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Hi YouTube Family so today we are doing
the June 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway so all I need for you to do is
just maybe grab a snack sit back and relax and enjoy the video
so y’all real quick if you don’t know anything about Keto Krate I will have
down below in the comments it’ll say penned by unique fit it will be the
first comment down below and I’ll try to detail everything about Keto Krate as
much as I can’t possibly y’all because they have a lot of plans and you know
what I don’t want to go ahead and get into this video and taste these keto
friendly snacks y’all I will show you how this quick clip of my mom receiving
her I’m never playing Keto Krate y’all and it was so funny y’all she was so
happy and so right now about to show it to y’all which I watch it guess what my
mom received my Keto Krate yeah she doesn’t have to steal my share what are
you talking about I don’t okay anyways let’s get into the video now if you do
decide that you are interested in Keto Krate y’all I do have my own personal
Keto Krate link and it will be the first link down below in the description
box and also I do have a Keto Krate 15% off discount code as well for you to use
so yeah y’all let me stop talking let’s go ahead and try these keto friendly
snacks so I’ve talked long enough hope y’all can hear me perfectly well because
I did just turn the car on it is hot y’all so um yea yea I’m so excited
there’s please let it be good I want some good food of course y’all with me
the first thing I pulled out would have to be the Nui Cookie this is their
chocolate chip cookie okay awesome so it’s gluten free, no sugar added, no
artificial sweeteners, no GMOs, low glycemic, and it’s ketogenic of course
that’s awesome so nutrition facts all it says it is 23 grams of fat 20 grams of
carbs 3 grams of fiber one gram of total sugars 13 grams of erythritol and that
is four grams net carbs and is 6 grams of protein y’all I don’t know this color
like blue we should consider that blue yeah I like this color blue like I love
like bright colors like this like just to let y’all know my favorite colors are
black white and then bright colors I really do you like
hopefully the cookies are good as well mmm smells really good God so there’s
two cookies in here I’m only gonna have one no I’m gonna only have one right now
you probably wanted to myself but um yeah hopefully it’s good my soul is definitely happy mm-hmm
I did say so I’m gonna eat half y’all so I still have a little bit half more to
eat and then I’ll put it down so y’all I’m definitely going to give the Nui
chocolate-chip cookies a thumbs up but I do think they’re I think I had their
cinnamon snickerdoodle when I think I like that one better than this one but I
think that’s just like a personal preference because I just love anything
sentiment period so yeah there’s that so let’s go ahead and try another product
all right you guys so the next product is the Bunker Hill Cheddar Crunch Cheese Crisp oh wow that is a mouthful right there y’all just let
y’all see that again so it says gluten free 100% natural cheese artificial
growth hormone free okay so Nutrition Facts it is 180 calories 15 grams of fat
one gram of carb zero grams of sugar and 10 grams of protein so y’all know I
can’t try this one but I will put right here what my mother thinks about it I’m
pretty sure she’s gonna love this just like right up our alley right there
so yeah I’ll let y’all know what she thinks about it all right you guys so
I’m really excited to try this product because they’ve been in previous keto
krates y’all but at the time I wasn’t like eating meat but I’m still doing
keto so you know I’ve never tried them so I’m really excited to try them now
but this is the Southern Recipe Small Batch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
flavored pork rind and they are fried in sunflower oil and just let y’all know
nutrition facts it’s a school one package it’s 130 calories 8 grams of fat
one gram of carbs 0 grams of sugar and 0 fiber and 14 grams of protein hopefully
y’all can see this way it’s like you can see the little pepper in it you can’t
really see this as good as you should but there it is so let’s try it okay so if you have watched any of my
full day of eating keto videos y’all you would know that I love pork rinds
especially the salt and vinegar pork rinds y’all those are just so good but
I’ve never ever tried like sea salt and black pepper pork rinds and I actually
like it yeah y’all typically would do like my keto krate review + giveaway videos I have some type of water and I’m just too lazy to walk in the
house and get some water and y’all like I almost died just choking on my pork
rinds cuz I need some water in my system ya just want to share that with you guys
so this next product is from the company Iota and it is their tomorrow
plus apple cider vinegar flavor sunflower kernels okay honestly though
y’all I’ve said this before that I personally like you know sucking the
salt off of or whatever the flavor is off of the sunflower seed opening it and
then get in the car nose but this flavor actually does sound pretty good to me
y’all so let’s see um Nutrition Facts says 170 calories 15 grams of fat 6
grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber 1 gram of sugar and 6 grams of protein okay
y’all let’s try it oh I’m not getting any flavor like I’m not tasting anything
it just tastes like normal kernels yeah I’m not getting any flavor out of
it so y’all I mean I guess if you don’t
like the messiness of a sunflower seed if you consider it to be messy or
whatever uh maybe you would like this I don’t know let’s go ahead and try some
more stuff as always y’all thank God you can always expect a meat stick in your
Keto Krate typically so this is the Chumps Snack Stick Wow y’all I like how
to record that portion again because I got tongue-tied like three times try to
just say that I don’t know why for nutrition facts it says for one stick it
is 100 calories 6 grams of fat 0 grams of carbs 0 grams of sugar and 9 grams of
protein so yeah this is their original flavor okay which I’ll look see would
the meat stick looks like it’s like pretty thick okay I don’t think I mentioned this
already y’all but this is grass-fed beef stick and on yeah I like it I would like
to try more flavors though alright y’all so this next product they’ve been in a
previous kit okay it is the screwed food protein crisps baked cheddar just let
y’all see that again it’s so nutrition facts it is 90 calories three grams of
fat two grams of carbs one gram of total sugar 14 grams of protein and yeah yeah
I know I can’t try this one so I will let my mother try it and let y’all know
right here what she thinks about with cacao she will not hold back when it
comes to like tasting food like she is very honest this next product I’m
definitely going to be trying it in one of my like what I eat in a day keto
videos so this is the Primal Nom Mug Cake and this is in the flavor chocolate
it is gluten free keto friendly paleo friendly and low carb friendly that’s
awesome it says keto cake in just one minute
oh yes so nutrition facts says 420 calories 38 grams of fat 28 grams of
carbs 5 grams of fiber 21 grams of total sugars includes 20 grams of added sugars
okay 16 grams of protein okay so this keto mugcake y’all is actually 3 grams
of net carbs okay so it says on here we started primal nomes to satisfy our
sweet tooth when we first started the ketogenic diet we wanted to stay true to
our diet but still enjoy our desserts entries we hope we can help you enjoy
your life to the fullest okay that’s awesome
yeah I’m definitely gonna be trying this oh yes and well y’all the ingredients
are so simple like I’m really excited to try this but one of my videos I’m gonna
have to weigh and make sure I record it in one of my videos opposed to just
trying it on my own oh yeah so this next product
it says Gra-Pow and it’s in the flavor of snickerdoodle I don’t know what this
is about this is from the company Keto Baking Company um just let y’all see the
packaging like I don’t know what it is it doesn’t
say what this is about um so it says nutrition facts 140
calories 13 grams of fat 7 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber 0 grams of sugar
and 3 grams of protein I really AM y’all like a fan of resealable packages like I
just feel like everything should be receivable like yes whoa just like some
type of granolas Wow y’all so that’s why it’s called Gra-Pow that’s funny
oh my god I have to show y’all this oh wow
so y’all this is what thee for power looks like oh wow okay so let’s try this
y’all I’m really excited to try this I was really only gonna like what is a
grip out like what in the world is this oh okay mm-hmm oh my lamb chops this is good oh this is
way too good Oh mom I just found out about this group out like what have you
been on my life wow this is delicious y’all mmm-hmm this is definitely getting
a thumbs up for me all y’all so this next product is from the company Sweet Cheat and it says it’s feel good chocolate milk 100 percent natural 0%
sugar okay I love the taste zero regret I like that okay so
Nutrition Facts it says 15 calories zero grams of fat 6 grams of carbs 6 grams of
fiber and 0.1 gram of protein and apparently y’all this contains no dairy
and you can enjoy it hot or cold ok yes oh my gosh definitely going to be using
this and one of my full day of eating keto videos y’all oh yes I need this in
my life and although summer is right around the
corner some chocolate milk it’s never a bad idea ever this next product y’all is
from the company fat fit go ok they’ve been in a previous keto krate from
correct I think so yeah umm this is the chocolate premium nut butter just to let
y’all see that a little bit closer so nutrition facts cause it is 170 calories
17 grams of fat 5 grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber less than one gram of total
sugars 1 gram of sugar alcohol and it is 4 grams protein ok so I you know what I
really want to try this one so this what I’m gonna do
smells good hopefully it tastes good and it definitely does oh yes can we get
a little bit more I’m gonna say this for like on the days I worked out which is
five days a week uh I gotta have some more okay that’s it
I like oh my gosh this taste is like real chocolate
like it tastes like the chocolate we used to have in school we’re like we
used to sell them I don’t know like the world’s famous chocolate or something
like that this is what it reminds me though oh my god it tastes just like one
of those bars this is good overall y’all I’m pretty happy with this
month’s Keto Krate so yeah let’s go ahead and get into the giveaway portion
alright you guys so the rules for the June 2019 Keto Krate Review plus
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in the June 2019 Quito crate y’all except my personal favorite cute old
crate product this month was the Gra-Pow y’all was not expecting this to be
so good y’all had no clue
it was but wow this is really good and I want some more even though I still have
a lot more y’all I don’t trust myself at all I really and truly do hope you guys
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gonna see you in the next video which will be Wednesday
alright you guys love you!!! : )

Randall Smitham