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keto tandoori chicken recipe

Welcome to ketogenic recipes from yourketosite.com. its time for us to indulge in yummy KETO Tandoori Chicken. One can make great tasting Ketogenic Tandoori
Chicken with just a few ingredients. One of the secrets of these delicious preparations
is use of quality ingredients like avocado oil, full-fat yoghurt and Kashmiri chilly
Powder. Start by pat-drying the chicken leg. Make slits on the leg pieces so that the marinade
can penetrate the chicken. add sea salt and pepper to the prepared meat. add in the lemon juice. Roll the chicken in the first marinade and
let it rest for 15 minutes. while the chicken is resting, let’s prepare
our second marinade. Add yoghurt, Kashmiri chilly powder, garam
masala and chopped ginger. Now add avocado oil, turmeric and 1/4th spoon
of Cumin seeds. Whisk the ingredients thoroughly. to make a smooth red and spicy marinade. Coat the chicken completely in the spice marinade
and refrigerate your chicken for at least 1 hour. It’s time to bake our Chicken. Bake the chicken in 350 degrees Fahrenheit
for 30 minutes till the skin is Crisp. Plate your keto Tandoori Chicken on a Plate
of Cauliflower Rice, Enjoy this meal guilt free as this plate has only 5 grams of Carbohydrate. If you like to see more such videos, do subscribe
to our channel and receive a free keto gift in your inbox.

Randall Smitham