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Keto /Low Carb *Noodle-less* Lasagna Recipe

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
Michelle from pure goddess university so
today I’m making a super yummy and super
easy keto noodle asst lasagna it’s
amazing you’re not even going to miss
the noodles this is the second time I’m
actually making it I do have it on my
insta Dory’s if you want to go and watch
it there but I thought you know this
week the weather is cold this literally
will last me for five days because it’s
a huge amount so if you’re looking for
something hearty you’re missing Italian
food definitely try it you guys you’re
gonna need about a pound or so of
Italian sausage about a pound of ground
beef some marinara sauce some ricotta
cheese some pepper onion powder garlic
powder and Italian seasonings a quarter
of a white onion chopped up some
mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese
it’s super easy guys so the first step
is I’m going to ground my beef I’m only
going to use two of these sausage links
and this whole thing of meat and some
olive oil pepper and garlic and while
that is baking I’m preheating my oven to
400 degrees which I will eventually cook
for 20 minutes but the very first thing
we’re going to do is make the meat sauce
and then we’ll make the cheese sauce so
I will be back guys I’m gonna go ahead
and get this baby started okay guys so
I’m browning the meat and in just a
minute we’re gonna add in the tomato
sauce then we’re going to make our
noodles which is our cheese mixture and
then we’re gonna layer it in the pan so
I will be back guys okay guys so I mixed
the cheese it’s kind of like a dry
glob you really gotta match
the ricotta cheese into the mozzarella
and the parmesan I have now added in the
meat sauce I’m sorry the tomato sauce
now we are going to a layer the lasagna
so first we’re going to do a meat layer
of the lasagna we get your handy dandy
spoon here so we’re going to do two
layers of meat and one of cheese sorry
for the shaky camera work
okay so there is the first layer of meat
now we’re going to add in the cheese I
think I used a smaller pan last time so
let’s see how this works
it’s kind of weird to kind of smooth it
out you know over the pan okay let me do
this because it’s hard to do one-handed
I’ll be right back
I ended up putting about one more
tablespoon of the ricotta cheese and I
sprinkled a tiny amount of the
mozzarella cheese because I think I’m
using a bigger pan that I did last time
so I didn’t go as far so I just added
just a tiny bit and we’re gonna do the
final layer of meat and then put some
more Parmesan cheese on the top okay
I’ll be back okay guys I just added my
second layer of meat and I poured some
Parmesan cheese on the top so this pan
is definitely a little bit bigger than I
used last time so depending on your pan
and how much cheese and meat you want
the original recipe called for one layer
of meat one layer cheese but I
personally liked having the two layers
of meat and the cheese in the middle it
was more about traditional lasagna for
me so I’m gonna bake it at 400 degrees
for 20 minutes and I will be back guys
I’m super excited this is so yummy hey
guys welcome back so I just cleaned the
I got about eight minutes left on the
clock if you’re like me it’s good to
clean up your dishes while your food is
cooking so you don’t have to wait until
after dinner and have a huge you know
pile of dishes I hate that so the only
thing I have to do is clean the pan
that’s the food is in and my plate and
that’s it so now I’m going to make a
Caesar salad using romaine hearts Ken’s
creamy Caesar salad dressing Parmesan
cheese and pepper it doesn’t sound great
but you guys it tastes just like a
Caesar salad no croutons
but it’s keto friendly
this salad dressing only has one carb
for two tablespoons and I think the
parmesan has zero carbs so yeah I’m
gonna go ahead and make my salad get
ready to take my dinner out in about
eight minutes and I’ll be back to plate
it up okay guys the salad is made I
washed the romaine and one whole thing
of romaine it came with three romaine
hearts you know three whole little
packets of romaine I usually just do one
at a time and that usually makes about
two salads so I just washed it broke it
apart put pepper or Parmesan cheese and
tossed it and I’ll add the sauce or the
dressing when I played it since I’m
gonna have probably two or three you
know salads but yeah if I wanted to be
super fancy
I could probably crunch up some pork
rinds and use those for like you know
bread crumbs or croutons but now we’re
gonna be basic basic basic but I’m
excited about two minutes left of the
cooking time the recipe calls for 20
minutes but I do 25 because my oven
doesn’t cook very well so an extra five
minutes usually for my oven then it
looks amazing I’m super excited so I’m
gonna get my plate and my drink ready
I’ll be back soon okay guys it’s out now
doesn’t this look like a lasagna to you
oh my goodness you guys so excited I’m
gonna go ahead and plate it up but you
guys it’s amazing all right getting it
on my plate and in my belly
all right guys there she is all plated
up the salad and the know noodle keto
friendly little carb lasagna let’s do a
little taste I’m feeding myself
left-handed let’s taste this baby oh my
whoa Wow
that is amazing you guys have to try it
you won’t even miss the noodles I highly
recommend you do the combination of the
ground beef and the spicy Italian pork
sausage it really gives it a lot of
flavor and you have to play around with
the cheese if you want to do one layer
of meat and one layer of cheese that’s
what the original recipe called for I
personally like to layer it like more of
a traditional lasagna so I did a very
thin layer of meat the one layer of
cheese the other layer of meat then I
sprinkled some parmesan on top but it’s
all personal preference also the size of
your pan the pan I used last time was a
lot smaller than this one but it’s still
good the carb count I think it was like
5 or 6 carbs a serving of course this is
a big-ass serving I will have the
complete recipe and the whole breakdown
on my blog Pierre goddess university com
so if you want more details go over and
check it out as always thanks so much
for stopping by my channel I appreciate
you guys hope you enjoyed this video
there will be more cooking Mill preps
and organizations coming up and just so
you know it took me about an hour and 10
minutes to make this whole thing and
clean my kitchen make a salad about an
hour in 10 minutes and to film a video
and I have food for like the next 4 or 5
days so in the amount of time you could
have ordered a pizza I mean you could
cook for the whole week your dinner you
know what I mean and I cleaned my
kitchen tomato salad so yeah hope you
guys enjoyed and I’ll be back later or
actually in another video talk to you

Randall Smitham



  1. puregoddessuniversity Posted on February 3, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Hey guys welcome back to my channel, hope you enjoy this new keto friendly lasagna recipe!