March 31, 2020
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Keto Shopping at Trader Joe’s

Hey guys today I’m at the Trader Joe’s
and I want to show you what I’m gonna get from a Trader Joe’s. They have a lot
of different stuff that you can use for a keto lifestyle.
Let’s go. I’m at vegetable section I’m about to pick up some cauliflower. It’s $2.49. Today I just want to talk
a little bit about Dirty Dozen and clean fifteen.Environment working group reports the shopper’s guide for pesticide in produce every year and samples of
produce were tested by the US Department of Agriculture and FDA and now they
test after they prepare to be eaten meaning that they’ve being clean and washed
and peeled skins and stuff like that and Dirty Dozen, which you should probably
buy organic and clean 15, which they’re low on the pesticide
The dirtiest stuff that you can buy is strawberries and they are so
contaminated and you can’t even peel it and even you wash it with vegetable wash
just pesticide doesn’t come out and that’s number two it’s spinach. Same
thing, you can’t wash it and wash it but those thing does not come out so be
careful and when you are on a keto diet you are allowed to eat a little bit of
berries but just strawberry just stay away from it if you gotta eat either eat
organic or just eat on the season. Clean list. Sweet corn and avocado small amount of corn in the US is
GMO so I try to stay away but either way when you’re on a ketogenic diet the corn
you are not supposed to to eat corn so you don’t have to
worry about it and avocado since avocado is clean you can just pick up
regular non organic kind and it’s okay also cabbage and onion are good too
So just don’t pick up the strawberries when it’s not in season
unless it’s organic. I usually pick up whole chicken so me and my two
kids can eat. I’m gonna pick up this organic whole chicken
I’m at the meat section I really like this pork not treated with
antibiotics ever and then I’m looking at bacons, so interesting that in the
ingredient list there is sugar in it but there’s no sugar I mean there’s no
carbohydrate it’s zero I guess this is such a little amount
they don’t have to list it. These cucumbers’re $2.49 and regular one is I think a
dollar ninety-nine so I decided to pick up the organic kind. I’m at
avoocado, they’re two dollars 99 and this is not organic and it has like
five or six tiny little ones. Now I’m looking at the quest bar and some people
say it’s kito friendly but I really don’t think it is because it has quite a
bit of carbohydrate. Now this is my favorite.Roasted cacao nibs, it tastes
really like chocolatey and it’s really crunchy and it’s a really high
fiber so I mix it with whip creams and little stevia and I’m it’s really tasty
This is another favorite Cacao powder
I make with heavy cream, make it like a chocolate milk at night. I love my eggs
and with a ketogenic diet you should eat whole eggs not egg whites and I usually
get organic eggs it’s a little bit of costly but it’s worth paying for it.
Let’s talk about oils so olive oil is great and but trying to pick up the
bottle is a dark bottle so you don’t get light exposure and get rancid and olive oil, avocado oil are great and also there are some ghee
this is another great olive oil too so you don’t get any sunlight or any
light exposure.Ghee is great Great to have and only thing you
don’t want to get canola oils and all the vegetable oils now I’m at olive
section and olives are my favorite thing to eat.They are fruits but it’s really high
in fat and very low in carbohydrate so when I’m hungry I just have a little bit
and satisfying and it’s also salty and this one, four olives
less than one gram of carbohydrate and 1.5 gram of
fat. Himalayan pink salt that’s a great to have at home and stevia they usually
have the stevia droplets but always out of stock.This is my favorite
almond butter I like to pick one Raw almond butter with crunchy almonds in it. Chocolate I found today! I already ate it at home
it was so good, there’s no sugar in it. it’s has a cacao, it’s a little
bit crunchy this is my favorite stuff This cheese bites I don’t even
bother buying it because it would be gone in
my car. I usually buy whole beans from Trader Joe’s and grind it home and then
make Bulletproof coffee. I’m at the meat section and I think they
have a pretty good selection of meats I don’t really do much steak but there’s Sprout market across
from Trader Joe’s and sometimes they have a ground grass-fed beef on sale when they are on sale, I just buy a bunch of them otherwise I get from Trader Joe’s
Usually I get Kerrygold butter at Trader Joe’s and I get whipping
cream for my coffee sometime or dessert and I usually get this organic kind and
price is not that much different with regular whipping cream and organic one
so you should get organic kind.So check this out
Epic bar chicken one has no sugar I guess whole bar one gram but you
look at bison, this one has like eight grams of
carbohydrate I guess it has cranberry and other stuff so make sure don’t get
the bison one so I never really like pepperonis and salamis and stuff like
that but I always have them home because my kids like them.Now I’m at the cheese
section, this is my new favorite. Unexpected cheddar cheese it has no
carbohydrate and it’s so good now I’m done, I’m heading home and I’m gonna
show you what I got So now I’m at home I want to show you
what I got I got some bacon and actually got some sugar in it
it has raw sugar but carbohydrate is zero and sugar is 0. I guess
because the amount is so little you don’t really have to list it I
guess.Cucumber it’s organic kind just regular cucumber and organic
one doesn’t really make that much difference so I prefer to get organic
one now this is my favorite, raw almond butter it just tastes so good, of course almond calorie is really really high but that
it does contain only raw almonds and nothing else so it’s really great and I
got some 100% cacao solid dark chocolate it has a little bit of cacao nibs in it
it’s of course it has no sugar, really it’s not sweet but it has really
great flavor for chocolate and s quarter bar is 150 calorie which I
don’t really try to count the calories that much and as you can see
the carbohydrate is 6 grams but fiber is 4 grams so it’s actually net carbs is
only 2 grams which is great and this is my favorite cheese right now
unexpected cheddar cheese, it tastes so good. Avocado is not contaminated
with pesticides so you can either get regular avocados or organic avocados, it
makes a huge difference of the price so I usually get regular avocados. One thing you want to be careful when you pick up the
canned fish is always pick with olive oil because
the canola oil and other soy or whatever they are high in omega-6 and
it caused inflammation and also it rancid fast so this one high in very
high in omega 3 and especially they are wild caught sardine so it’s a really
really good source of calcium and protein and fat. This one is in
sunflower oil but I like mackerel and wild caught so I eat this all
the time and now I got a chicken this is organic
free-range young chicken and you know two dollars sixty nine per pound and
usually cook in the pressure cooker and It cooks so fast. I have a heavy whipping
cream I use it for coffee and I use it for dessert and again the price of
the organic and regular whipping cream doesn’t make that much difference so I
usually pick out the organic one now I have salami it has no MSG this just very
simple, a little bit sugar carbohydrate 2 grams per one serving is that is
1 ounce which is 28 grams. Cauliflowers are not highly
contaminated with the pesticide so I sometimes when the price is great I buy
organic one but I usually get the regular kind. This is spinach that’s you know it’s number two of the Dirty Dozen
you really want to pick the organic one if you want to eat spinach
and now that I have arugula and I got organic free-range eggs so
again this is no antibiotic and all natural feed and again yes the price is a little
bit higher than regular eggs. I showed you at Trader Joe’s. This is cacao nibs
and carbohydrate 4 grams but that fiber 3 grams and
it’s really good. What I do is at night or when I want to eat dessert I
whip up the whipping cream and my favorite sugar substitute right now Swerve
and erythritol, I can’t say but it tastes
really like a sugar and I mix it up with a heavy whipping cream and I put some
cacao nibs and a little bit of almonds and it’s really great dessert if
I want to eat something sweet and here I didn’t buy it today but they sell them at Trader Joe’s and this is cacao powder, I make a really great hot
chocolate before I go to sleep, not right before but again I put
some heavy whipping cream and then cacao is a great source of the
magnesium so it helps to go to sleep so just this I got some olives.
These are really good source of fat and have no carbohydrate. I like to make
dirty vodka martini sometimes and I use the juice for the martini. That’s it! Thank you so much for watching this video and I
hope you got something out of this video. I am looking forward to seeing you next
time bye:)

Randall Smitham