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Hi everyone its Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons and I wanted to celebrate my 30 days doing keto by going to the Low Carb Grocery. I wanted to get some little carb treats. I noticed that while I was doing the keto. I really craved chips, and crunchy snacks. So apparently the store has some really great keto options. The other thing that I really missed was bagels, and they also have that as well. So I’m gonna see if I can film in there, but if I can’t I’m gonna do it on the down-low. Alright so see you in the store. Oh and the address of the store is 170 Esna Park Drive unit 8 and that’s in Markham, Ontario. All right guys see you in there. Okay everyone so this is my haul from the low carb grocery store. So here are the dream bagels. I’ve been craving bagels like crazy. There’s a nutritional information. I’ve been craving crunchy things as well. Here’s the nutritional information and they have these spicy pumpkin seeds on sale. And I just had to I have to get them. They had a sample tray out and I tried them and they were so good. If you like pumpkin seeds, but you like a little spicy then you’re gonna love these. Alright so I’ve been going without spaghetti sauce for a while, but I found these. I found this the Hunt’s pasta sauce no sugar added. So I’m gonna try this when I go to make my pizza. So I can actually have pizza. And some sauce… And I saw somebody on Instagram, and they were just raving about these and they said that when they buy them they go into their car and they eat them and they don’t even it doesn’t even make it home. So there’s the nutritional information. I wanted some protein bars. So this one was recommended to me by the lovely Doris at the low carb grocery. Here is the nutritional information here. I have another bag. As you can see I did some major shopping. So now I noticed in the Keto Crate. I didn’t buy the Keto Crate this year… or I haven’t bought it at all actually. But I noticed that this wasn’t it and I wanted to try it. So it’s the new Nush Carrot spice cake. I love carrot cake and I I really miss carrot cake while I’m doing this keto. So here is the nutritional information and actually got. Look at that. I got four of them. They were on special for a dollar fifty each. I think they’re regularly four dollars at that store three or four dollars. So I think that was a really good buy. And I also got some moon cheese, and I’ve heard some of the great things about the moon cheese. This was also on special. I got a lot of things on special. And I also got crunchy baked cheese. The Just.. the cheese crunchy baked cheese and here is nutritional information. So there were some really big bags of these things. Some big versions I found but because I haven’t tried them before I wanted to just go small, and if I like it and I’ll go back get the big version. So I also got some flax oat bran just flatbread because I’ve been really missing my flatbread as well and what intend to do is when I go to make pizza. I can just use half of this. So only 60 calories that’s really good. So here’s a the nutritional information. These are huge. So it looks like it’s only four grams. First so this was also something that was recommended to me by Doris at the store. So they are organic, Chia crisp bread. This will definitely satisfy my crunchy cravings and the last thing was another protein bar. So that’s what I bought at the low carb grocery store. I want to send a shout-out to Doris from the low carb grocery store for being so amazing. I felt like I had a personal shopper. We actually as you saw the previous video in the previous. I had actually gone in there low key, and I was gonna do record without anybody knowing but she actually saw my husband standing there with the list and she went up to him and asked him if she could help him and she immediately helped us to get everything that was on the list. I was really impressed with that some of the things that I had in my list were actually very very high carb and she basically educated us and she even pointed out some things that were on sale that I didn’t even realize were on sale. This woman is pretty much an expert in the keto diet low carb diet. I was very impressed with her knowledge. So if you it… when you do go to the low carb store because I think we’re blessed here in Ontario to have that store. Definitely ask for Doris and go in there with your list and I’m sure that she will give you the same treatment that she gave me and just mentioned my name to her let her know that I sent you. So yeah, I love the store. I would definitely give that store a five out of five and I will be going back. I think that I do have a lot of snacks to go through first, and I do intend to review some of the snacks. Especially the ones that I really like and the ones that I didn’t like so much. So that’s about it. And I just want to thank you guys once again for all the love that you’ve given me and all the support. Please if you found this video to be helpful. Please share it and please subscribe. Please like and also follow me on Instagram because I’m gonna be talking about this on Instagram too. If you are doing the keto or a low carb diet. You know what? It’s kind of lonely doing this by yourself. So come on Instagram …follow me. And why don’t we support each other, you know? So, thanks again, and I want you guys to stay happy and stay healthy. Sending love out to you guys. Bye!

Randall Smitham



  1. Jainie bugg Posted on December 4, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    Congratulations. Keto is a lifestyle. I have been keto going on 2 years. 5'4" 117lbs. Not bad for a 59 year old grandma. I Just started using Blackseed oil.

  2. Adam Posted on December 24, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Anymore BSM updates?

  3. Oliver Denker Posted on August 21, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    Please eat more fresh foods. This is all bad packaged stuff.