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only way less protein and way more
mayonnaise. Energy, energy, energy. continue this for another week or two. Hello and welcome to my channel. If you’re curious on why I ate 200 grams of
fat per day and what my results were then stay tuned. My name is Sara
otherwise known as Sarasayshi and I follow a ketogenic diet. I’m just over
month 3 of being on keto. I post weekly updates, grocery hauls, recipes, blood
sugar tests of keto friendly foods. So if you’re not subscribed, please subscribe
down below that way you won’t miss out on any of my future updates. So let’s get
into this I wrote down some notes here so I could
try to keep this video straight to the point. And not go off-topic. First of all
let me explain what this 200 grams of fat challenge was for. So last Sunday was
my week 12 or 3 months of being keto and when I did my weigh-in the scale had
actually gone up. And in fact for the last four weeks the scale has been going
pretty much up and down. Basically, equaling out to showing no weight loss
in four weeks. Um, and then this week it’s 2.4 pounds heavier than my weigh-in last Sunday. Very disappointed. because basically for the whole month it
looks like I only lost 0.2 pounds so I was very frustrated because I had
done an egg fast and I had lost a little bit over two pounds doing the egg fast
this month. I’ve been still at a calorie deficit and I really just hope to see a
solid 190 pounds on the scale. And unfortunately at the day of my weigh-in
I think I was 193. There really wasn’t any weight change in 4 weeks. so I wanted to do a change. I wasn’t quite ready to drop my calories because I was
already having 1,443 calories a day and I didn’t feel like I wanted to drop lower
into the 1200 calorie range especially for being 3 months in a calorie deficit
already. I just felt like I didn’t want go even lower. I follow Stephanie keto person on YouTube and if you’re not familiar with
her you should check her out so Stephanie person is a 51 year old
woman who’s been following a ketogenic diet for 10 years. She has rock-solid ABS
year-round, she is very fit, her face is beautiful and young looking. She’s got
healthy skin, healthy hair, she looks amazing. So what person wouldn’t want to
look like that? Even now you know I’m 43 years old and Stephanie has me topped. I
mean Stephanie looks like she’s like in her early 30s.
It”s amazing.So I decided you know what? Why don’t I listen to some Stephanie
person advice? so I started watching, binge watching a lot of her videos and
wrote down her guidelines um so just a disclaimer that the guidelines that I
have written down and that I followed I don’t know if that’s a hundred percent
of what you would find by purchasing her programs she does offer some ketogenic
programs available on her website as well as she has like a monthly keto
group on Facebook that, you know, there’s information there. I got the information
from her videos but if you want to know the exact guidelines that I followed
please click down below there’ll be a link to my website in which I have
documented this whole 200 grams of fat for 6 days. So I documented every single day and on day 1 is where I wrote down the
guidelines so there will be a post below for those guidelines if
you’re curious basically the gist is you’re supposed to not count calories
and you eat 200 grams of fat 60 grams of protein and 15 grams of total carbs not
net carbs. So, I decided to implement this plan right away. I started it last Sunday
after you know watching probably like 15-20 of her videos. Or skimming through
her live videos. So I wrote down her guidelines and there’s a lot of them
it’s basically a very strict ketogenic diet. Almost to the point where it it
could be the therapeutic ketogenic diet. And what I mean by therapeutic is for
the people that have autoimmune diseases also for people that have cancer are
fighting Alzheimer’s you know not as the prevention but already with a condition
in which they need a very low carbohydrate diet and very low protein
diet. The number one thing you have to cut out is dairy. I know that she does
feel that dairy is okay but for I think for the initial
three months she says no dairy. That was the hardest thing because always on keto
I’ve always had dairy I’ve always felt like I haven’t had a problem with dairy
except for butter she does say that butter is okay because butter doesn’t
have the caseins that cheese does and milks do. I bought and went through a
lot of butter. I was still eating about four meals a day. Every morning I wasn’t
really having an actual breakfast. I was I started off my first day with coffee
which she actually does not want you to have caffeine during this induction
phase. Day one I was not ready to give up my coffee yet. So I had coffee I think
day two is when I started to weed out the coffee and had to come up with
substituting coffee for herbal teas. This morning I’m, I’m really trying to kick
the coffee habit. Not for good but just during this redoing keto, doing an
induction phase. So I got this thing from Tevana a long time ago. This tea is
also very old. I’ve really had this thing like five years I’m sure but I’m still
gonna drink it. holy Sh four tablespoons? oh my god. Um, because the main thing is you
want to get a lot of fat into every meal so I still had to have some kind of tea
in the morning so I could get in a couple tablespoons of butter or coconut
oil, MCT oil, something. I had to get the fats in. So every morning I was just
having a tea some kind of tea which is okay because that’s kind of what I do
now I don’t typically have breakfast. The fat teas I made were a couple of days I
did use my MCT oil powder plus collagen and I would add cacao butter to it I
would add butter, regular butter to it. Some days when I didn’t use the collagen
MCT oil powder, I would just use straight MCT oil plus butter or plus the cacao
butter and mix it with the herbal tea that I had. AndI had loose-leaf herbal tea because she’s anti-tea bags. For lunches, most
lunches were very similar to what I take to lunch on a normal ketogenic diet only
way less protein and way more mayonnaise. Okay so here is the lunch. So in here
this is one ounce of Chipotle pork rinds. In here, that is three ounces of the
blackened chicken with a tablespoon of butter. One little guacamole packet, this is two tablespoons of chipotle mayo in here. The other caveat for the two
hundred grams of fat a day is that she recommends that of those 200 grams of
fat, that you’re having, a hundred grams of fat is coming from plant-based fat
such as coconut oil, avocado oil, any kind of nut oil olive, oil and then the other
hundred grams is coming from animal fats. So you could have your butter, you could
have ghee, you could have bacon fat, the fat that’s found in meats. A lot of my
lunches consisted of tuna and ordinarily I would just maybe put two tablespoons
of my avocado Mayo mixed inside with my tuna but for this because I had to get
those 200 grams of fat, in most lunches would have like three tablespoons of
avocado Mayo mixed in with the tuna. Almost every day I also had a serving of
pork rinds.I would have a serving of like a mini guacamole cup. So it was very
similar to what I eat normally on a ketogenic diet but it just felt like a
lot less meat. One day I brought leftover sugar-free hot dogs that I had because
there’s zero carbs in those hot beef hot dogs. So,I brought those again with just
mayonnaise couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise to dip it in. Dinner’s were so boring and so basic they were usually four fried eggs and I would fry it in a
tablespoon of butter I would top them with a tablespoon of
butter. Sometimes I would have if I didn’t have my
guacamole Cup at lunchtime I would have it and if didn’t at dinner time with my
eggs. My evening snack was always a golden fat tea that I created. The recipe
for this will be on my blog down below if you’re interested in that and that
was a necessity. That tea and fat bombs were a necessity for me to get my fat
grams in because if I didn’t have that tea and I didn’t have those fat bombs I
was like short by like 50 grams of fat a day from that 200 gram target and the
fat bombs oh my gosh they’re amazing. I’m really proud of the recipe and the
recipe for that will be down below too if you’re interested. Because that’s
great for a keto diet not necessarily for someone who’s trying to hit 200
grams but if you are try to up your fat definitely try these fat bombs because
they’re great! I looked forward to that. In fact, that was my favorite meal of the day. It wasn’t lunch, it wasn’t dinner, it was having that golden fat tea along with my
fat bombs. oh I just felt like that was a nice way to end out the evening. I was
full, satisfied and ready for bed. So one of the reasons why Stephanie Person recommends following these guidelines of 200 grams of fat 60 grams of protein and
15 grams of total carbs is to reach optimal ketosis. So a normal ketosis
range that a lot of us in the keto community have been taught is that once
you’re 0.5 millimoles of ketones you’re good. You know? Anything over that is just
butter just you know it’s it’s the cherry on top.
Well Stephanie Person believes that you’re not truly in ketosis unless
you’re at a minimum of 1.8 millimoles of ketones. She wants you from 1.8 up to 3
millimoles of ketones and unless you’re in that little sweet spot she doesn’t
consider you to be Ketotic so that is the reason why she has these guidelines is
to become ketotic. The other guideline that she’s looking for is that your
blood glucose levels should be reading between 60 to 80 milligrams
deciliters. So day six of eating her way I finally hit her target of what she
wanted between sixty to eighty blood glucose this is seventy six and then my
ketones 3.2. So I have never in my life achieved that high of ketones
ever so I was like “wow this is amazing. Three point two”! Yeah so this is day
seven and my blood glucose was eighty one so still not in that eighty cut off.
And my ketones had dropped to one point seven. Still in high ketosis though
Wednesday was interesting. So Wednesday would have been day four of following
this and that was my workout day. so my workout didn’t suffer. I felt like I had
a lot of energy to get through my workout. I didn’t really have a lot of
hunger but the fatigue hit me. Like about two o’clock in the afternoon at work, Oh I
was dragging just to get through my workday I still have two more hours to
go and I was just so exhausted I never felt like that like I just wanted more
than anything to be home and asleep so I even got nervous on my drive home I was
afraid I was gonna fall asleep at the wheel. As soon as I got home changed out
my work clothes crashed on the couch and napped for an hour and a half. when I
woke up from my nap I kind of felt a little headachy. that particular day I
did have a zip is in the morning for my workout and I didn’t finish it all.
I had like maybe a third of my bottle left of it so I put it in the fridge so
when I got home from work I drank the rest of that. It didn’t turn into a
really bad headache but I just felt like my head was a key I didn’t get any
muscle cramps so that was one thing that was really good about this So in seven days of following Stephanie
Keto Person’s guidelines, I lost 1.4 pounds and I actually am
surprised by that because I was having anywhere from 2100 to a little bit over
2,200 calories a day and of course you know that’s 80 to 85% of that is fat. one
would have been really scared if you would do the math I should have gained
weight. so I’m eating at a surplus of 660 calories a day so look at that math
that’s three thousand nine hundred and sixty calories so according to the
calories in versus calories out rule just this alone, this should equal one
pound gained I think it’s three thousand six hundred calories is what you need to
gain a pound so yeah by doing this math I should have gained
a pound but I lost one point four pounds so overall on this diet. I was miserable. Absolutely miserable. And I’m trying to edit this to make it so that I don’t
bore, bore you guys with all this information because I did have daily
vlogs only phone usually ranting in the car about how miserable I was on this
diet.I know I’m in deep ketosis, there’s no doubt about it. But why do I feel
hungry and why have I not lost like any weight? Where are the benefits of this
of these ketones? why is it so important for people to take ketone supplements to
boost up their ketones? Because honestly I don’t feel any different when I was measuring 0.5 ketones or 0.8 ketones, than today at 3.2. [Music] was it the
fact that I took away coffee? could be? Was it the fact that my protein had
dropped significantly? you’re looking at I decreased my protein by probably 40-50
grams. Even some people that weigh less than me there they would be required to
have more protein on a ketogenic diet than I was eating on this. I was
miserable. I would sit down and look at my pathetic
little dinner and be like, “I just want some more meat”. I don’t care about this
fat. I just want more meat and I couldn’t have it. Immediately eating those meals,
whatever they were, if it was lunch or if it was dinner; I was hungry. I felt like I
was starving it didn’t matter that there was three to four tablespoons of fat
represented in that meal, I wasn’t satisfied. I was hungry. Now, I wasn’t craving junk food. I wasn’t craving carbs at all. I
wanted more meat and let me just touch on the coffee subject why Stephanie
Person doesn’t like coffee. She’s telling you not to have it during the first
three months of keto, your induction phase is because caffeine is known to
cause a cortisol increase. But I did further research, this morning. Looked at
some more articles and stuff; of course Dave Asprey is hard core for drinking
his bulletproof coffee and of course it’s kind of gonna be biased to support,
you know, his coffee. when I looked at his article he didn’t really touch too
heavily on the cortisol responses but he did acknowledge that in some people
caffeine can induce a cortisol response an increase in cortisol but he also
backs it up with further research articles that point it to the fact that if your body is not adapted to drinking coffee, if
you’re drinking it regularly your body has adapted to the caffeine response and
you won’t have a cortisol spike necessarily. I also found further
research and I will post a comment for this article down below. It was by Forbes
magazine actually there was an article on there in which they stated that
cortisol seems to be most active and there’s a rise in cortisol between the
hours of 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the morning. So they’re actually saying in
that article if you drink coffee after, don’t have coffee as like a morning cup
of coffee to wake you up, but if you have it later in the day then you’re least
likely to have cortisol rise due to the caffeine. okay so we have coffee. the other thing
was dairy, cutting out dairy. um I don’t know if that was just…you know you’re
already giving up carbs and to take away the one other thing that I really enjoy.
I’m a cheese foodie. I will buy gourmet cheeses. I just really enjoy cheese. I
love having heavy whipping cream in my coffee.
So taking cheese away, that also made it really hard. And then just a low low
protein that was the biggest downfall of this diet was I felt deprived from what
I have read I’ve done further research today. The reason why I decided to stop
this because I was debating whether or not I was gonna continue this for
another week or two. number one you don’t need optimum ketones. You don’t need 1.7,
3.2 millimolars of ketones to be in ketosis. That even hitting the low end, the
low spectrum of ketones is enough to be in ketosis, is enough to utilize ketones
for fuel. So it’s not necessary to hit those targets. I don’t want to stress
myself out eating this way to hit those levels. There’s no superiority for
hitting those high ketones so it’s really true when you watch these videos
or read these articles on “stop chasing ketones” it’s true, you don’t really need
to be chasing those high levels. As long as you’re in ketosis and weight loss, fat
loss can happen whether in whether you’re in ketosis or not but obviously
following a ketogenic diet that is the goal is to be in ketosis. I felt no energy. I did not get the “energy, energy, energy”. It never came. I would say that my
energy kind of felt normal, the same as that as it does following a regular
ketogenic diet with an exception to the day that I was really really exhausted.
Just eating this way actually is putting more stress on my body because I’m
miserable. I am absolutely miserable. eating this way
and that’s why I decided to quit it. Basically, overall I feel like this whole
week of doing the 200 grams of fat and 60 grams of protein was a diet break and
it’s very important when you follow any diet, Most diet plans when you’ve had
a strict calorie deficit for six to eight weeks, it is recommended that you
just take either three days off or a week off. Not off, but you bump up your
calories and keto gains actually recommends bumping up your calories and
bumping up the fat intake. So basically that’s what I view this week as. So, losing 1.4 pounds in one week of doing this; not bad. [music] If you read the article I’m
going to post below it’s definitely like the best article I’ve read on it that
kind of squashes that thinking that if you eat too much protein that you’re
going to produce glucose and it’s going to stall your weight loss, so I highly
recommend reading that article. If you want. Thank you so much for watching this
video please like it it really helps me out so that other people can find this
channel and support me and we’ll see you in the next one.

Randall Smitham