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Keto Pancake Recipe | Zero Carb No Flour

Hi Friends This is Amitanshu Kumar & today m going to show u a simple & Delicious Keto Pancake Recipe
So let’s check out the ingredients first. For this recipe u gonna need five ingredients. Which are whey protein isolate chocolate flavor,
Coconut oil, 3 whole eggs, baking powder and liquid stevia, and that’s it so let’s get started
Start by cracking three eggs in the blender

Add one heaping scoop of whey protein isolate. Add stevia according to taste, I personally add 15 drops
Add 1/4th of a teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
Close the lid and turn on the blender
After blending for about 10 seconds turn off the blender and take out the lid
Use a spatula to scrape off any mixture deposition from the walls of the blender
Turn on the blender again
After about 10 more seconds of bending stop the blender, take out the lid, and we are done with the blending
Add some coconut oil in a small heated pan, you can use a pan of any size though.
Pour down the mixture in the pan till it completely covers the pan area
Now just let it cook at minimum temperature for around a minute.
You know it’s cooked when the pancake starts sliding in the pan as a single unit.
You can flip it too but I personally like one side a little gooey so I directly put it in a plate.
Repeat the same process for remaining mixture in the blender.
Use a spatula to pour out every last bit of the mixture while making the last pancake.
You know it’s cooked when the pancake starts sliding in the pan.
I got three pancakes from the mixture I made and trust me they taste DELICIOUS !
So the pancakes are done n m gonna eat these right now.
Do try this at home and make sure you subscribe to my channel. I will be back with my next Fitness video soon. So till then C-Ya!

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