February 18, 2020
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Keto Sausage Breakfast Casserole | Low Carb + Gluten Free

– Hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ.
Who doesn’t love brunch?
Sunday brunch is one of my favorites,
and we also have Mother’s Day
and Father’s Day coming up
which is the perfect time to
make your mom or dad a brunch.
So, today we are going to
make a breakfast casserole
that’s low carb, gluten-free,
keto-friendly cheesy,
it’s got pesto and a sausage.
It’s super easy and it
basically makes itself,
and everyone is going to love it
whether or not you serve it
for brunch or even breakfast for dinner.
So let’s dive right into this recipe.
So we are gonna make our own
homemade Italian seasoning.
You can totally buy it
pre-seasoned if you’d like.
I just like to do it myself,
and I’ll link to the recipe below
which seasoning I use.
So it’s parsley, Italian seasoning,
black pepper, and fennel seed.
And some paprika, salt,
and red pepper flakes.
And you just wanna mix it around.
And now we’re gonna go bring this
to the stove and cook it up.
So we’re gonna heat a pan on medium heat,
and you just wanna transfer
your sausage right into the pan,
and we’re gonna cook it
until it’s golden brown.
Once your sausage is all golden brown,
it’s time to go assemble our casserole.
You guessed it and by
the magic of television,
I have a pre-sprayed
eight by eight inch pan,
and now we’re ready to
assemble our casserole.
So we’re just going to spread the sausage
into the bottom of that prepared pan.
And spread it out nice and evenly.
So I’m gonna move all the
stuff out of your way.
And now we are going to crack some eggs.
Now this casserole uses four
egg whites and two whole eggs.
You could probably sub the four egg whites
for two whole eggs
if you’d like, I just
really like the texture
that extra egg whites gives.
So we’re gonna crack four egg whites.
(optimistic music)
And then crack two full eggs.
And now we have two thirds
of a cup of reduced
sodium vegetable broth.
Some roasted red pepper.
Some pesto sauce.
It’s kind of like an Italian
sausage breakfast casserole.
And a little bit of salt.
Just whisk it all together.
Now it’s time to get a
little cheesy with you,
and we are gonna grate
some Parmesan cheese.
So we need about two thirds of a cup.
And you just wanna give it a good grate.
So once you have about
two thirds of a cup,
just give it a good measure.
You really wanna pack it in there
’cause we want this casserole
to be nice and cheesy.
Now we’re just gonna add that
right on into the casserole.
And give it a good whisk.
Once your cheesy action is ready to go,
you just wanna pour it
on top of that sausage.
Nice and evenly.
I like to kind of spread
it out a little bit
trying to make sure those
peppers are kind of equal
so everybody gets a slice
of the pepper goodness.
And we are ready to go and
give this a little oven action.
So we’re gonna bake this
in a 400 degree oven
until the eggs are nice and puffy and set
which is about 30 to 35 minutes.
And after 30 minutes, you
can see it’s nice and bubbly,
and top is set and we are ready to go.
So now we’re just gonna
slice a little bit of basil
and pine nuts for a nice little garnish.
Little bit of pine nuts,
I like mine pre-toasted
So give them a little dice.
And now we’ve gotta slice some basil.
A basil pro tip is you want
to layer all your basil leaves flat.
You’re gonna roll ’em up.
And this is gonna give
you nice, even slices.
So we’re just gonna garnish the casserole
with our pine nuts and a little bit
of that sliced, fresh basil.
And there you have it,
a low carb keto-friendly Italian
sausage breakfast casserole
that is so easy and
basically makes itself.
Cannot wait for you to try it.
So if you try this recipe,
please leave a comment below,
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So I hope you enjoy your brunch casserole
and we will see you
next week, bye for now!
(optimistic music)

Randall Smitham