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Hello my amazing, beautiful, fabulous
YouTube Family so y’all today we are doing the September 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway, so you know the norm just sit back, relax, grab a snack,
maybe even a drink, and you know what enjoy the video Alright y’all so I not too long ago I made it in from Houston, Texas Yeah I feel like I might as well just
move there y’all like I just really enjoyed myself this isn’t my first time
going to Houston y’all but like I’m like an adult adult y’all so yeah I enjoyed
myself due to the fact that apparently downtown Houston is like the sugar daddy
capital of Texas y’all I’m probably gonna pack my bags and just move to
Houston you know because I feel like life would be great if I made that
decision you know yeah but anyways enough about that so we
are opening what I say September 2019 Keto Krate just a quick little info about Keto Krate y’all so if you don’t know anything about Keto Krate it is a
monthly subscription box if you’re not ready to do the whole little full-on
commitment that’s cool y’all you can sign up with Keto Krate and just do
like a gift option and you can just gift yourself a Keto Krate. With Keto Krate, y’all you can choose between the nibbler plan, the muncher plan, and the hangry plan y’all just let y’all know when I do my reviews it is what you can expect
with the muncher plan I don’t think I’ve ever told y’all that so uh-huh yeah
surprise you can find down below in the description box
it is my 15% off discount code with Keto Krate it’ll be the first link down
below there y’all and on all the items that I talked about in any Keto Krate Review + Giveaway video y’all it will be down below in the description box as
well but anything my love’s like I’m just ready to open my September 2019 Keto Krate y’all yeah because I have tried my best to not look at any Instagram
post y’all have not watched any YouTube videos about it so I am like gonna be
shocked along with doubt so yeah let’s go ahead
and get it to the video okay y’all way sounding like pretty packed up in here
haha why am i singing that I’m already looking at what’s on top y’all
thank you so much god is great God is good amen okay y’all so the first
product is from the company Curly Girlz y’all so this is the chocolate caramel
thank you God sugar free y’all on nutrition facts it
is 70 calories 7 grams of fat 9 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber 0 grams of sugar
2 grams of sugar alcohol and 1 gram of protein so as you can see these are
individually wrapped ok I also just picture this with me so you’re at work
and your coworkers are eating candy and they’re like ha ha ha Harriette ha ha ha
Shayla ha ha ha Billie you can’t have any candy and you just pull one of these
bad boys out of the pack all right you know what if you want to go for it go
ahead and have like a whole container of it and be like um Susie um
Billie Jean or whatever yes I can’t you can’t have candy on keto what are you
talking about and then you know that’s like your opportunity to teach them
about keto and you know what on Judgment Day when God be like what do you do for
others and you’d be like well I told Billie Jean about keto and I helped to
save his life and then guys gonna be like well c’mon in yeah let me stop
playing ok y’all so nice time to try the Curly Girlz Chocolate Caramel first things first already know I’m have
to hide that from my mother because she um ordered the nibbler plan y’all so
just in case you don’t get that in her nibbler playin y’all I’ma have to hide that y’all cuz that was good that was good oh my gosh I like that okay also the next product is from the company IQ Bar okay interesting this is their lemon
blueberry flavored bar okay that sounds really good! Ooooo Keto Krate…y’all I love
Keto Krate so much oh this is keto friendly non-gmo gluten-free kosher
dairy free and it’s vegan y’all and it is soy free nutrition facts
it says 170 calories okay 10 grams of fat 17 grams of carbs and 9 grams of
fiber 1 gram of sugar 0 grams of sugar alcohol so that is four grams net carbs
and then we have 11 grams of protein oh I know I already feel like I’m gonna
like the lemon blueberry already I just feel a must be great IQ bar I’ve never
heard of them before have y’all heard of them and yeah this is a great thing
about keto krate because I assure you probably 97% of the items that keto krate has introduced me to I would not have known anything about periods like
there’s no if ands or buts about it hmm oh this smells good it smells like
it’s gonna be good y’all so yeah this is what the IQ bar lemon blueberry flavored
bar looks like all I have to say is IQ bar you can go
ahead and get ready to just take all my money period that’s all I say like I
told y’all before it is kind of hard to find a company that’s keto friendly and
dairy-free friendly even vegan friendly as well so when I find something that’s
keto and dairy-free y’all oh I love it and when it’s not good it hurts my heart
y’all but when this do y’all I appreciate this and I’m pretty sure this
voice is not gonna last long at my house next product is the Brooklyn Biltong
lemon pepper grass-fed no sugar air dried beef it says it’s better than
jerky y’all lemon pepper flavor you’re not y’all I’m so happy right now
okay y’all so nutrition facts it is 90 calories 2.5 grams of fat 2 grams of
carbs 0 grams of sugar 14 grams of protein I do want to just read the end
of the hour story portion y’all it says with your purchase
Brooklyn biltong will give away 10% of our profits and actual biltong to help
feed the homeless that’s so sweet I do want to just say this real quick
y’all I really do love companies that give back like you know not to get like
too personal y’all I’ve never been rich at all period and like there were
situations in my life where if it wasn’t for the goodness of others there’s no
telling where I would have been and so like when I see companies that do make
an effort to give back to like homeless or just those that are less fortunate
but just really touches my heart because you can easily be put into that
predicament yourself anything can happen tomorrow next week
next month next year you don’t know so yeah anywho y’all Wow why did I get all
deep just the end all right so let’s try this Brooklyn biltong lemon pepper
grass-fed no sugar and dry beef right y’all this is what it looks like can’t
see that good yeah Oh see that seasoning that seasoning though okay all right I’m
gonna just buy it a little bit I don’t want to be on here like chewing all
country like y’all know I’m from Mississippi shout out to Mississippi okay oh let’s just be real I’m not –
just put this whole thing into my mouth why mm-hmm booyah that was good let me
take a little quick water break all right y’all
okay the next product is from the company High Key mini cookies it is a low
carb snack this is the chocolate chip one so this is what these low-carb
cookies look like I have seen this company somewhere I don’t know if they
were in a previous Keto Krate or if I saw them in a store I don’t know they
may have been a previous Keto Krate okay so Nutrition Facts it is 140
calories 13 grams of fat 11 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber one gram of total
sugars 7 grams / riff and tall and 3 grams of protein it says on here gluten
free grain free low net carb and keto friendly naturally Sweden made with
almond flour coconut oil and collagen ok that’s awesome
ok you know what we’re gonna try it oh of course this is what the cookies look
like they are called like they say many cookies and this is the chocolate chip
one so let’s try it okay I’m going to have another one because I feel like I
can’t give you an accurate detail of what I think about the cookies honestly
I’m just lining y’all just won’t have a second one so that’s what we’re gonna do
this is good yes Lord okay y’all so the next product is the FattBar this is their caramel and sea salt bar says zero added sweeteners okay that’s
awesome nutrition facts 141 calories 11 grams of fat 12 grams of carbs 10 grams
of fiber so there’s 2 grams and egg arms 1.6 grams of total sugars and 2.7 grams
of protein listen on the back of this it says tempted you should be i’m a
delicious chewy snack bar packed full nutritious nuts keto friendly zero added
sweeteners in high and prebiotic fiber eat me any time of day for a hit of
sustainable energy ok ok let’s go for it this is what the FattBar looks like
alright let’s try it and this is the caramel and sea salt 1/2 y’all that bar was very good like y’all
so far Keto Krate is getting a plus right now y’all like literally this
month Keto Krate is no joke but I have no complaints y’all Kyoto crate loves me
y’all can not tell me kiddo crazy and I love me y’all this is the Pork King good
presents Himalayan pink salt and vinegar and one of my Keto Grocery Haul y’all I
was so excited about having some on salt vinegar pork rinds
and I had these all right y’all let’s go ahead and take a bite yo I’m literally
so happy right now are y’all so the next product is from the company Skuta. I don’t know how to pronounce it this is their sea salt dry
roasted pumpkin seeds okay nutrition facts it is 250 calories 19
grams of fat 7 grams of carbs 5 grams of fiber 1 gram of sugar 14 grams of
protein ok yo yes this has the pumpkin shells on this this is so happy Thank
You Keto Krate thank you thank you thank you now this is the future yes I’m pretty
sure I just messed that up yeah I’ve told y’all this before i
prefer my pumpkin seeds my sunflower seeds other stuff to have shells on them
I could see myself right now editing a YouTube video or watching some
Netflix or whatever you know Netflix and chill yeah
and in some of these pumpkin seeds though they aren’t some great like keto
friendly snacks to eat like I love pumpkin seeds so much okay y’all so this
next product is from the company Intakt Snacks I think I’m saying that correctly
it says crunchy cheese lover and this is apparently going to be like spicy cheese
okay does say I’m here 100% grilled cheese all-natural ingredients it’s 81
calories the extremes of fat to groans of carbs 5 grams of proteins ok I
remember my mom has tried this before if I’m correct um I’m gonna put it right
here still no y’all just in case she hasn’t I’m just gonna let y’all know
what she thinks about it pretty sure she’s gonna love this and anything like
we’re like spiciness she gets so excited for it so I know she’s probably gonna
love this though y’all okay y’all so the next product is from the company MTCO and this is their cocoa bar okay just let y’all see what the
packaging looks like so nutrition facts it is 230 calories 19 grams of fat 12
grams of carbs 10 grams of fiber okay 1 gram of sugar and 10 grams of protein it
does say on here MCTS are a unique fatty acid that comes from coconuts and can
help support mental clarity and provide sustainable energy
it says keto friendly organic coconut oil collagen protein no added sugar and
gluten-free all right y’all let’s try it I just to are off a piece I will say what I do like about this
product a lot of times with keto snacks sometimes it can be too sweet but
this one it’s like and they’re not trying to like chase that sweetness it’s
just like you know it’s like okay like it’s not too sweet
and to be honest y’all every part that we tried doesn’t have to be sweet this
isn’t like a sweet sweet treat for y’all but it was like a nice little if you
went and just like some chocolate whatever and you’re craving chocolate
this would be great for you alright y’all so this next product is from the
company snacks better than good it is they’re salted caramel veggie protein
puffs no artificial flavors or colors okay y’all sup nutrition facts it is 110
calories 3.5 grams of fat 4 grams of carbs 4 grams of sugar and 16 grams of
protein guys on here it is soy free nut free and it’s vegetarian friendly okay
that’s cool all right um I really don’t know if I should try this product though
y’all I’m gonna try I’m a track cuz I love y’all okay yeah like I said this is
the salted caramel one is they’re busy protein puffs on this is what they look
like just let y’all see are we gonna have one
I’m not gonna die for mine okay cool this is actually good I know I can’t
have this whole bag though y’all that was good that was really good I really
want to eat more but I’m not gonna try my body like that
y’all up next I’m so happy for it is the Ultima Replenisher it is their
electrolytes pure plus sample packets on here it says zero calories zero sugar
zero carbs six electrolytes plus support minerals non-gmo gluten-free plant-based
keto / paleo so all you got to do is add one stick pack to 16 ounces of water
depending on taste preference shake or stir to mix thoroughly alright so since
I already have my water over here yeah I really don’t have that much water
y’all I’ve been just drinking water over here so I’m just going to put like a
little bit of this in my water and try it so in the packs I can choose between
raspberry or lemonade I think I’m gonna just try lemonade today yeah let’s go
for it wow I really do hope that I don’t have
all those sound effects that I just made where y’all can hear it this is good
y’all okay YouTube family so now it’s time for the September 2019 Keto Krate
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else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video which
will be Wednesday alright y’all so stay blessed stay safe and yeah see you won’t
win today love you

Randall Smitham