March 28, 2020
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Hey in today’s video we’re gonna make
the keto Java eye opener. It’s a great way to start the day. I don’t know about you,
sometimes in the morning I struggle to open my eyes and I love this recipe for
that exact reason. It’s a super fun twist on your regular morning Joe and what I
find is the more we’re flexible, the more we do different things, the more
creativity we have and this is just the perfect option to get you started. So
without further ado we’re gonna get started. It goes back to our two-for-one.
So who wants the stand in line at the local coffee shop waiting and waiting
and waiting? The ingredients can be ten times more healthy and it’s so much fun
to quickly whip this up. So you’re getting organic coffee. This is optional
but it’s reishi mushrooms to boost your immune system,
give you energy. Then we’ve got some spring water. We’ve also got two
tablespoons of chocolate collagen collagen peptides and we’ve got some
creamy MCT. We’re gonna start with our spring water ice cubes. I always want to
make sure that you’re getting fresh clean water. Then we’re going to add our
organic coffee. Two tablespoons…two tablespoons of our
creamy MCT. 1…2…which is a great serving. Look at that. Look how gorgeous that looks. A
great serving of your MCTS. Then you’re gonna get a teaspoon, if you want, of the
reishi mushrooms. I really love it. There’s a lot of very popular mushroom
coffees that are out in the market right now. Two scoops of collagen. You can add
the water right in. You’re gonna blend it up. What did that
take? Less than a minute? It’s ready to go. You’re getting an
immune boosting, collagen rich, Java eye opener. It’s packed with so many
nutrients and when you’re enjoying it as much as I do think of me and share your
own recipes. We’re gonna 10x our health with super delicious, super nutritious,
and incredible drinks like this Java Eye Opener. Thanks so much for watching. I
hope you enjoyed this recipe. The description will give you a lot more
information. We have tons of links, some other incredible recipes, and when you
click onto my website you’ll get all the directions, everything you need to know
to make this so simple, so easy, just the way I like it and I’m sure it’s the way
you like it too. Be sure to hit subscribe, like, leave a
comment and we’ll see you next time

Randall Smitham