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Keto Krate April 2019 Review + Giveaway!

Hey YouTube Family! So it’s time for
another Keto Krate Review GIveaway so let’s go ahead and get into the video
so today you guys I had cardio today we did 45 minutes of cardio I’m saying
only like that’s just such a small number no like actually that’s a lot
to me so yeah if you’re a new to the channel first of all hello I am over
here documenting my keto weight loss journey here on social media and I can
honestly say that Keto Krate has definitely helped me to make this
journey so much easier y’all like no if ands or buts about that I really do hope
that you end up liking what you see and if you do go ahead and click that
subscribe button plus the notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on
any future uploads here because I do make sure to upload new videos every
week so real quick if you never heard about Keto Krate it is a monthly
subscription box and they also have it where you can just try it one time if
you’re just not sure if you’re ready for that full on commitment that’s cool so
the first plan that Keto Krate has available is the Nibbler Plan and I’ll
put it right here on this plan you can expect to receive up to four or more
keto friendly snacks and also the nibbler plan is $19.99 the second plan
that Keto Krate has available is the Muncher Plan and on that plan you can
expect to receive eight or more keto friendly snacks and the muncher plan is
$39.99 if you decide Keto Krate is something
you want to try out well I do have my own personal Keto Krate link plus I
also have a 15% off discount code with Keto Krate and I will 100% be
grateful to you if you choose to use my link and my discount code like I said
earlier if you’re not sure about making a full-on commitment with Keto Krate
they do have a gift option and on that you can gift someone else a Keto Krate
or you can just gift yourself one just to see if that’s really something
you want to do so if you decide to go through the gift option I’m going to
have my personal keto krate link plus I’m going to also have the discount
codes for those gift options as well down below okay yeah so let me stop
talking because like I said I had cardio today and you know it’s like 12:30 and
your girl is just hungry I need some food in my system so I’m about to break
my fast with some Keto Krate snacks yeah okay y’all so I just attempted to create
a thumbnail I may end up using the old one that always used because it just I
don’t know oh my gosh so I’m thinking maybe the April 2019 Keto Krate may be
better than March 2019 Keto Krate y’all I don’t know I don’t know last night was
my birthday so I’m feeling some type of way about this but you know it it’s
gonna be okay all right you guys so like I told y’all
I’m starving so first thing I pulled out thank God is some meat it is the Italian
style chomps chomplings meat sausage I think I
will make sure to put the nutrition facts throughout the video whatever
y’all try to be like all creative and honest up I’ll try my best on there but
um yeah I’m so excited y’all to be eating this cuz you girl is hungry I
need food in my system okay it smells good okay it’s not too soft y’all first
of all it tastes good I guess you see it’s like small so I mean it wasn’t like
a big piece it was this size like between this length so I ate like half
our eating I wish there was more than this I liked it yeah I like it it’s not
I’m gonna be honest and tell y’all like it’s not anything like spectacular I
would like to see if they had like different little flavors I feel like
with this meat stick I probably would have appreciated it more if there was
like some type of flavor in it the next product I just pulled out is the Coco
Polo and it is their 70% dark chocolate toasted coconut chia sugar free
chocolate bar y’all so let me give y’all nutrition facts show so it is 170
calories 16 grams with that 19 grams of carbs 9 grams of fiber 5 grams of erisa
tall and 3 grams of protein I promise y’all every time we have like
different little chocolates with gold wrapper it truly reminds me of like a
little what is it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory let’s see what it
looks like I already broke some of it y’all sorry oh and don’t talk about my
nails because I’m getting my nails done today so I mean I know I look right
shit but please just accept me as I am so you guys let’s see what it tastes
like hopefully it’s good crazy thing about this job is that I love coconut
anything but honestly I feel like Coco pelo has better options than this one I
don’t know why I’m not like really gravitating towards this one but yeah I
like the other options I posted this one right here alright you guys so the next
thing I pulled out is the DNX grass fed beef and uncured bacon
jalapeno bar well first of all let me just tell ya I really do like this
packaging I think it’s really cute um this is what the meat stick looks
like I really do like this packaging y’all like I’m really feeling it right
now so Nutrition Facts 140 calories 9 grams
of fat 1 gram of carbs one gram of sugar and 14 grams of protein ok this is cool
ok like I really have high hopes for this y’all cuz this packaging is making
me want it it’s easy to open oh yes yes yes yes oh this is what it looks like
y’all ok ok let’s go ahead and try it I’m so excited right now honestly y’all
I tell you when you’re like over here starving or like feeling like you
haven’t eaten in like ten days like you appreciate food so much more oh wow this is very soft interesting
y’all so it’s beef bacon and like jalapenos together and you know what I
like it and it’s not like too spicy at all like in my opinion the next product
is the Raw Rev Glo Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Bar we’ve had them in a
previous keto krate before so let me give y’all nutrition facts so it is 180
calories 11 grams of fat 17 grams of carbs 14 grams of fiber and 15 grams of
protein okay so um this is vegan just what ya’ll know if you’re interested in
knowing that for my vegan and keto people I do have a soft spot for people
like that because I used to be a pescetarian and I love trying out
different little vegan and keto friendly snacks so yeah let me see what show
y’all what it looks like you see all that old
yeah that’s happiness right there crazy thing about this job is that I feel like
before like I got really consistent on keto I don’t I don’t think I was really
intrude like this bar but now yo I could like I
feel like I could eat like five of these and I’ll be so happy still quick little
h2o break y’all because you know that water is still important we got to get
that water you so the next thing I pulled out is the BHU Fit Salted
Caramel + Pecan Bar so oh here it says it is non-gmo gluten-free and grass-fed
wait okay I’m still gonna try it though y’all I just want to try it just like a
nice on that so nutrition facts it says 220 calories 17 grams of fat 10 grams of
carbs 9 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein the last time they were in the
previous keto crate and I didn’t try it it’s so so good I didn’t try it because
I was afraid I’m gonna get sick basically I’m gonna try it though for
y’all just for y’all because I mean I love y’all so this is what it looks
like y’all hopefully I don’t get sick from China’s hmm you guys I like this
bar I wasn’t expecting injuries like this good it’s not like I won’t say if I
could like give it like a critique it’s not like Drive but it’s like a little
bit dry though issue moments later well y’all due to the fact that my body
does not like whey protein at all um yeah um I basically threw up TMI sorry
regurgitate it I have gum in my mouth now I feel better now
okay also the next product is the Intakt Spicy Crunchy Cheese Lover it says it’s
all natural ingredients 100% real cheese let me give you our nutrition facts so
it is 81 calories 6 crumbs of fat 2 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein of
course I will not be trying this but I think my mom tried it before and I think
she liked it but I’m gonna give it to her again and just let y’all know right
here what she thinks about it oh my gosh y’all so I’m so excited to be trying
this right here this is the Krunchy Melts Sugar Free Tangerine Meringues
they are only 30 calories they were in a previous keto krate I can’t remember
which flavor was though but I remember like seeing people I go crazy about it
I’m so so Nutrition Facts it is 30 calories 0 grams of fat 12 grams of
carbs 12 grams of sugar alcohol and 1 gram of protein I can already smell it
oh my gosh smells so good so this is what they look like y’all hopefully you
can see that maybe see better now okay yeah let’s try it okay yeah so this is my third one that
I’m trying himself I feel like it’s better like we let it melt on your
tongue like instead of chewing it oh my gosh mm-hmm mm-hmm yeah just let it melt on your tongue you
only have to chew it yeah I feel like these Krunchy Melts are definitely going
to be dangerous so let me just put these over in the backseat yeah that would be
a good thing okay guys so the next product I have is the Ayoba- Yo I hope
I’m pronouncing that correctly traditional biltong premium cuts of
tender beef it’s apparently grass-fed and let me show y’all nutrition facts it
says it is 90 calories 2.5 grams of fat 0 grams of carbs and 16 grams of protein
and it says it’s not jerky it’s built on okay so yeah this is what the biltong
looks like like I stole y’all please do not judge my nails because I will be
taking care of that today I’m getting my nails and my feet done so yay hopefully
this is good let’s see yeah it’s like kind of like jerky but it’s not jerking
like based on the nutrition facts y’all I really wish I could get this at like a
Walmart like something I could just get like this and I love the fact that the
meat isn’t too hard it’s like perfect very good the next product is the
legendary foods buffalo blue wing season almonds okay so nutrition facts
it says 230 calories 20 grams of fat 7 grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber 2 grams
of sugar 1 gram of erythritol and 9 grams of protein so I will not be trying
this because I just don’t want my stomach to just hate me even more so I’m
gonna let my mom try this job and I’m going to put right here what she thinks
about it so I’ve been hearing about this company on Instagram it’s called The
Cereal School and apparently this one is fruity flavored and
says no sugar ever old school cereal made the new way okay I like that I’m
here for that I really do like the packaging on the back it says it is 100
calories 3.5 grams of fat one gram of carbs and 16 grams of protein okay
awesome y’all now I know that I shouldn’t even be trying this because
like I said hit my body probably already hates me right now but I just want to
support them no I really want to just try this oh it’s no so good yo I
literally barely open it in the fruity snow just hit me in my face oh it smells
so good the taste is perfect alright you guys so
the next product is the humming hemp hemp hearts and this is apparently spicy
okay so I’ve never had hemp seeds before I do not believe but I always see people
like putting in their food so I’m really interested in seeing like what these are
actually about so it says that you can either sprinkle them blend them add them
into food or just eat them straight up apparently they are always low in carbs
high in protein nutrient dense and optimally balanced yeah for times sake
I’m not reading all of this but I will say nutrition facts it says 160 calories
14 grams of fat 3 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein yeah I’m really excited
to try this like what do people if you eat like hemp seeds what do you put your
hemp seeds in I’m really interested in knowing this so y’all if you don’t know
this is what the hemp seeds look like I like this when you get a little bit of the
spiciness with it as well all right I can rock with this
I was asked last month what was my favorite snacks from the March 2019
Aikido crate so I said why don’t I just start including that in our videos from
now so yo I’d be like this month my favorite snack is hands down it has to
be the crunchy melts tangerine brains oh my gosh y’all so freakin good like oh my
gosh like I told y’all I had to put them in the backseat because I will eat this
whole container like it’s nothing oh you guys so now it’s time for the giveaway
part so what do you have to do for the April 2019 Keto Krate let’s see
first things first go ahead and click that subscribe button plus through the
notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here the
second thing to do is comment down below and tell me what is the greatest thing
that has happened to you so far in 2019 so that can be work-related family
related school related whatever you feel like telling me go ahead and share it
down below in the comments and as you’re over here and typing make sure you put
your Instagram handle down below the third thing to do is follow me on
instagram at UniqueFit17 I’m gonna put it right here and for some odd reason I
always forget to say this but if you do not have Instagram make sure to give me
your email address that you actually check y’all and for extra credit give
this video a thumbs up I really and truly hope you guys enjoyed the April 2019
Keto Krate Review + Giveaway I’m really trying my best to be consistent
with these videos they’re all like I’m really trying over here so hopefully
y’all see me over I would like to share that I’m very happy at the fact that my
back fat is slowly trying to go away because you know that back fat in them
arms y’all they don’t want to go they just like trying to stay and I’m trying
to kick them out they just won’t leave me they just love
me too much and I’m like go as always you guys if you don’t hear it from
anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video bye

Randall Smitham



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