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Keto TV ” Do not do Juices”

– I used to say “Eat it, don’t juice it.” Eat it if it’s green, leafy, because it’s easier, it’s nicer, but you can still juice it if you want. But, that said, if it’s milky, if it’s silky, if it’s sweet, just keep it away. I just wanted to say, healthy juices, they don’t exist. You imagine how much sugar in an apple, how much sugar in a banana, and how much sugar in a cup of juice. When you put five apples or two bananas. You see, if you want to
cheat, eat the fruit. Juices is a concentration
of multiple fruit, at least, I don’t believe that
concentrating something, unless it’s necessary, makes it better. Especially when it gets you more sugar. Juices is the fastest way to sugar-rush after eating pure sugar or some sweet. Can you imagine how much carbs you take just by drinking
a small cup of juice? Yes, I am very categoric, because your health and
mine means a lot to me. They say, keep it diplomatic, maybe some kinds of juices are healthy. No, there’s no healthy juices. The only healthy juice is
the one you don’t drink. In your cup, make it easy. If it has a color, it’s already not good. The only thing you should
see in your cup is water. Human forms of day, they
existed, they drunk water. The miracle of life comes from water. Water is the only liquid you can consume in big quantity with zero effects. In fact, while you’re on keto, especially when you start, you are destroying fat cells and toxins are stored
generally in your fat cells. So as you destroy fat cells, on top of liberating the glycerides that is needed for your functioning, on top of producing
energy through ketones, you are liberating a lot of toxins. And the way to flush that way is to drink more and more water. So, keto have many friends. Coffee, avocado, green, leafy, vegetables, green tea, yes. But best friend, is water. Please press now subscribe button to stay updated as our
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Randall Smitham



  1. ben paul Posted on March 30, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    Sugar gets you fit and lean 💥