
nutrition plan goes, crew, and if there’s any feedback
or comments that you have, please leave them below, and I would just love
to hear your feedback on everything we’re doing, and if you have any questions,
please let me know, crew. As always, I appreciate
your love and support. Be sure to subscribe to this channel. Make sure to like, comment, and share if you enjoy these videos, and we’ll catch you on
the next video, crew. Much love. Live lean, peace. ♪ I wake every morning ♪ ♪ I wake every morning ♪ – Next item that I have is
the Almond Breeze almond milk. I really love the almond milk. Hold up. Okay, I was checking. I saw vanilla on here. I was making sure it had no sugar.

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