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Keto Pork Chops in Mushroom Gravy | Keto on Vacation: self catering tips & tour of Zadar, Croatia

welcome to Keto meals and recipes dot com,
today I’ll be making a very easy one skillet dinner that you can prepare and
serve in less than 30 minutes I made a modified version of this recipe
in our self catering apartment while we were in Zadar Croatia, if you’re
interested to hear about our experience with self-catered apartments, and our
tour of Zadar, I will be showing this at the end of this video, but first let’s
start making my easy keto one skillet pork chop in mushroom gravy, the
macronutrient value for this recipe is 7.3 to 1 with 8.8 total carbs 1.1 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 7,7 grams of net carbs per serving before I even assembled a few
ingredients that I will need for this recipe I took out the pork chops from
the fridge and let them get to room temperature the first thing I do is to
pat dry the pork chops, next I sprinkle the salt and pepper to both sides of
each of the pork chops and then I set the pork chops aside for a moment, by the
way you can use either boneless pork chops as I’m doing in this demonstration
or even bone-in chops it really doesn’t matter to the recipe just use the pork
chops you like best or look out for a sale and use the ones that are the best
priced, now heat a frying pan on medium-high heat and once it’s hot add
your oil and butter and as the butters melting stir to combine, lay the pork
chops into the frying pan and fry for two to five minutes, or until the pork
chop is seared and has a golden crust on the bottom cooking time for your pork
chops will depend on how thick your pork chops were when you began, also I would
like to give you a pointer, if you’re using a bone-in pork chop use a raw
chop that is about 20 to 30 grams or approximately 1 ounce heavier than the
boneless chop, this will account for the weight of the bone which we discard,
now flip the pork chop to the other side and fry this side for 2 to 5 minutes
then remove the chops from the pan and set them aside, using the same pan reduce
the heat to medium add the onions and sauté until the onions are translucent,and then remove the onions and set them aside for a moment, add the
lemon juice and then stir it into the oil butter mixture, and scrape over the
bottom of the fond, this fond is the result of the fried pork chops and if
you incorporated into your mixture it will add a great deal of flavor to your
gravy, so to try to get most of the fond from the bottom of the pan, next I added
the dry Marsala wine, the wine is not necessary but it’s an optional
ingredient, if you don’t want to use wine just omit it but I think the dry Marsala
wine really gives the sauce an amazing flavour and over the years I have
realized that a lot of Mediterranean recipes especially the Croation and the
Italian recipes that we enjoy used a bit of wine, but again this is optional also
at the second batch of butter, if you’re worried about the alcohol content I’d
like to explain that because you’re cooking this for a while most if not all
of the alcohol will have evaporated and as a result the gravy will be infused
with the rich flavor of wine, stir and cook for about two minutes to allow the
alcohol to start to evaporate, so it’s up to you whether you want to use the wine
in this recipe or not, then add the cut mushrooms to the pot spread them out as
evenly as you can and let them simmer for two to three minutes, flip the
mushrooms to allow the other side of the mushrooms to also fry to a golden brown,
repeat the flipping and tossing of the mushrooms one or more times until most
of the mushrooms are an even golden brown on both sides, remember this is a
mailard reaction and the aromatic compounds add a great deal of flavor to
the gravy, that is why it’s worth taking a couple minutes longer than just
steaming the mushrooms, when the mushrooms are done add the chicken stock
and stir, add the chopped cilantro or parsley either is good but do reserve a
bit of the cilantro or parsley for garnishing add the heavy cream and
reduce the heat to low, continue stirring and simmering the gravy for five minutes
to develop the flavor, now we place the pork chops and the grilled onions back
into the pan, use a spoon and ladle some of the gravy on top of the chops and
then cover the pot with a lid so that the chops don’t dry out, and simmer for
five more minutes then remove the lid and flip the chops
so that the top side is now in the gravy and simmer for about two more minutes,
you want to heat the meat thoroughly and for the pork chops to absorb some of the
sauce flavor, when your chops are done remove them from a pot and set them
aside for a moment, the final step is to thicken the gravy, as always I prefer to
use glucomannan, I dissolve the glucomannan in a bit of water, stir it to dissolve
and then add the liquid to the sauce it’s really important that you stir this
in right away, and this will give your gravy a perfect consistency to serve
place the pork chops onto a large platter, or you can just serve it
directly onto individual plates ladle and distribute the mushrooms and the
sauce evenly amongst all of your pork chops sprinkle the reserved cilantro or
parsley on top, as you can see I serve the pork chops with my grilled zucchini
Spears and the recipe for these will be in the description below,
I also took cucumber strips which I cut with my mandolin and rolled them into a
cone shape around a grape tomato this added a bit more color, made for a great
presentation, and added a bit more nutritional value to our meal. Enjoy.
Thank you very much for watching this video and I hope you come back to see
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present another new Croatian recipe this really delicious 3 colored zucchini roll,
and at the end of that video we’ll share some more tips on how to stay keto on
vacation as we traveled and explored Croatia’s Dalmatian coast line, now for a
quick tour of Zadar starting with her self catering rental apartment, we
realized that self catering was the best way to go if we wanted to stay on keto,
this apartment in Zadar was in a very well maintained low-rise, this building
was nestled in a very charming and quiet residential area we had a good-sized
open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen. The sofa opened up and made a
double bed besides the living room sofa bed we also
had a bedrooms, a master with a queen-size bed,
and the other bedroom had two single beds the apartment had everything we
needed for a short or long stay after settling in, we drove to the old town and
found that there was a lot of parking available and it was quite inexpensive,
so now I’ll take you for a walk about and tell you about some of our favorite
sites, throughout history Zadar has been known by several different names it’s a
historic port city nestled in a peninsula the earliest evidence of this
site being inhabited dates all the way back to the Neolithic era, which was
about 10,200 BCE, but the city itself traces its origin to the 9th century
BCE and was founded as a settlement for the illyrian people, and then in 59 BC it
became a Roman municipality, I’m now going to skip ahead in history to 1202
AD, it’s at this time when the Republic of Venice with the help of the Fourth
Crusade conquered Zadar and burned the city during their occupation the
Venetians built the land gate in 1543 the gate was created and embellished
with Renaissance style decorations and the gate prominently shows the Venetian
winged lion of st. mark and the city’s coat of arms, and the entrance was this
triumphant arch from here we walked down a beautiful well-preserved Street and
came to the pre-romanesque church of st. donatus the building of this church
began in the latter part of the eighth century I remember reading somewhere
that this church was actually built on the site where the Roman temple of juno
originally stood, in fact one of the foundation stones had a latin
inscription that came from Juno’s altar the church was built on the corner of
the original Roman Forum, which we had a wonderful view from the upper window, we
learned that some of the building materials also came from the original
forum, we then walked around a bit and some many unique historical features it
was really interesting, I will provide a link to the Croatian tourist board if
you’re interested in finding out more about Zadar or any of the other places
which I will mention in future videos here we are at the People’s Square, this
was such a beautiful place that we got some coffee and the non-ketoers
enjoyed apple ice cream and while we enjoyed our coffee
and ice cream, we sat down and listened to these talented men performing in the
square they harmonized and sounded really mellow,
in the next clip the audios really poor but these musicians were really good and
really pleasant to listen after taking a break and enjoying the
traditional Croatian music we walked through the town and came to this garden,
where they had placed busts of dignitaries on pedestals, we had a bit of
fun and we each picked a favorite bust to have a photo taken with, David chose
this fellow we had a real chuckle because David is such a good pose
mimicking the look on this statue there was a great deal of resemblance don’t
you think, and Alex chose this gentleman and when I asked him why he said he
liked his beard, we continued our walk and on the way we passed the see organ
this is what is considered architectural sound art, it’s an installation that
plays music when the sea waves go through tubes located underneath a set
of large marble steps, in the description below I will post the link if you want
to see and hear what the sea organ was all about we also saw the monument of
the Sun, or as some people call it the greeting to the Sun, this 22 meter
diameter circle is an installation made of 300 multi-layer glass panels with
photovoltaic solar modules underneath it this monument to the Sun symbolizes
communication with nature in this case especially light, while the sea organ
symbolizes communication with sound if you’re facing out towards the sea and
looked to your right they’re similar but smaller circle installations, each of
these represents a planet in our solar system this was very well done, we came
back at dusk because it was the best time to see the colors and it was well
worth it, on our way back to the car we passed the church again and this time it
was lit up, it was so beautiful. I hope that my explanation of why we chose
self-catering rentals, and the tour of our apartment was helpful to you when
you’re planning your next vacation the link for the printable pork chop in
mushroom gravy recipe will be posted in the description below

Randall Smitham



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