April 7, 2020
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Keto TV: Long Term Keto

– Lately everybody have been trying keto. It’s like a New Year’s resolution. Everybody thinks that
we can start it tomorrow because I saw a friend
where keto have worked. It’s amazing. We want more people on keto, but keto is a lifestyle. It’s a long-term project. You should not worry about it. It’s nothing difficult. Just keep going on. It’s easy to see weight
loss when you start keto because at that moment, taking carbs out will change your insalin resistance and you will lose weight. Losing weight should not
be your only objective behind doing keto, because at that moment, as
soon as you stop losing weight, you will stop your keto. And the problem will come back again. When you do long-term keto, it’s a strategy where you tell yourself that what happens after the weight loss. What happens after weight
loss is maintaining a good health, a good mental clarity. And for that, we need to say to ourself that the food we don’t eat is very simple. When you see a nice car in the street it’s not yours, you don’t drive it. The same. The food you don’t eat
on keto is not yours, you don’t eat it. It is not a temptation. It’s not deprivation. You simply eat between
2500, 2800 calories a day. If you are a woman,
maybe a little bit less. If you do gym, maybe a little bit more. You still feel yourself very good. And eating all the meat, all the fats, eating all the greens. So why not doing a long-term keto? It’s a struggle when you start gaining a little bit more weight, but everybody have a plateau, have a bottom, and from that, he will build the healthy weight. It’s not a yo-yo effect. It’s just coming back
to your normal weight, which may be two, three, five kilos up from your bottom weight, but keto is a lifestyle. It is not a diet, and doing long-term. Stay in keto. Stay healthy. Stay happy. Please press now the Subscribe button to stay updated with our
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every time we post a new video. Stay healthy. Stay in keto.

Randall Smitham