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Keto Turkey Lettuce Wraps with Chef Cash White👨‍🍳

– Hello, people of the interwebs!
Today we’re gonna make an easy, fast,
healthy turkey lettuce wrap recipe.
I’m Chef Cash White, and I’m here today
because God delivered
me from my circumstances
and led me to a place where I can share
my love of food with you.
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(guitar music)
With these lettuce
wraps, we’re gonna start
with some diced onion, some diced tomato,
some cashews, fresh cilantro,
jalapeno, and lime juice.
It’s gonna be a delicious, healthy recipe
that you can put together
quickly, in one pot.
So we’re gonna dice these onions,
starting with about a quarter inch dice,
all the way around.
You want about a half of a white onion.
You can use a sweet onion
if you’d like, as well.
(knife tapping)
Next, we’re gonna dice a tomato.
Whenever you dice these tomatoes, guys,
make sure you cut the seeds out,
because we wanna get that membrane out.
Okay, guys, whenever
your choppin’ a jalapeno,
there’s a couple of
things to keep in mind.
If you’re very sensitive to the
things that make this spicy,
it’s called capsaicin,
you can wear gloves.
That’s totally okay.
If you don’t wear gloves,
make sure you wash
your hands well, afterwards,
and don’t touch your eyes.
‘Cause it will burn.
So what we’re gonna do
here, is we’re gonna cut
the end off the jalapeno.
Cut it in half, and we’re gonna take
this right here, the
membrane and the seeds,
that’s where all the capsaicin is.
That’s what makes it spicy.
I don’t want, necessarily, want this
to have the spice from the jalapeno.
So what I’m gonna do is, I’m
gonna remove that membrane.
I’m gonna rinse off the
rest of these seeds.
I’m going to slice it in thin strips
and then dice it into small dices.
So the next thing we’re gonna do,
is we’re gonna introduce a few cashews.
I have unsalted cashews here.
And I just probably want
about a half cup, maybe a cup.
It’s gonna introduce a nice bite,
a nice toothful crunch on there.
So I’m just gonna give
these a run through.
I just need a rough chop.
You wanna kinda go easy on these,
’cause they will shoot out
and go all over your kitchen.
(upbeat music)
Now that we have our mixture set up,
we’re gonna start cooking.
All right, guys, over medium-high heat,
a tablespoon of sesame oil.
Just enough to get the pan lubricated.
Now, once we have that pan oiled,
we’re gonna raise that heat
until it starts to shimmer.
Once that shimmer happens, we’re gonna
toss our veggies in and start cooking.
We’re looking for those onions
to get a nice translucent color to ’em.
We’re gonna go ahead and add
all of our chopped ingredients.
Give it a quick toss,
just to coat everything.
And we’re gonna let it start to cook.
I’m gonna season a little bit.
I’m gonna use some soy sauce.
We have about a tablespoon of soy sauce.
Some people tend to put too
much soy sauce on things.
It’s very important not to.
We’re gonna add about a
tablespoon of granulated garlic.
The same of cracked black pepper.
And the one unhealthy part
that I like to add here,
about a tablespoon of
granulated white sugar.
I’m gonna give this another toss.
We’re gonna let it cook.
While we’re waiting for
those onions to cook,
we’re gonna chop some cilantro real quick.
Just grab ya a handful off
of your cilantro bunch,
and give it a quick chop.
(knife thumping)
All right, now that
those onions have started
to cook just a little
bit, they’re about halfway
to where we want them,
we’re gonna add our cilantro
and get the oils out of the leafs.
After we’ve added this cilantro,
what we’re gonna do is, I’m
gonna add the zest of a lime.
I am gonna add the juice eventually,
but I’m not gonna cook the juice into it.
The oils of the lime are
kept right here on the zest.
And this’ll add a lot of flavor.
Give that a quick toss.
And now that we have those
onions, around the edge,
just a little bit cooked like that,
it’s time to add our turkey.
The way I like to do
this, is I’m gonna push
everything over to one
side, so it’ll give me
time to break up the
turkey before it starts
to incorporate with everything else.
Now we’re gonna go until the turkey
is completely cooked all the way through.
Turkey’s like chicken.
You have to cook it to 165
degrees, or it’s no good.
All right, guys, we have the
turkey browned all the way.
Now we’re gonna incorporate
the other ingredients back into it.
Once you get everything
incorporated like that,
we’re gonna add a little
bit of chili garlic sauce.
It adds a great flavor, and it’s not
as spicy as you would think.
I’m gonna do about three
tablespoons, measurement-wise.
And just mix that in.
Now we’ve turned our flame
off, let’s go pick our lettuce.
So right before we’re about to plate,
one thing I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna
make a little sauce to go on there.
All I have here is a
little bit of mayonnaise.
To that mayonnaise, I’m going to add
the juice of a half of a lime,
a little bit of cilantro.
(upbeat music)
Pinch of salt.
A little black pepper.
(grinder swishing)
And a pinch of garlic powder.
You can make this sauce beforehand.
It goes great on a lot
of different things.
You can use it on sandwiches,
you can use it on Mexican food.
It goes well with Asian
food, all kinds of greatness.
All right, now we’re
gonna pick our lettuce.
I’ve already washed this.
I like using green leaf lettuce,
because it’s a little more
foldable than, say, iceberg.
Iceberg’ll tend to crack
when you fold it in half,
but this is nice and pliable,
so you can make a lettuce wrap
and eat it, almost like a taco.
So we’re just gonna lay this out.
Pick some leaves off the outside.
Whenever you have it, if you want,
if they’re kind of big,
you can tear ’em in half,
or cut ’em in half,
however you wanna do it.
There’s no real set way to do this.
Just gonna make it look
good and taste good.
Now that we’ve got our lettuce laid out,
we’re gonna plate our turkey filling.
Once you have it plated,
what we’re gonna do is,
we’re gonna build one.
Get you a piece of lettuce,
it doesn’t have to be a very big piece,
and then, scoop you some of
this delicious turkey filling.
Just a drizzle of this sauce.
You’re gonna roll it up, and
it falls apart in your mouth.
(upbeat music)
That’s delicious.
So there we have it.
This is our turkey lettuce wraps,
with a cilantro lime mayonnaise.
Guys, thank you for watching this video.
If you wanna know more
about me and my story,
check out our other videos, down below.
If you like what you’ve
seen today, click subscribe!
Remember, always keep the
faith, and enjoy the food.
God bless you guys.
Love you.
(upbeat music)
That’s delicious.

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  1. Dianne Chrestopoulos Posted on November 11, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Cash – a super video – and I have a question! We don't like anything hot so if I use the jalapeno without the seeds is it going to be hot at all, or – should I use a different type of pepper? I am loving your videos, very easy to follow and fun to watch. Thanks

  2. Will Raymond Posted on November 11, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Amazing! Keep the content coming!!
    …And yes “Keeping the faith and enjoying the food” is my goal too 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Ashlyn Ellis Posted on November 13, 2018 at 2:29 am

    Could you make guacamole?