April 2, 2020
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hey guys welcome back to my channel if
we’ve never met before my name is Heather Gerhart and I’m so glad that you
dropped by today because today we’re doing a keto recipe that I think you’re
gonna love and if you’re thinking about checking out a keto diet or if you’re
already in there I’ve got a playlist of low carb recipes that are all keto
friendly so check that out there is an orange chicken one that I actually
converted the Panda Express original recipe from and turn it into keto and
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which happens every Tuesday and Thursday so if you’re interested in finding out
how to make some low carb green chili chicken enchiladas using a slow cooker
or an instant pot stay tuned and let’s do this okay so for this recipe I did use a slow
cooker but if you have an instant pot you can put it on the slow cook or you
can cook it super fast in an instant pot and not have to wait all day to try this
amazing recipe so let’s jump right in the first thing that I used was the keto
Connect coconut flour tortillas that you make I do believe that Kroger has some
some of the Kroger’s have it mine doesn’t you can order them on Amazon and
I’ll link that in the cards below but I haven’t tried those and that’s gonna be
my next thing as I’m gonna be trying those to see if they’re comparable but
those are also for carbs apiece they don’t have any wheat in it which is good
but they’re for carbs apiece and so I think these ones are less carbs because
you’re only using 1/3 of a cup of coconut flour and then the rest of its
no carbs at all so and that makes 12 tortillas and they’re really not that
hard to make at all so the first thing that you’re gonna do is in your slow
cooker or instant pot you’re going to put in boneless skinless chicken breasts
I use chicken tenderloins and throw that in your slow cooker or instant pot and
cook those according to whichever one you’re using and then you’re gonna pour
some green chili sauce over it I just buy a store-bought canned version green
enchilada sauce and in the slow cooker you’re gonna put that on low and cook
all day or high for 4 to 6 hours if you’re using an instant pot just do it
according to the poultry instructions and then you’re gonna use two forks to
shred that chicken then to make the coconut flour tortillas make sure you’re
using a nonstick pan and also spray it with nonstick cooking spray because you
are using egg whites for this then you’re going to pour a thin layer onto
the skillet and gently smooth it out until it is even let it cook until it is
browned and then loosen the sides and flip it over carefully repeat this
process until all the tortillas are done with this recipe I got 12 tortillas out
of it next you’re gonna pour some of the green sauce into the bottom of the pan
and swirl it around until it has coated the entire bottom grab a tortilla add
some chicken and cheese I used extra sharp cheddar you
can use Mexican blend whatever is your favorite fold it over and place it
folded side down repeat this until all of it is done after you’ve done this
pour the leftover sauce and chicken over the tortillas and top it with just a bit
more cheese let’s be real a lot more cheese bake it uncovered at 375 until
it’s all bubbly it takes about 30 minutes and then I like to broil mine
for 2 to 4 minutes to make a nice golden crispy top and that’s it enjoy top it
with salsa sour cream avocados guacamole whatever you like so this is a really
easy recipe honestly the hardest part about it is making the tortillas so if
you can use low-carb tortillas that you can find that don’t have weight I know
that mission makes low-carb tortillas but it actually does have some wheat in
there so if you’re trying to avoid that entirely then you’re gonna need to
purchase real actual low-carb tortillas or make your own and these are not hard
to make it off they’re delicate so you do have to be careful with them but when
you put it into an enchilada mix like this and you top it with sauce and
cheese on chicken you can’t tell them it’s not regular
tortillas I mean it doesn’t taste like a corn tortilla it’s more like a flour
tortilla but it’s really really good super easy and great weeknight meal and
I think you’re gonna love it so that’s it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed
this don’t forget to check out my playlist on other recipes I have an
amazing pancake recipe bag favorite of course it’s my favorite but it and a
whole bunch of other stuff desserts and meals and breakfast and check that out
in this entire month I’m gonna be uploading every Thursday a new keto
recipe and you’re gonna want to make sure you’re subscribed otherwise I hope
you’re having a great day stay inspired to try some new stuff and I’ll see you
in the next video yep you

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