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boom sice dice chop
who’s ready slice and dice today? today
we are making a peanut pad thai vegan
gluten free tasty better than anything
you’ve ever had before and of course
it’s Leanified
hello squadies, welcome back to a
brand new episode of lean living! we are
slicing and dicing today. this here is
the first and best knife I have ever had
I just received it from Lake Kelso look
at get it close up there, fancy stuff
so I’m pretty excited and what’s even
cooler is a friend I went to university
has started this company so you got to
support it in the link above look at
what he’s got to offer it’s incredible
stuff really well priced and it’s
something that’ll last a lifetime so
thank you!
Lake Kelso way to go Dougie! Now back to
the episode and making lean dreams
come true.
we are leanifying a pad thai. I love Asian
food I love Thai food this is one that
is going to be extra lean and it is also
vegan I know what your saying how is it
possible to make a vegan Pad Thai well
right here Upton’s jackfruit original
linked in the Amazon store this is going
to be our meat replacement and again for
all the meat lovers you still can make
this all you’re gonna do is substitute
chicken for the jackfruit follow the
recipe exactly just need sub that’s it
now time to slice and dice first things
we’re gonna slice it’s big head of
just like that HIYAH look at that! you’re just
gonna shred some cabbage up. next thing up
is slicing the red pepper. Oh clean slice!
look at that! booo! we’re slicing it
it’s nice thin strips quarter cup of red
peppers put it in the same Bowl next up
is some speed chopping we are dicing a
as fast as you can. okay next up, lets
dice some garlic, two cloves three cloves
if you want to get a little more garlic
flavour it’s gonna look like this, diced
garlic, diced shallot, sliced red pepper,
sliced cabbage now on to the fun stuff
we’ve got all our veggies ready to go
we’re gonna make the sauce for this so
first things first, we need peanut butter.
get the peanut butter in the bowl two
thirds cups. Adding 1 half cup full fat
coconut milk scooping it out scoop in
about 1 half cup there. there we go right in there
next up some soy sauce or tamari if you
want to keep it gluten free you’re going
tamari get that in there 2 tablespoons
soy sauce or tamari 1 tablespoon maple
syrup this is Waldens maple syrup linked
in my store the amazon shop all these
ingredients by the way that I’m using
that are hard to find our link in my
shop 1 tablespoon 0 Cal zero sugar next
up some sriracha
all right it’s spilt on my sweater there
so next up is a dash of sesame oil in
the bowl just a little bit just a little
bit a little bit lime juice
this is the lean mix now we just mix it up until
it’s nice and smooth I know no shirt on
I’ve slowly lost layers of clothing and
that is because when I took cuts into
bed he spilt some stuff on my shirt so
here I am
shirtless probably my natural habitat
anyways so we’re gonna keep an eye on
Hudson while we finish this recipe it’s
so so easy from here on out put a little
bit of olive oil on the pan just like
that, get our veg we’re gonna get the
garlic and shallot dice not sliced onto
the pan and we’re gonna sauté these for
a couple minutes and then we’re gonna
add the sliced cabbage and red pepper
okay the secret vegan lean ingredient is
jackfruit now
Upton’s jackfruit again linked in the
Amazon store comes in a pack like this
don’t get the canned stuff a lot of the
canned stuff is really sugary yucky
stuff this is low sugar almost no sugar
look comes in kind of got that chickeny
look there’s a piece right there that
kind of looks like chicken
I like to break it up mix it around
sauce it up
save a little bit of sauce for the
noodles the last ingredient to making a
lean pad thai, Konjac noodles. 10
calories an entire pack this is a
vegetable, root vegetable vegan
gluten-free, high in fiber, soy free, all
the good stuff keeps your meals extra
lean still tastes fantastic
this is what we’re using instead of a
rice noodle again if you want to
implement rice noodles you simply just
do the rice noodle thing we’re going to
combine everything so cook these up in a
separate pan I always like to overcook
these a little bit 3 to 5 minutes in a
pan kind of nice and crispy because they
come out a little wet and soggy
there it is squadies! look at that, the leanest
tastiest peanut pad thai you’ve ever had
it’s all leanified in here everything
is lean
this is keto friendly, gluten-free, vegan,
tasty yummy leanness right here so let
me know if you make it squadies please
subscribe to the channel comment let me
know if you make the leanness and also
tag the LEANSQUAD tag me on instagram I
will repost share the leanest because
every time you make a lean meal you
inspire someone else anyone out there
wondering what the 90 day lean plan is
all about please reach out to me go to link above me click it
it’ll tell you more or you can just DM
me on Instagram or comment below I will
answer you anyways it’s time for me to
eat this big bowl of vegany tasty
leanness now

Randall Smitham



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    Where can I find these Noodles? Looks SO good!

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    great tips – thanks

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    Keto and vegan?! I'm impressed

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    Nice. The veggies look yummy!

  7. Graham Taylor Posted on June 1, 2019 at 2:21 am

    Had to make a couple (mostly lean) substitutions but boy oh boy this was delicious. 10+ stars.