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KETO PEPPERMINT COFFEE RECIPE | Dairy-free and sugar-free!

(upbeat music) – What’s going on guys, Jamie here and I have a special guest today – Hi how’s it going guys, I’m Marcy I’m with the Wild Foods team. – And today, we’re going to do a Wild Foods peppermint mocha coffee. And we’re also gonna add
in some yummy goodies into there so if y’all are
interested keep watching. – [Jamie] We’ve got our wild cocoa butter, cocotropic which also has Maca, Turmeric, Chaga, Reishi and coco powder. So this is the base, and
this is what makes it the mocha flavor, and
we’ve got our MCT oil our wild coffee fair trade
locally roasted in Austin organic, and this is the medium roast. And then we’ve got our peppermint extract so we don’t use the candy peppermint guys. So if any of you follow me on Instagram you would see that
yesterday I posted that I was starting 30 days of no
sweeteners which includes erythritol, xylitol which I
use in a lot of my recipes as you guys have noticed,
and also no added sugar. So I plan on remaining
in ketosis the whole time and I will introduce some regular fruit but probably only berries. I’m already struggling
with it because last night I was craving fat bombs but this is why I wanted to test cutting it out. How are you with sweeteners and sugar? – I try to be good I usually try to stick to the dark
chocolate but it’s hard. – It is hard – We went to the movies the other day and they don’t even have 78% dark chocolate. – Nope – Their dark chocolate
is like 40% chocolate. – And even all the dark chocolates guys, you will see sugar in there. It’s only if you go 90%
that it will have no sugar. – I think they say 72% and above is supposed to be better for you. – It’s supposed to be better but there’s still sugar in
there, that’s the problem. – There you go, – That’s why I used to be – Can’t escape it. – No I used to be a total
sugar addict and then I finally started making the fat bombs and started using the
alternative sweeteners which yes and no can be good, it’s up for debate, I don’t know but that’s why I’m testing doing 30 days free. So you all will see that I am not using any of my coffee today. So you guys have probably
seen me make my coffee I always use the chemex method. I’m actually gonna do
a video on just using the chemex or pour over method. So right now we’re gonna
get it all brewed up and get it together. (coffee dripping) – Okay guys so here’s what you’ll need. You’ll need 10 ounces
of coffee, four discs a few drops of peppermint oil,
one tablespoon of cocotropic, and about a tablespoon of the MCT oil. So let’s get started. (coffee pouring) – [Jamie] So we’re just
gonna pour everything into our blender here and
we’re gonna blend it up make it nice a frothy for you all. – [Marcy] Here we go four discs,
one, two, three, and four. Now this stuff is pretty
strong so if you have a dropper at home, we recommend
you using that instead. – [Jamie] We’re just doing
a couple little drops. – [Marcy] One tablespoon. – [Jamie] And one tablespoon of MCT. Or maybe we do half. – So we’re doing half tablespoon. Guys so the coconut oil–
so the cocoa butter is really strong so we
recommend actually doing an eighth of a teaspoon of
peppermint oil which is also pretty strong but you need
to balance it out because the cocoa butter is really
strong also, so here we go. (upbeat music) – Okay, so you do want to make
sure that it’s nice and hot guys because the cocoa
butter needs to melt. And you can opt for regular
grass-fed butter like I typically do for a nice
bullet proof coffee. We used the cocoa butter
today, it will just add that coca flavor and we’re
ready to do some tasting. (upbeat music) – Alright, cheers to the peppermint mocha we’re gonna give it a taste test. – Perfect – Mmmm it is so delicious
and it’s even better on this really brisk day. – Mmhm – It’s like 49 degrees. – Which is cold for Texas. – Guys we’re cold and
this Florida girl’s cold. Where you from? – I’m from Texas.
– Okay – So I’m cold too.
– She’s cold. (upbeat music) – Okay guys just a little
disclaimer, this is how minty we like it but for those
of you that like it extra minty you might want to add a few more drops of the peppermint oil. – Yeah, easy peasy and I
will be sure to link all the products below like the
cocoa butter, cocotropic, MCT oil and the peppermint extract if I can find it on Amazon. So I hope you guys
liked the coffee recipe. I just wanted to chat a little bit about sugar and kind of share my journey with it and frankly my addiction to sugar. I have been addicted
since probably a child. I lived on it growing
up, I would have waffles smothered in syrup
every single morning and just cookies throughout the
day, sodas, it was terrible. So now that I’m an adult I
obviously realize how impactful it’s been in my life and
I’m ready to conquer it. So actually this month, I
started, or yesterday I started a 30 day no sugar added, and
no alternative sweeteners. So no erythritol, no xylitol
as I mentioned earlier and I will do a little bit of fruit. So this is really important
for me because I am so tired of feeling like I need
to have sugar to survive. That is literally how I feel and I know most other people feel that way too. The second I have a bite of ice cream I get that high feeling,
it’s literally a problem. Sugar is in everything that
we buy unless you’re buying just plain whole foods
that are unpackaged and no ingredient list. It’s truly dangerous and
it effects your brain. There are studies that it is more, studies on sugar that it is
more addictive than cocaine. That is very telling
and that’s very serious but it seems like we just
turned a blind eye to it. We just hand it to kids,
we hand cake and cupcakes and cookies to children
like how is this a thing? How is this acceptable? So obviously I feel very
strongly about sugar and everyone at Wild Foods
does as well, you guys have probably seen my brother chat about it. It is very important and we
need to highlight it more. I think that people
don’t take it seriously. I take it very seriously, I
see that I’m drawn towards it. I see my reactions with it. So again, 30 days no sugar
alcohols and no added sugar. The only sugar I’ll probably do is berries and I had some yesterday
and then last night I was craving a fat bombs but
I’m gonna make fat bombs that don’t have any of
the sugar alcohols in it. So if y’all are interested in
doing the same thing I think you should hop on and comment
below if you decide to and once again, always
appreciate you guys and thanks for clicking on my video. Hope you all enjoyed it,
I will see you guys soon. Bye! (upbeat music)

Randall Smitham



  1. Jamie Stuckert Posted on November 27, 2018 at 12:09 am

    Sooooo delicious and healthy! Not to mentions full of holiday spirit

  2. Wild Foods Posted on November 27, 2018 at 4:04 am

    Im making this tomorrow!