April 9, 2020
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Keto Mexican Chicken Soup THE BEST FOOD EVER!!

alright let’s get started first we’re
going to need 196 grams of carrots an inch cut so you have a good bite to eat
2 to 3 Serrano chilies take the seeds out and just cut them in the middle and
throw them in the pot 8 celery sticks cut them into little pieces like this 30
grams of cilantro 200 grams of onions 600 grams of squash you don’t have to
peel them but you do want to cut the ends off 2 pounds of chicken 1/2
teaspoon of oregano 1/2 a teaspoon of black pepper half a teaspoon of ground
cinnamon 2 tablespoons of chicken bouillon in salt to taste the first
thing we’re going to do is grab a pot and fill it halfway with water grab our
chicken and put it in the pan then we’re going to pour our chicken bouillon and
cinnamon turn the heat to 3/4 and let the chicken boil after it starts boiling
bring the heat to a medium add your black pepper oregano and a pinch of salt
or two why not have a flavor baby next put in your Serrano chilies onions and
let them release their flavor for about 5 to 7 minutes
mm-hmm oh man this smells great so Hardy in
full of goodness put your carrots in for five minutes so
the tender a little but not too much after five minutes taste the soup to see
if it needs more salt in add accordingly we’re going to put in
our squash celery chopped that beautiful smelling cilantro and mix it all and for
an amazing mix of heaven Mexican chicken soup cover it and let it sit for another ten
minutes in medium high oh man so good man this most great excellent it’s time
to eat look at that chicken soup baby mmm-hmm
this is done and ready to go I’m going to add a little more my personal home
touch with some Chipotle cut avocado slices in lime juice this is as Mexican
as it gets people the best food ever just go ahead and try this all right
let’s try it on a glass so our avocados my god my wife was telling me earlier
but you don’t say avocado you say avocado well English is not my first
language so struggling with it but I’m getting there Bon Appetit this is like
the perfect soul food Hartford oh it’s amazing and I congratulate myself on
this one cause she’s so good

Randall Smitham



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