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Keto Stuffing!!!

You have no idea…just no idea…how happy
this makes me. Hey FunSize Friends! It’s Bettina. I’m extremely happy today to be sharing with
you, finally, one of my own recipes so that you can love it as well. You all know how much I love stuffing, right? If you don’t know that it’s probably because
you missed some of my other videos. I’m gonna be linking them throughout here
but take a moment to subscribe because if you do that, that means you’re gonna be able
to see my videos in your feed. But if you hit the notification button next
to subscribe that means you’ll know right away when those videos are ready for you. Let’s take a second to talk about how I got
here. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. That was devastating for me because I could
not imagine being on medication for the rest of my life for something that just hit me
so suddenly. So what I did was I took a few years to go
on a quest and figure out my health from the inside out. What I was able to find out was that I could
use food as medicine. It seems kind of strange and kind of crazy
but it was actually true for me because I was feeding my body crap all the time and
that’s why this kind of stuff happened. I had joint pains, headaches, bloated stomach,
heaviness in my legs, it was really bad. And once I stopped feeding my body crap I
started feeling better. And today, I am not on any of those medications
I was taking for RA anymore, and I don’t have any of the pains or aches or bloating, and
any of that kind of stuff. It’s all gone. So this channel is for YOU. I want to empower you to reclaim your health
and heal from the inside out. So let’s do it! Now that you have liked this video, and subscribed
(hint, hint) let’s get cooking. This is Good Dee’s low carb muffin mix. I received this in my December Keto Delivered
box and they recommended using this in their stuffing recipe. No offense to them but I have my own stuffing
recipe. I figured I’d give it a try and it was so
successful I had to share it with you. What I did was I took the stuffing recipe
my mom gave me years ago and I replaced the starchy, carbs, inflammatory bread cubes with
this stuff. These are made of sunflower seed flour, rather
than the wheat… you know the wheat that gave me all the bloating and the achy joints
and the just crap feelings? Getting rid of the wheat and we’re using this
instead. What we’re gonna do is follow the directions
on the back of this package to make muffins, with one exception. We’re not going to add the sweetener. If you do make these muffins for breakfast
or a snack, you can probably add some fruit in here, that would be great and they’d be
very sweet. I don’t want the stuffing to be sweet so I’m
just gonna skip the sweetener. These are the ingredients you’re going to
need to make this recipe: We’re gonna start with the Good Dee’s muffin mix, salt and pepper
to taste, coconut oil – a third of a cup, and it’s gonna go into the muffin mix, 3 eggs
– also going into the muffin mix, and then you’re gonna need 4 ounces of butter, 2 teaspoons
of poultry seasoning, and 2 tablespoons of parsley. The muffin mix needs 1/3 cup of melted coconut
oil, so I’m gonna throw that into a bowl, put it in the microwave, and then we’re gonna
add it to this mixture right here, along with 3 eggs. Now I have the 3 eggs in there, gonna break
those up a little bit, and put the third cup of coconut oil in there and now we’re just
going to whisk this together to combine. Now we’re gonna spoon this into the muffin
tins that are lined with some paper. Gonna fill these up a little bit more than
halfway each. Just repeat the process until you have all
of them filled. Ok. These are ready to go in the oven. In they go. These are gonna bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes,
or until they come out clean with a toothpick test. This is what the muffins look like when they’re
out of the oven, nice and golden on top. They are a little spongey, but when I stick
a toothpick in them they do come out clean so they’re not wet on the inside. I would recommend that you take them out of
the paper and just let them sit out like this, you’re gonna let these things cool completely
and then eventually we’re gonna cut them up into little cubes. But in the meantime I’m putting 4 ounces of
butter into the skillet, we’re gonna heat this on medium high heat and then once that
butter is melted we’re gonna throw in the onions and the celery. Let’s get this rolling, we’re gonna add the
onions and celery. Just to recap this is 1 large onion and 3
ribs of celery. Now we’re gonna let this cook on medium high
heat from probably about 10 minutes. It’s gonna get nice and fragrant. Basically you’re gonna want the onions to
get translucent and the celery to soften a little bit. So we’re gonna let this cook up, it’s gonna
be about 10 minutes. I’ve been cutting up the muffins into little
cubes. You could probably cook up 2 of the batches
of muffins and that will give you even more stuffing to work with. Another option would be to set these out and
let them dry out a little bit, let them get even more hard on the outside, and crusty. Then you can make the stuffing by adding in
a little bone broth in there to soften it up a little bit, which gives it even more
flavor. It’s cooked down quite a bit. The onions are translucent and soft and then
the celery is also soft. What we’re gonna do is combine this with the
cut up muffins and we’re gonna add the seasonings into it as well. I did forget to mention to preheat your oven
to 350, you’ll want to do that now if you haven’t already. Stir this around a little bit. You’re gonna add salt and pepper to taste. You could also add the salt and pepper in
with the onions and celery while it’s cooking if you want to – I prefer to add it now. I would estimate it’s probably about a teaspoon
or 2 of salt and maybe about a teaspoon of pepper. Get that all mixed in there. Now we’re gonna add the rest of the seasoning. Gonna do 2 Tablespoons of parsley, I’m gonna
eyeball this. Now this is dried parsley, not freshly chopped. And then about 2 teaspoons of poultry seasoning,
again I’m just eyeballing this. Get that all mixed up in there, oh my god
it smells so good! Give this a taste to make sure it’s the flavor
that you like. I like a lot of poultry seasoning so I might
add a little bit more. Let me just give this a little taste. Yeah I need more poultry seasoning. Oh my god. This is heavenly, you guys, it’s so SO good! Oh my god! Alright now we’re gonna transfer this into
a baking dish. It is in the baking dish, I’m gonna cover
it and then it’s gonna go into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. Stuffing is out of the oven, so you’re gonna
fluff it with a fork. And there it is. You guys, it’s Keto stuffing! I have to give this a taste test, I just,
I can’t wait. I know it’s hot but I can’t wait. Oh my god! You have no idea…just no idea how happy
this makes me! Oh my god it’s so good! I wanna do cartwheels right now, oh my god. If only I had figured this out before Thanksgiving. Go make this. Keto stuffing, keto stuffing, I never thought
I’d be able to do this, but it’s so good. I’m gonna link the recipe down below, all
the ingredients, but come back here for Thanksgiving and Christmas and make this, you’ve got this
recipe, it’s here for you. This is how much I love you guys, I’m willing
to share it with you. So share this with a friend, be sure to hit
thumbs up, lemme know that you like this. I’ve got more recipes coming so tell me your
thoughts after you make it, let me know what you think. Ok I love you guys so much, I will see you
soon. Until then, radiate love! Bye!

Randall Smitham



  1. Mercury Fireball Posted on January 15, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Looks great! I made stuffing with pork rinds this past Thanksgiving and I was so happy! Finding the tweaks to make a recipe work for the way of eating is such an amazing feeling!