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lemon cupcakes ah spring this is sugar
free destination of YouTube and join me I’m guilt-free then don’t
yes no I thought luminous brain with hand hair I pictured a pair of ladies
outside saying next to a picnic table sundress is the little Sun hats they’re
women where the wind blowing their hair to the left a beautiful sunny day and
one reaches down and there’s a wet glass ice-cold lemon ice tea lemon cookies a
nice lemon drink if you know what I’m saying
let me mojito and now in a scenario my lemon cupcakes with the paint whipped
frosting that’s right didn’t see that coming
right I know I didn’t even put in the title
I wouldn’t surprise you guys that’s right that’s why I did
sounds extra refreshing right let me tell you it was perfect
that flat stubborn you’ve been busting your behind they get all you you can
give it a sugar-free gluten-free absolutely delicious not a heavy bone in
his recipe so let’s get to it before I start full recipe details over and
sugarless I will put a link in the description box below for
you guys we’re gonna separate our wet from my dry why dry we have coconut
flour baking powder baking soda and salt and our pirate sweetener that simple
yes I know now all our wet ingredients need to be brought to room temperature
if not the second you add that coconut oil it’s gonna heart it and it’s gonna
lump up and it’s gonna get all crackly and stuff basically is gonna get cold
again you don’t want that eggs unsweetened almond milk lemon extract
lemon juice liquid stevia or liquid sweetener of your choice
and lastly apple cider vinegar now make sure dry and you’re wet together these
silicone muffin cups are God’s it like ice wit they pop right out without issue
I think I got those from Bed Bath & Beyond but I know they are Amazon that
work so we’ll no needs have anything put the better straight in now if you want
to kick it up a notch you can add some lemon zest to your mixture I’m not
opposed to that at all now I’m sticking these in the oven for about 20 to 25
minutes at 300 degrees got about 15 minutes start checking for doneness all
ovens seem to vary so you don’t want to overcook these and dry them out to do
that simply take a toothpick stick it in if it comes out clean is done don’t just
go off a look especially when you’re dealing with especially when you’re
dealing with these non flour things if you see a couple crumbs that’s fine
while those are cooking let’s make this super light whipped frosting I’m using
peach extract to keep the carbs low even though fruit is a natural sugar is still
there still rather hire cars now for anybody I was trying to find some peach
juice I don’t know what the deal is but apparently they don’t sell peach juice
anywhere they sell a white grape and peach but every other fruit has his own
juice pineapple orange grape but no peach juice
are they not good enough I thought I liked people I’m rambling I’m rambling
but Karma’s oh man take some chopped peaches and mix them up in the whipped
cream I bet that will be tasty I guess so yeah heavy cream peach
extract cream of tartar and powder sweetener I’m using swirl but we only
have grounds you can powder your own I use this little thing here man I didn’t
paint hardly anything for maybe like ten dollars if that much I got the cheapest
one for five but any granules if you put it in there it’ll make me into the
powder form for you now mix everything up until it forms into the frosting you
will know when it gets to that point because it’ll just it’ll be frosting
that you know and I wanna make sure your cupcakes are completely cooled before
adding the frosting or they will melt it I promise you that they say the proper
way to eat a cupcake is to split it in half so that’s what I do and I’m gonna
put a little frosting on the inside this in that texture mess that is that’s
pretty good the texture is a little spongy what’s is good because it’s still
moist that whipped cream peach frosting that’s extra like with the hint of peach
it’s not too strong now if you’re have it by yourself
the peach flavor may be a little bit overwhelming because it’s hardly
concentrated in that little bottle I’ve never really been a big lemon fan but I
like those the extra light like I said they’re spongy then you have the light
whipped cream frosting a nice spring afternoon snack if you enjoyed this
video give it a thumbs up and if you new hit that subscribe button we do post
every Wednesday and Thursday and you look to the left you can see my latest
video and one just for you and berries this is sibylla’s crystal sugar-free
destination up here – i’m not except i’m gonna detain

Randall Smitham



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