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– Hey, guys, today on
Low Carb with Jennifer, we are going to be making keto nachos. We are going to make a
cheater cheese sauce, and we’re gonna top our nachos with some pulled pork and
some cheese sauce, of course, and barbecue sauce, and it’s
gonna be super delicious. You can find the link to the recipe in the description below, or you can go to
http://www.jenniferbanz.com and search for nachos. (bright music) So our nachos, of course,
we’re not gonna use chips because that’s not keto. We’re gonna use pork rinds. So I’ve got a bag of pork
rinds and a sheet pan, and this is just, you
could do a serving platter, you could do, I don’t know,
you could make it pretty, but this is, you know,
this is game day food. This is, you don’t need it pretty. So we’ve got our bag of pork rinds, and you can use any bag of
pork rinds that you want. And I’m just kind of, you
know how pork rinds are curvy. I’m just kind of turning
them all, not all up because not all of ’em will turn up to like a cup, so we can get as much of the yummy, chicken, not chicken, pork, pulled pork and cheese into all of the crevices that we can. That looks good. So for our cheater cheese sauce, I’ve got some, a mixture of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, and I’m gonna add in, this is
gonna be a nacho cheese sauce, so to make it nacho cheese sauce, we need to add in some chili powder, some ground cumin, and some salt. And to bring it all together, we’re gonna add in some half and half and some cream cheese. And we’re gonna microwave this. That is our cheater cheese sauce. But you wanna make sure
you don’t microwave it to where it’s overcooked because then even if you
cook it on the stove top, if you overcook it, it’s
gonna separate and be yuck. So we wanna just cook it
for like a minute at a time, or 30 seconds at a time
until it is just melted. And then when you mix it, the cheese will melt even further, and then it’ll be a perfect,
smooth cheese sauce. Okay, we’ve got our
cheater nacho cheese here, and you can see it’s perfectly pourable. And it is super yummy. So first, we’re going to put, this is our pulled pork. So this is a pulled pork, pork butt, that our, pork shoulder, whatever, that we smoked on the grill. And this is the leftovers, so you just take your leftover and you just put it on top of your chips. Your pork rinds. And get ’em all in there. We need to get lots of loaded nachos. This is so perfect for a party. Or if you have leftover pulled pork that you need to use up. Oh, man, this is gonna be so good. How good does that look? And now, we can put some
of our cheese sauce. And it’s ready to go. Oh, yeah, look at that. Just drizzle it on there. And if you don’t wanna
use the cheese sauce, you could just put some
shredded cheese on here and melt it in the oven for a few minutes. That would be good, too. Make sure that every
chip gets lots of cheese. Okay. And I like to have barbecue
sauce on my pulled pork nachos. So this is a sugar free barbecue sauce. It’s The G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce, and I get it at the grocery store, and yes, it has sucralose in it, and no, I don’t care. (chuckles) So I’m gonna pour some of this on there. I love the sweet and the salty combo. It is the best. OMG, as my daughter would say. That looks so good. Oh, my gosh, look at that. Now you cannot tell me that that is not better than regular, you know, carb filled nachos. I mean, look at that. That is, that just looks so amazing. You could also make this with, on my blog, I have this with carnitas. So I did pulled pork nachos with carnitas, leftover carnitas, and then we did cilantro and avocado and the same cheese sauce, and it was amazing. You could do ground beef. Like, taco flavored nachos. Those would be amazing as well. So you can find the link to this recipe, especially my cheater cheese sauce, I’m really proud of that,
in the description below, or you can go to
http://www.jenniferbanz.com and search for nachos. I really hope you try this recipe, share it with your friends
on a party, on game day, and I will see you guys later, bye. (bright music)

Randall Smitham