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Keto Part 2 – How To Get Started, Types Of Food To Eat | Fasting Bro Talks – Episode 6

Hey everyone. A.A. Hadi. Fasting Bro. So this is the second part of my take on Keto, the best approach to low carb dieting in my
opinion. You can watch the first part
by clicking here. The first time I did Keto,
it was around September 2013. In just 3 brief months,
I went from 78 kilos, to 60 kilos. Keeping in mind that I had a couple of 1 week break from the diet
during these times. I also went on a business trip
for 5 days during the period, which prevented me from dieting. So as you can see, when I said Keto is the fastest way
to lose weight in my previous videos, I really mean it. So what is my personal way of doing Keto? I incorporated intermittent fasting with Keto,
and this boosted the results. 30grams of carbs daily,
0.7grams per pound bodyweight of protein, and between 90grams to 120grams
of fat intake. I had one day of carb refeed every week,
and this wasn’t a cheat day kind of carb refeed I was still watching my calories, making sure I eat a substantial amount of
carb, keeping protein intake the same
as other days of the week, and most importantly my fat intake
would never exceed 50grams. So how do you get started on Keto? First of all, the most important, you should consult a physician
before starting Keto, especially if you have kidney or heart problems.
Or if you really want to do it my way, try out Keto for a few days,
and see how your body is reacting to it. If you don’t experience major pain,
then you’re good to go. Of course to avoid from getting sued I don’t
recommend this by the way. Chances are, if you’ve done low carb dieting
in the past, you won’t have any problems with Keto. Secondly, you need to figure out your macro. Typically, your macros should be 75% fat,
20% protein, and 5% carbs. I’ll include a link in the description of a popular website I used in the past to calculate my Keto macros. What types of food to eat on a Keto diet? First,
ask yourself, how strict do you want to be? If you want to be very strict, then you have to calculate every single thing
that you plan to eat. But if you want to make Keto fun,
especially if you plan to do this for more than 3 months, then just chill, and be a bit lenient. Relax bro! For carbs, it’s important to remember that
these will only come from your veggies, and maybe some little carbs from your protein
and fat sources like cheese and creams. Because if you eat rice, potatoes, oats, and so on, you will be kicked out of ketosis by the time you’re feeling full. For your protein and fat sources, this is the fun part. You can pick any kinds of meat, be it lean meat like chicken breast and tuna, or red meat like chicken wings and steaks. There is absolutely no limits in Keto diet
as to what types of meat you can eat. Lambs, salmon, as long as you can afford it,
then no problemo! Unfortunately for me though,
in my country, lambs, steaks and salmons are often expensive,
so I sticked with chicken most of the time. The advantage to picking chicken as your meat
is that your calories at the end of the day will be lower than picking salmons or steaks. The disadvantage though is that you also end up with less fat intake,
so you’d need to fill your fat macro with other foods,
which brings me to my next point, Keto snacks. If you search on Google, you will come up with a lot of ideas for Keto
snacks. In this video,
I’m only going to reveal my personal favorite Keto snacks. Cheese slices Cheese sticks Olive oil Butter Peanut butter Almond nuts Low carb dark chocolate Protein bars Alright guys, I’m gonna head back to my cave, now. And continue fasting. I’ll see you in the next video. Live Longer.

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