April 5, 2020
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Keto Mexican Chile Colorado!! The perfect Stew!

hey what’s up guys welcome to Keira
bambam today we can be making a delicious north of Mexico food called
Chile Colorado with no palates this is a Mason recipe and it’s kid friendly so
let’s go ahead and get me first we’re going to need six large garlic cloves
one and a half tablespoons of oregano salt to taste 2 bay leaves 1 tbsp of
coming 9 red peppers 2 chili ancho’s in 150 grams of chili what here for you
Bahia Chile’s what you wanna do is take off the stem and open them up and clean
up real well so there are no seats left inside the church also 850 grams of
precooked nopales you can find that the Hispanic section of your local grocery
store and 4 pounds of beef alright let’s go ahead and get started
you start with seasoning your meat with some salt and black pepper cut them up
into cubes then we’re gonna grab a pie it’s really halfway and we’re gonna
start by pouring all of our chilies in there a cheater
heyyo Chile ancho and red peppers we’re gonna let this unit boil for a while so
while we’re doing that we’re gonna put some oil about 2 tablespoons of oil let’s go ahead and check out our Chile’s
they look they’re looking okay but we want them to be a little bit soggy
so we’re gonna wait for them a little bit so what we want is we want the oil
back to settle down so identity or meat cooking flow bit longer after that we’re
gonna take our Chile’s important in your corner weapon or oregano and you’re coming for
bay leaves or salt convergence mother water left from the chillest you know
what you’re gonna put all the water and we’re gonna clean that in for a minute
make sure it’s one lemon let’s go ahead and check back on our meat now this is
the cycle of a little folk ice there’s not fat and oil coming through the meat
enemy as well cook through now this is optional next we’re going to string or
chili sauce if your blender is not very good at trending and it has some seeds
left or some part of the chili left in whole pieces you might want to string
this if not if you play this really good if you just go ahead and throw it all in
the pot it tastes the same is the same thing and it’s just perfect
we’re gonna go ahead and simmer this for about a minute
it’ll been pouring or recruit in the palace good now we want to leave there’s
no puppies cooking in the sauce for about 10 minutes so you can some of the
flavor in it with the home with the meat and everything else and now we are ready
to serve guys check that out it’s amazing
don’t worry about you know the spiciness this chili guajillo chili ancho the not
really spicy they give more of a color to it and flavor it’s just perfect
this is an authentic Mexican recipe this looks so good guys look at this
I hope we hope you guys liked this recipe seriously go ahead and try it if
they’re so easy to do they’ll take maybe 10 minutes to cook run no heart alright guys I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and don’t forget to make a Mexican kid friendly recipe don’t forget
to subscribe see you guys on the next one

Randall Smitham