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Keto Instant Pot Chili | Low Carb + Whole30/Paleo

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
where today we’re gonna be a super trendy and use our instant pot to make a
whole thirty paleo friendly low-carb and keto chili its cozy comfort food with no
beans and lots of meat, so vegetarians look away so to start we’re gonna
chop some celery and red pepper and onion and just like that low-carb cauliflower
stuffing we have our onion goggles so we need about a half a cup of diced onion now remove those onion goggles we’re
going to measure out half a cup of onion set it aside for later let’s move on to
the red pepper so we use one whole red pepper and a roughly chop it I’ll set that aside now half a cup of thinly sliced celery in half a cup of celery move everything out of your way because look
what I found here an instant pot so we’re gonna saute our vegetables first so you want
to turn your instant pot on to saute and grab a little bit of avocado oil and heat
it up in the pan once it’s nice and sizzling we’re gonna
add our vegetables cooking for about 3 minutes until
they’re just tender crisp veggies are golden brown and tender and
steamy now you want to add a little bit more avocado oil which again is good for
a high heat cooking and one pound of grass-fed 85 percent fat ground beef I’m
going to break it up and cook it until it’s no longer pink once the beef is cooked if you’d like
can drain some of the fat if you want a little bit of a lighter chili or
you can keep it in, whatever works for you then we’re gonna add our spice blend so
we have some smoked paprika to get some real smokiness some chili powder because
it’s chili a little bit of cayenne pepper for a little kick you can leave
it out if you don’t want some spice and the secret to a really great chili is a
little bit of allspice just add this really great depth of flavor that really
complements the beef so you want to stir it and cook it for a good two or three
minutes just until it’s really coating the beef so now once everything is cooked we’re
gonna add 1/2 a cup of water 1 can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes the
fire-roasting gives a little extra flavor punch that is super delicious in
this chili 1 can of crushed tomatoes and 2 tablespoons of tomato paste tomatoes
are high in the antioxidant lycopene they’re actually one of the only
vegetables that have it and that is linked to reduce the risk of heart disease
and cancer so you want to incorporate lots of tomatoes in your diet and chili
is a great way to do it so we’re going to stir it all together and then we’re
gonna add 2 bay leaves stir them in a little extra flavor so now I want to stick that lid on and
we’re gonna turn our instant pot to manual mode and for ten minutes at high
pressure and let it cook away and make sure you turn it to sealing so once it’s
done cooking make sure you let it steam release naturally don’t turn it to
venting or else you’ll get a face full of steam and chili and that will be painful and not
good so open up your chili give it a good
stir at this point is gonna be more of a runny chili so if you like that feel
free to finish it up now but I do like my chili a little bit thicker so we want
to turn it to saute mode and we’re going to saute it once it begins to boil for
about two or three minutes just until the waters evaporated and it’s nice and
thick once it’s nice and thick to your liking you just want to add in a little
bit of parsley for a little pop of freshness stir it all in and now we are ready for some lunch just like that you’ve got some chili in
a hurry and you’re being ultra trendy in the instant pot and it’s gluten free, grain free
paleo and low carb like I said vegetarians look away but meat eaters
you are going to love this recipe so if you try it
please leave a comment below and let me know what you think the full recipes in
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want to miss it so go enjoy that chili and we’ll see you next time and bye for now you

Randall Smitham



  1. Sean Doherty Posted on January 25, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Looks tasty! I hate beans so i’m glad you skipped them. Will be making this next week