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Keto Krate March 2019 Review + Giveway!!

Hey YouTube family so it’s time for
another Keto Krate Review Pus Giveaway so let’s go ahead and get into the video okay y’all so I just got my March 2019 Keto Krate and I’m so excited because I
just got done with a nice little 45 minute cardio session at the gym. Keto Krate is a monthly subscription box and even if you’re not sure if you’re ready
to make that full commitment they got that taken care of
as well so with Keto Krate there are two plans that are available So the first
plan is a Nibbler Plan and you can expect to receive four or more keto
friendly snacks with that plan the price for the Nibbler Plan is $19.99 the second plan is the Muncher Plan which is of course me you can expect to receive
eight or more keto friendly snacks and the price for the Muncher Plan is $39.99
like I said earlier if you’re not sure if you’re ready to make a full-on
commitment with Keto Krate you can choose the gift option and on that one
you can either gift a Keto Krate to yourself or you can gift it to someone
else and that’ll be a nice little way of just testing the waters the link down
below is My Personal Keto Krate Link and if you shop through that link I am truly
truly appreciative to you for that and also I have a Keto Krate 15% off Discount Code as well and that information will be down below as well
let me stop talking it’s time to eat your girl is hungry okay y’all so this
month’s Keto Krate is sounding pretty good hopefully it’s good fingers crossed
because this is my birthday month so yeah that would make me happy okay y’all
hopefully my car is not too loud over here I had to turn the air on, so the
first product I see is the Nutty Gourmet Sea Salt Walnuts y’all let’s all look at
this so the back of it says 37 grams of fat okay eight grams carbs four grams
fiber one gram of sugar and nine grams of protein and it says the ingredients
is only walnuts olive oil and sea salt I like that some nice clean ingredients
and as always everything that’s mentioned in this video will be linked
down below as well this is what the walnuts look like Taste just like walnuts I would like this
with maybe a little bit more salt yeah it’s okay like how I just left the gym like this
is like a nice little great snack okay also the next product I see is the Curly
Girlz Candy Sugar Free Coffee Toffee um this is the dark chocolate one and it
says it’s 100% handcrafted I do remember them in a previous Keto Krate I don’t
know if it was this kind that was in there but yeah I remember liking it so
hopefully I like this one if this is new so nutrition facts 180 calories 18 grams
of fat 13 grams of carbs 8 grams of fiber 0 grams of sugar 5 grams of sugar
alcohol and 1 gram of protein okay okay I’m ready to try it yeah I don’t know if
I’m just hungry but this candy smells so good this is
what it looks like y’all okay let’s try it my soul is definitely happy so good go
oh my gosh okay also the next product is the just the cheese crunchy toasted
cheese um it’s apparently only one ingredient which is cheese great for low
carb snacking and this is in the flavor mild cheddar let’s go see what it looks
like okay so for the cheese lovers I hate all of y’all know that’s me being
jealous so calories 150 calories 12 grams of fat
less than 1 gram of carbs 8 grams of protein so I’m gonna let my mom try this
y’all know I can’t have this but I’m gonna let my mom try and I’m put it
right here what she thinks about it the next product is the Kiss My Keto
Chocolate Coconut Bar okay um this is going to be interesting they were either
in February’s Keto Krate or maybe January’s Keto Krate I don’t know it
was one of them but whatever that one was that was good so I’m really
interested in trying this it apparently has 20 grams of fat 9 grams of protein and 3
grams of net carbs yes I am here for this yes this is what the kiss my keto
chocolate coconut bar looks like okay hopefully it’s good it somewhat tastes
like a little almond joy but not quite but somewhat okay y’all so this is very
interesting this is the Atkins Lemon Bar okay okay so time for nutrition facts it
is seven grams of fat 13 grams of protein 3 grams of net carbs 1 gram of
sugar and 9 grams of fiber okay I love lemon bar limit anything I’m down for
the cause the other month we had like a little dang bar and that was a lemon
bar so I really hope this is good too cuz that dang bar that was delicious mmm
this is what the Atkins lemon bar looks like hopefully y’all can see that yeah
y’all can see that better let’s try it so y’all know how I am with dairy
um this tastes nothing but like milk to me maybe it would be good to a normal
person y’all from me personally y’all I actually like the taste of the dang
lemon bar better than this Atkins lemon bar so yeah that’s just my preference
okay y’all so the next product is the NuGo Slim Brownie Crunch um I’ve never
heard of this company before I could have been living under a rock but now
I’m found I don’t know um but okay so nutrition facts
it says 190 calories 6 grams of fat 19 grams of carbs 7 grams
of fiber 2 grams of sugar 7 grams other carbs and 16 grams of protein y’all so
in total it has 5 grams of net carbs apparently yeah so this is a brownie
crunch I hope this is good let’s try and on here y’all it does say
that it is dipped in real dark chocolate hey y’all so this is what the NuGo Slim Brownie Crunch looks like hopefully y’all can see that good yeah let’s try
it this isn’t like overly sweet but it’s
good at the same time when I bit into it I thought it was gonna be sweeter but
it’s still good I like this look on the inside so it looks like as always you
can always expect like some type of meat stick in your Keto Krate which makes me
so happy now that I’m eating meat y’all because I remember this product or maybe
just this company in a previous Keto Krate but I think at that time I wasn’t
eating meat so yayyy I get to finally try it it is the Skinny Salami
Black Angus Beef Mini Salami so this is what the packaging looks like so um yeah
Nutrition Facts 70 calories 2.5 grams of fat less than one gram of carb zero
grams of sugar 12 grams of protein so let’s go ahead and try inside are two
salami x’ yay but to see what it tastes like smells good mmm
maybe I just haven’t had salami so long because it tastes so good I absolutely
love the fact that this has no carbs and no sugar in it thank you guys
that first meat stick is gone alright the next product is Ketond Ketogenic
Meal Replacement in the flavor Chocolate Fudge Brownie okay I just got it tell y’all the those brownies look so good nutrition facts it’s set 200 calories 10
grams of protein 16 point five grams of fat and 2.5 grams of net carbs okay so
regarding that’s upside down I’m gonna show y’all what I think about these and
one of my full day of eating keto videos and so yeah be on the look out for that
oh wow I’ve never heard of this before this is Pork King Good presents White
Ceddar Fried Pork Rinds oh wow I’ve never heard of white cheddar pork rinds
I know I can’t have this and that makes me so sad oh my gosh I bet that’s so
good though but okay nutrition facts 90 calories 5 grams of fat 0 grams of carbs
8 grams of protein oh my goodness oh I was just hey yo I’m
so jealous I bet this is so good it says light airy crunchy cheesy lick your
finger is deliciousness okay I wouldn’t oh they have these other
flavors well I would like to try the may being spicy Cajun pork rind crumbs that
sounds like that would be really good okay you guys so the next product I’m so
so excited to try this it is the Cinnamon SmartCake oh my gosh
all nutrition facts are 38 calories 2.5 grams of fat 9 grams of carbs 5 grams of
fiber 4 grams of erisa tall and 4 grams of protein y’all I really do love their
packaging so excited to try this cut up oh my gosh y’all there’s to it I
did I know there’s two I thought it was just wine mmm
smells so good look at how cute these are is it just me all right does this
like remind you of like a little sponge I don’t know oh my gosh I’m so excited
let me try let me stop talking okay I’m happy sorry hmm
oh my gosh oh my god this is so good me personally I like a
little light sponge taste with it smart cakes smart cakes what are you doing to
me I got crumbs all on my mouth yeah this is all I have left from the first
one but I’m gonna eat this last piece y’all oh my gosh
Jesus help me because that cinnamon smart cakes that’s the truth right there
have y’all ever like when you eat something so good like you just have to
smile about it cuz your your whole soul just feel so happy that’s literally how
I feel right now like you know crate I’m very probably y’all okay y’all so next
is the Skout organic roasted pumpkin seeds spicy Texas chili they have been
in a previous Kyoto crate nutrition facts 16 grams of fat 4 grams of carbs 2
grams of fiber 10 grams of protein I’ve actually said this before I actually
prefer the shells own like my pumpkin seeds and my sunflower seeds I don’t
want just a scene so yeah this is a nice little snack but like for me it’s just
okay like I would definitely prefer the shells with my pumpkin seed I feel like
it would taste them was better in my opinion
next is the Gorilly Goods Pumpkin Seed and Kale this is organic raw vegan
non-gmo gluten-free and nutrient dense so nutrition facts it is 210 calories 17
grams of fat 6 grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber 1 gram of sugar and 12 grams of
protein this has been in a previous keto current y’all I don’t know why but this tastes better
than what I remember last time well then the last time I had this idle up in the
refrigerator and I end up throwing it away but for some odd reason yo they’re
like really good right now hmm did they train something I don’t
know but this tastes better than what they did last time next you guys is the
Ultima Replenisher Sample Pack, y’all and it’s
vegan non-gmo gluten-free paleo friendly and keto friendly baby in like one of my
other videos y’all like right before I go to the gym
I’ll have this I see if it gives me like any energy or if I feel any different or
anything to that nature okay y’all so rules for the March 2019 Keto Krare Review Plus Giveaway first things first click the subscribe
button plus go ahead and click that notification bell so you won’t miss out
on any future uploads here the second thing to do is comment down below if you
go anywhere in the world where would you go and also tell me what is your
favorite thing about keto as you’re typing let me know your Instagram handle
as well Third thing to do is go ahead and follow me on instagram at UniqueFit17 and it’s gonna be placed right here for y’all and it’s also
linked down below in the description box and for extra points go ahead and give
this video a thumbs up I really and truly hope you guys enjoyed the March 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway because I know I sure did as always you guys if
you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video! Byeee : )

Randall Smitham



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