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Keto Vitamin Shoppe Haul | Keto Grab & Go | Quest Products

let me show you our recent vitamin
shoppe haul real good foods now they have a variety
of products let me show you here’s what we bought cheese enchiladas
Dale really enjoys those three net carbs now what’s important is the word
tortilla style they have two flavors nacho cheese and ranch the other
quest chips I really don’t like I don’t know if I’ve gotten bad bags but I’ve
tried several and I don’t like them these are more airy we buy them by the
box a little bit cheaper by the box four net carbs and they are cheesy
but I like them water drops they’re sweetened with stevia they have other
flavors there’s a whole lot of products by this
brand bulletproof I haven’t tried all their products but some seem pretty high
in carbs for me I felt like the bars were soon we’re going on a trip so I
wanted to try this the vanilla it was okay to me it tasted
like old coffee and they’re not very sweet I mean you can add more stevia but
I’m not impressed I’m not gonna buy them again but maybe you would like them this
has two net carbs fat bombs the orange is a nut butter
and the greens are oils I haven’t tried them yet again I bought them for my trip epic jerky most of them have carbs I
looked at all the products I read all the labels and most of them have been
sweetened with fruit juice but I found two that don’t have any fruit juice and
no sugar let me show you I didn’t buy them but let me show you the big reason we go to Vitamin Shoppe
are the protein bars they have tons of variety more than any other store now be careful with protein bars you
need to read the label you don’t want anything with sugar it doesn’t matter if
it says 1 or 2 net carbs if it has sugar don’t buy it
you don’t want fruit juice I don’t want malitol or xylitol
I prefer erythritol stevia monk fruit is okay no cow is a good keto option I
personally don’t like them I find them powdery they just have this funny
feeling but you might like them they have a variety of flavors now Dale likes
these they’re very soft in my opinion quest are the best
protein bars let me start with our favourites birthday cake this tastes
like you know those pink and white cookies that are iced circus cookies
tastes like that this is our favorite white chocolate raspberry hero blueberry
cobbler these are more like a candy bar blueberry muffin mint chocolate chip smores those are all our top
favorites our top favorite is birthday cake now you want to buy quest bars that
are soft if they’re hard that means they’re not fresh other flavors that we
bought apple pie strawberry cheesecake now this one’s okay is nothing special
about it bars have four to six net carbs we also
bought quest cookies now they’re all gone so I can’t show you but I’ll show
you video from the store until next time bye bye

Randall Smitham



  1. Dale Withrow Posted on October 14, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    These bars help me so much with my freelance work lifestyle and keeping my low carb and glucose in check!!

  2. ChiVegas2011 Posted on July 13, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    I am happy that I came across your videos. My wife and I were ready to give up on KETO due to a weeks worth of stalled weight loss and frustration with limited food options. Your videos and your 120 weight loss has re-inspired us to keep going. Due to this video, we went to Vitamin Shoppe last night and spent close to $50 on KETO snacks. LOL! Please keep making videos. Thanks and congrats on your weight loss!