April 5, 2020
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Keto Lemon Butter Salmon With Wine | Low Calorie || BodyProCoach || Praveen Nair & Maahek Nair

Hey guys what’s up we’ve heard a lot
good things about omega-3 so this today we’re going to show you that rich in
omega-3 fatty acids at the same time rich in protein so let’s get this going
welcome to BodyProCoach Nutrition that’s Praveen and i’m Maahek here and we are yet again back
with an amazing recipe that’s herb salmon in lemon butter sauce okay
something very special we’ve got wine here so we’re not encouraging you to drink
but occasionally yes you wanna just take it easy and take a bit of
wine once in a while so first we take a pan and on the induction we put the pan
if not the induction then over the gas that’s two tablespoon of butter alright we all about CLA right conjugated linoleic acid that helps you
to burn a lot of fats or probably improvises the metabolism which should
ensure health and weight loss next I’m going to be putting salmon fillets
into it so these fillets are skinless fillets salmon is one of the best source of protein,
best source of omega-3 fatty acids so it makes it very very
special at the same time it’s a rich source of vitamin B, potassium, i’m gonna put one
tablespoon of garlic into the same so garlic is known for having highly
nutritious content at the same time very low in calorie so that makes it again
special garlic, once the salmon it’s slightly golden we’re gonna toss it to the
other side we use it as a medicine
pretty much most of the time to treat cold or sickness and one of the best benefit
that is noted is that it decreases or reduces the blood pressure so eventually
it helps to strengthen our heart muscles once the salmon is well done we’re gonna
put half onion chopped really small and nice its really finely chopped so you’re gonna
put half onion to it so once the onion becomes slightly translucent and slightly golden
and it’s well done again you’re going to add two tablespoon mushroom again the
mushrooms are finely chopped yes something very special about this
again is that if you ever think about weight management and satiety something
that you really want to take on a regular basis is gonna be mushrooms
because it’s very low in calorie and it gives you that feeling of fullness so
mushroom is only an option if you guys do not like mushroom you can also add bell
peppers to it then I’m going to add half a cup of white wine and then I’m going
to add half a cup of fresh heavy cream as we add wine into it, wine is known for
improving the immune system that’s got some amazing antioxidants increase bone
density and you wanna make sure that you don’t drink wine every day, it’s occasional
we’re not promoting wine at all in the ketogenic plants it’s
just up to the preparation of the meal that we’re showing here so once in a while if
you still on ketogenic also you can just you know for a change you can use them, as per your taste you’re gonna add Himalayan salt freshly chopped parsley then half the lime, well done and lastly pepper to it and our fish is done so the complete and perfect meal for the
weekend is ready there you go big bite Wow that’s delicious awesome alright so if you haven’t subscribe the channel please do subscribe and share this with
as many friends as possible and at the same time with the family we have 4
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tuned with us and cheers for the weekend see you soon

Randall Smitham