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Keto Vegan Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake & More Recipes!

(calm music) – Hey, munchies, welcome if you’re new and welcome back if you’re not. I am so happy you’re here either way and I think you will be too because I have got a treat for you. We are going all in on pumpkin season but the treats I am sharing with you today aren’t only pumpkin, they
are also low carb and vegan meaning dairy-free, egg-free
and they’re also gluten-free. Say what? To be honest, I am really
excited to share this because the recipes really
took some time to develop and figure out. It isn’t easy to do vegan
and keto but it can be done and Thrive Market made
this video possible. I have partnered with them
before and I am so grateful. If you don’t know, Thrive
Market is an online marketplace with a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone
and they do an amazing job. I got a ton of the products
I’m using today from them and I’ve got a deal where you can get an extra
25% off your purchase and a 30 day free trial with
my link in the description. I’ll tell ya more about it at the end. Let’s start today off with a bang. The most requested vegan
and keto recipe this season, pumpkin pie. Can it be done? Now it can. Let’s start with the crust. First, I make a flax egg by combining ground
flaxseed and some water and let it sit for about
10 minutes until it’s goopy then I get my food processor
and add almond flour which is my first Thrive Market product. It is only one ingredient as it should be and honestly, it is less expensive than at any of my local grocery stores. I do find that Thrive Market prices tend to be more affordable. They intentionally offer
thousands of organic and natural products at 25
to 50% below retail prices. I also add coconut oil, that flax egg, sweetener of choice which is optional. Some people don’t like
to sweeten pie crusts. I like just a small hint and salt which should definitely not
be omitted for a pie crust. I pulse that until the dough
sticks together when pressed and I press it into a pie plate. Feel free to crimp the edges if desired. I do blind bake the crust so
I add some holes with a fork and then I add parchment
and either dry rice or beans since I don’t have pie weights. Into the oven it goes
for just a few minutes until it’s lightly cooked and golden. Some people don’t prebake crusts but I always do for custard pies even though this isn’t
technically a custard pie because it’s vegan so there are no eggs. I find it still helps
the crust to crisp up and not get soggy. Once that’s out, I let it sit
for a good 20 to 30 minutes or longer before adding the filling. The filling is made in the
food processor or blender which couldn’t be easier. I have got pumpkin
puree from Thrive Market as well as coconut cream
or full fat coconut milk, sweetener of choice, pumpkin
pie spice, cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract. Now, usually a traditional
pumpkin pie has eggs but this is vegan and it’s egg-free. Most vegan pumpkin pies use cornstarch but that is quite a stretch for keto. Instead, I am using glucomannan. It’s a dietary fiber made from
the root of the konjac plant but it’s far less dense
in calories and carbs than cornstarch and you
need much less of it. Thrive Market actually had this
on their site in powder form so I could easily get it too. You can use cornstarch instead but you’ll need over a quarter cup instead of under two teaspoons. The konjac in this recipe only adds about five grams of carbs total because we need so little whereas using a quarter cup of cornstarch adds 30 grams total. Glucomannan or konjac is
also not a bad addition because it’s shown to
help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Pretty neat. Okay, once that is all blended, I let it sit for about 10
minutes to thicken slightly then we add it to the
cooled and blind baked crust and tap to release any air bubbles. Bake until it’s set and
slightly jiggly in the center. It should not be poofy. If the crust is browning too much, you can cover it with foil
or a pie crust protector. Cool it completely at room
temperature before refrigerating and then let it sit overnight
if possible before eating it. Wow, it literally tastes like pumpkin pie. You would never know. I looked up pumpkin pie
recipes that are keto and vegan before developing this recipe
and I could not find one. It is hard to do both. Plus, pumpkin is hard for low
carb since it’s mostly carbs but this is only four grams
of net carbs per slice so it’s probably about as low
as you can go for pumpkin pie. We all need a little pie this time of year and I am so proud of it and so excited to share it with you now. I hope you can give it a try. Feel free to whip up a
little coconut whipped cream for the topping to kick it up a notch. Okay, next up, probably the
second most requested keto and vegan option, pumpkin cheesecake. I am doing mini bites
because mini is adorable and portion control and
overall just more fun to eat. The crust starts in the food processor with a mix of almonds and pumpkin seeds which I got from Thrive Market. I pulse those until they’re
ground into small pieces and then add coconut
oil, sweetener and salt. Blend until you get a sticky dough and press it into your molds. I only needed about one teaspoon
for these silicone molds which I will link below. They make for easy removal but you could totally use
another mold too if you prefer. The crusts go into the fridge
and I make the filling. Now, let’s chat vegan cheesecake. Hmm. Well, cheesecake without
cream cheese is tough. There are dairy-free cream cheese options but many have more ingredients
than I really want in them. A lot of vegan cheesecakes use cashews but cashews are really
not very keto friendly because they are one of the nuts that’s actually highest in carbs. So I thought why not macadamia nuts? They are much lower in carbs and one of the ultimate
keto nuts in my opinion. I got raw macadamia
nuts from Thrive Market. It’s awesome that they sold them raw because it can be hard to find and I soaked them overnight to soften. The next day I drained them
and I add to a food processor with pumpkin puree, coconut
butter, coconut oil, sweetener to taste, lemon
juice, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and salt. Let her rip. Go until it gets super smooth and creamy and adjust the flavor, so
the sweetness, the salt and the cinnamonyness, to your liking. That mixture gets spooned
on top of the crust and in my mold, a four
teaspoon cookie scoop worked perfectly for these
then I just leveled them off and I like to top them
with either a pecan half or some pumpkin seeds for cuteness and it’s off to the freezer to set. (calm music) Once frozen, we can pop
them out of the mold and thaw before serving. These taste like the holidays and it is certainly a
deceiving cheesecake. It’s got that salty sweet
bite with a hint of tang and great textures, the thicker crunchy crust with
the softer cheesyless filling and these bites only have one
gram of net carbs per serving. Okay, the last one I’ve got for you today is a fun remake inspired
by the Starbucks drink, the pumpkin spice cold brew. Oh my gosh, if you haven’t
had it yet, it is time but really it’s not time
because the time has come for you to make it yourself the vegan and keto friendly edition. I first combine cold brew with water because typically it’s a concentrate and you have to dilute it. I got this Califia cold
brew on Thrive Market and I am a fan of that ingredients list. I also got this Califia
Barista Blend on Thrive Market. I’ve seen the regular version in the store but I have not been able
to find it unsweetened. Thank you, Thrive Market. Seriously, whether you are vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, raw, whatever, you can shop by whatever
dietary preferences and health values you want
on the Thrive Market website and they make it so easy
to filter through it all. So separate from the cold
brew, we make the foam. I add that Califia Barista Blend with a small bit of pumpkin
puree for pumpkin flavor along with pumpkin pie spice, glucomannan which is our magic thickener
yet again and a pinch of salt. Feel free to add stevia drops
or a sweetener of choice if you want this to be a sweet drink. Use a frother or immersion blender to get those ingredients frothed up. Go for two to three minutes,
let it sit for a minute and then go again and it will thicken and hold its foamy form. You can pour it right on top
of that cold brew and it stays. It’s amazing, beautiful and tasty, smooth, creamy and has
so much holiday flair. You can use regular almond milk but the Barista Blend specifically is made to froth up and steam better and that is my pumpkin
recipes for 2019 video vegan, keto, egg-free,
dairy-free, gluten-free edition. What am I gonna do next year to top that? I hope you enjoyed it and I
hope you can take a few minutes to browse Thrive Market’s offerings because they have everything. Food and snacks, yes but
also vitamins, supplements, personal care products,
eco-friendly cleaning supplies, nontoxic beauty products,
kitchen staples, home goods, kids and baby goods, it goes on and on and I highly recommend checking it out. Use my link in the description so that you can get an extra
25% off your first purchase and a free 30 day trial. So that’s 25% off the
already lowered prices. Plus, when you become a member, the company’s Thrive Gives initiative also helps out low income
families, teachers and veterans so that they can have
access to natural, organic and non-GMO foods too. If you’re already a member, don’t forget to check
Thrive Market’s homepage for today’s extra deal. They have daily gifts and
discounts when you sign up. How cool is that? I appreciate you being here. I will see you next week
for a brand new episode and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

Randall Smitham



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