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Keto obiad – wątróbka w malinach

welcome in next episode on our channel
today keto kitchen and with in
we will make chicken livers
Marta ask us to make this episode
on facebook fanpage Keto Travelers
as promised we make today this episode
I asked Kinga to help me today
with making a this episode
I will prepare livers for you
I will show you how I make liver in raspberries
Kinga has its own way how to prepare herself
she hates livers
please come and show yourself to the viewers
– I’m ready 🙂
Kinga will be like this behind the camera
for us, but to not smell livers at all
– this is mine sacrifice 🙂
usually its like
– I’m going out
yes, she is going out when I make livers
so I’m doing livers at home not often
then I have to eat livers alone for next three days
Weronika also hates livers
we can do it!
livers are healthy
so lets have look the rest of episode
we wash livers
I’m cutting off some membranes
what I don’t like them
you can leave as is, its edible
I also like livers in small pieces
so I break for smaller parts
later is more convenient to me
place on frying pan
in addition I always souk livers
before frying
my observation is
stinks a little less for Kinga
– not true!
ok in Kingas opinion stinks the same 🙂
measured by eye, not really matter
liver with double cream in bowl
no I have to place it in fridge for about 30-60 min
depends how much time you have
in my case mostly is about 30 up to 60 min
depends how many time I have
so to fridge then
oh my good
how to find some space?
maybe here
it should be ok
this is content of our fridge
but this is subject for other episode
livers in fridge with some problems
I hope will stay on place
now is time for onion, raspberries
and all other stuff
if livers with raspberries
we need raspberries
this pack is 200 gr
I will measure 100gr
we have raspberries, we have onion
livers are great dish
not complicated dish
not many products are necessary
you need only livers and some
you can make livers only
if you don’t like additives like
or raspberries

traditionally in Poland 🙂
classic version of livers
is livers with onion and apples
because apples
maybe they are not prohibited on keto diet
about what is prohibited what is not
will be separate episode
and how it is if something is prohibited or not
I like to have a lot of onion
unfortunately onion has also a lot of carbs
we will give here
2 tbsp ghee butter
onion likes
butter 🙂
I will give 3
we adding onion
I use salt and peeper now
salt we do not regret
peeper for taste
onion almost ok
it will become more brown, but we will add raspberries
and now
I’m a little lazy
to be fair I hate raspberries seeds
you can wipe them on strainer
I dont have this small strainer
I’m just adding
I smash them a little
they melt on heat anyway
a while gone
I smell raspberries mostly
raspberries killed with success
onion smell
if you don’t like onion smell
you should be happy
we have some room for livers now, I will add it
so far we have more cooked than fried livers
so now livers more cook in cream
I’m wondering what will be the final result
I see its changing colour so its ok
I’m closing the lid
I dont want a second time clean kitchen today
lets leave it for now
I will open now to make cream evaporate
reduce heat
let them evaporate
salt and peeper
I will add also mix of herbs
you seen it in
duck episode
content is thyme, marjoram, oregano
dried parsley, sage
and basil
some of them like thyme and sage
are not my favourite
but they work very well with livers
they kick a little taste of liver
and again
not looking good dish
I will not say
how it looks like
lets leave it for few more minutes
2-3 minutes, maybe more
max 5min and will be ready to serve
looks good now
I have blend onion
with raspberries
and make souse with it
it was look terrible on pan
but is possible to serve in nice way
you can add cream to souse
depends what taste you like
lets try it
I have fork, I won’t hesitate to use it
lets check if is edible
raspberries seeds gnash on teeth
if you dont like as me, I recomend
to use strainer
its delicious, has raspberries
taste, a little bit sour
I dont feel onion at all
raspberries kills onion taste
a bit of taste off herbs
what I added
do you want a try
– no thanks
try with souse
cool all for me
– its not smell at home
exceptionally 🙂
damn, its really good this livers
its great
I will eat also this
decoration is edible
– Beata ate parsley, lol 🙂
– she told me, she will eat parlay once she got doctor prescription with it 🙂
no I write prescription to myself 🙂
its super
if you dont like sour taste from raspberries
you can add erytrol (truvia, stevia)
it makes raspberries a little bit sweeter
it all depends how you like livers
and what version of liver you get to use
this one is revelation for me
I thinks is the best livers
what I made
previous version was with raspberries only
now I feel onion taste
maybe more onion, if you like onion taste
to have more onion taste
to mix raspberries and onion taste better
no raspberries dominate
I recommend livers with raspberries
very nice ketogenic dish
leave comment please if you like livers like me
or hate livers like Kinga
I finish livers
– I will finish raspberries 🙂
I have tried sauce
and in sauce not taste of livers
so if you dont like livers, you can have sauce only
true, raspberries kill livers taste too
its this sour taste what I like personally
I recommend sauce only 🙂
so if you like this episode
if you want a more, leave
a comment, maybe you have own favourite dish
we can try them
we can film this kind of episode for you
if you dish is similar to what we cooking,
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let us know in comments
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to make it ketogenic version of dish
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link in description
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this is it, enjoy you meal!
see you next time 🙂

Randall Smitham



  1. Keto Travelers Posted on August 29, 2019 at 7:36 am

    Watrobka, jedni lubia inni nienawidza, ja osobiscie lubie ale, ze musze ja potem jesc sama przez 3 dni robie raczej rzadko. A jak u was? lubicie jak ja, czy nie lubicie jak Kinga? 🙂 napiszcie w komantarzach!

  2. Keto Mama Posted on August 29, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Ja uwielbiam! Nastepnym razem robie wg Waszego przepisu. te maliny mnie przekonaly. za zazwyczaj szlam po bandzie z weglami i robilam z jablkiem.

  3. Aleksandra Szyszko Posted on August 30, 2019 at 9:54 am

    Ja jestem team Kinga 😋 Wątróbki nie lubię, tak myślę. Ostatni raz ją jadłam jak byłam jeszcze dzieciakiem. Może pora spróbować ponownie. Przepis z malinami super zachęcający. Pozdrawiam 😁