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Keto Mojo (Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitor) – Unboxing & Review

hey there it’s Steve from and in this video we are going to be doing an unboxing and review
of the keto Mojo ketone and blood glucose monitor before we get to that I
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consumer ketone testing has come a long way since I did add content e two years
ago back then you peed on a little plastic stick and you hoped that it
turned purple now we as consumers can buy these blood
glucose and ketone monitors for a pretty reasonable price the question you may be
asking is do you need one for me I decided that I did first off I am sort
of a data geek and I want to be able to see the correlation between what I eat
when I eat and how it impacts my ketone and blood glucose readings additionally
even though I’ve lost over 50 pounds on a ketogenic lifestyle the last few weeks
has been a little bit slow it’s only been about a pound a week and I think a
lot of that has to do with me not being terribly diligent in terms of my macros
so doing daily tests of my ketone levels will kind of be a bit of a forcing
function and keep me honest there are a lot of ketone and blood glucose monitors
out there so why did I decide to go with keto mojo when I was doing research and
I got out and I’m looking at all of these on Amazon one of the things that
really struck me about keto mojo was their level of customer service
it was just stellar and to me customer service is king that’s what drove this
purchase the price on Amazon and the keto mojo site is the same I purchased
it from Amazon just because I live less than an hour away from an Amazon
distribution center so I get free same-day delivery I will include the
link to the keto mojo on Amazon below so if you want to get out there
check out the videos that Kido mojo is posted as well as some of the other
reviews you can do that all right let’s get into the unboxing the very first
thing you see is its lifetime warranty to me
that means they back their product I think that’s a big deal next we have one two three four five six
manuals fortunately two of the manuals are QuickStart guides with lots of
pictures and that’s what I’m all about so I’m gonna see if just following the
QuickStart guides if I can get up and running let’s take a look at what we’ve
got in the package we have the monitor itself we have some glucose and ketone
testing sticks we have the Lansing pen we have some land sets and I believe
this is the chip that then allows us to calibrate the Aikido mojo I’m not gonna
take you through the whole setup of this if you click on that link below that
Amazon link there are I believe eight or ten videos on that page from Kido mojo
that take you through the whole setup so I won’t be redundant and do that
you can watch that on your own I’m just gonna get this thing up and running and
we’re gonna do a test I have the keto mojo set up it was a pretty
straightforward process I followed the instructions in the manual or watch that
video on Amazon and you’ll be good to go the first test that I’m going to do is
going to be the blood glucose test stick it in the monitor and as soon as I do
that you’ll see that the monitor wakes up it’s got a little CH there for
checking one of the things that’s not included in the starter kit is alcohol
swab so you’re gonna need to get some of
those all right let’s load up the pen and I’m gonna set the pen for probably
right in the middle in terms of the depth draw it back now before I do this
I’ve never I’ve never poked myself before I don’t know what this is gonna
feel like I remember back in eighth grade science class we had to do a
little blood test and the Lance’s that we used then were pretty gnarly they
they looked almost like a razor blade so hopefully this goes a lot more smoothly
than it did for me in eighth grade didn’t even feel it all right we have a
decent drop of blood there and we want to fill up the the little space here at
the end of the test strip that filled right up and it’s counting down what do
we got 82 as I understand it generally the target that you’re looking for is
something under 90 so we’re gonna call this a win on the blood glucose next we
are going to load up a ketone tester I’m hoping I’ve got sufficient blood on here
to fill this up generally when people have issues in the reviews that I’ve
read it’s because they didn’t have enough blood to completely fill up the
strip and I want to make sure I get this right because these are about a dollar
apiece and that was a fail I’m gonna have to give myself another poke that’s
one dollar all right this should be good filled
right up counting down and my reading is 1.9 so above 1.5 is in ketosis my
understanding is the optimal range is anywhere from 1.5 to 3 which is where we
are right now this is great I’m very happy to see this I will continue to
test myself with this device over the course of the next handful of days and
see what I see in terms of numbers based on what I’m eating when I’m eating etc
and then I’ll loop back and give you my final verdict on the keto Mojo my ketone
readings over the last handful of days have been pretty consistent anywhere
from a low of 1.2 to a high of 1.9 but I got the idea yesterday that kind of
really test the keto mojo I would knock myself out of ketosis and see what the
reading is and then see how quickly I could get back into ketosis so yesterday
we had a Memorial Day cookout I had my fair share of beer and bratwurst saan
buns and baked beans and rhubarb crisp with ice cream on it so basically
everything that is gonna knock a person out of ketosis I don’t feel great today
I’d kind of forgotten what it felt like not being in ketosis it’s I just I feel
sort of lethargic I’ve got a little bit of that brain fog going on maybe some of
that’s from the beer I supposed to also wait myself this morning and I was up
seven pounds from yesterday and I’m sure a lot of that is water weight but lesson
learned I don’t want to knock myself out of ketosis anymore even for one of these
sort of review videos but let’s take a look at what my ketone reading is today point 5 so with that we’ve established
the keto mojo can definitely read when you are out of ketosis the next test
will be how quickly I can get back in – ketosis and I will be of course taking
readings on a daily basis and we’ll update you in a matter of seconds on
this very video so Monday my ketone reading was a 0.5 Tuesday it was point
four yesterday Wednesday it was a point eight now let’s see what it is today and we have a ketone reading of 1.4 so
I’m almost back into optimal ketosis after three full days what I can tell
you is I didn’t enjoy it I mean you take for granted how good you feel when
you’re in ketosis the energy level that you have your mood etc so this is not an
experiment I’m eager to replicate in terms of the keto mojo itself it’s
incredibly easy to use I was a little bit worried initially when I saw all
those manuals but it’s it’s a breeze to use especially if you watch those videos
out on Amazon so I would definitely endorse the keto mojo the price on it is
really pretty reasonable and if you’re not gonna be testing yourself every
single day with the ketone strips the strip’s themselves are not too bad at a
dollar apiece so I give the keto mojo a thumbs up thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. Serious Keto Posted on May 30, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    It's really striking as I watch this (and as I edited it), the difference in my speech and energy on the segments when I was in ketosis versus when I kicked myself out of ketosis in between. My speech was practically slurred when I was out of ketosis and I had to edit out a ton of "ummms", "uhhhs" and places where I couldn't put an intelligent sentence together.

    Additionally, I thought beer and bread would taste amazing to me after being away from it for a while. It wasn't nearly as good as I remembered it.

  2. Simbabeck Posted on August 29, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    Considered this last year… passed… but getting SERIOUS… believe I'll snag one… Thanks again!

  3. old school prepper Posted on September 23, 2019 at 4:14 am

    thanks for the review, Ketoconnect liked Keto Mojo, back in 2017 so i'm happy to see a newer eval….you still liking this unit?

  4. Ben Cortez Posted on October 20, 2019 at 2:57 am

    Great video review.