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Okay, you all so it is 12:07 and I’m just
now getting to the gym I’ve been Miss Errand girl all day but
anywho y’all let’s go ahead and kill this workout alright guys so here in the
gym I don’t even know this but my upper body still is like kind of sore but
today’s upper body day and I’ve had like what four days away from doing any upper
body workout so I’m gonna do something with my upper body I’m not entertaining
this right now so less than one minute left on this
elliptical. I’ve burned 123 calories I’m so hungry!
I need food like actual food in my system
all right guys like I said your girl is hungry one of the girls that work in the
gym… she was eating y’all I was like come on. I’m over here
starving I just want to ask her for just a little piece of chicken but I was like
nah let’s not do that. Just a quick little Lazy Keto Grocery Haul! So, let’s go ahead and get
into this part So your girl bought some Coke Zero
I needed this in my life I missed it so freakin much
I’m tired of drinking just water y’all I need something else besides water Next thing I got are two of the Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade. I love these they’re so
good. Nutrition facts zero everything you see and their just so good this is I
think this is my favorite flavor from the next thing is some bacon yes
if y’all care about the nutrition facts it is 8 grams of fat zero carbs six
grams of protein very happy to be blowing this away bacon bacon it’s good
for me Next thing I have is some country sausage patties they’re so freakin’ good
Nutrition Facts if you’re interested 12 grams of fat zero carbs and six grams of
protein Next is the Buffalo style hot wings from
Tyson love these bad boys so friggin much it’s great for like you know when
you really don’t feel like cooking you need something quick fast and in a hurry
this is what I love to indulge in I purchased two bags of broccoli cuts um
you know because we over here trying to get our hashtag health going on over
here I think broccoli is maybe my favorite
vegetable I don’t know what about y’all what’s your favorite vegetable
next thing is Daiya dairy-free American style slices I’ve said this
but if you’re looking for some vegan or dairy-free are just limiting your dairy
this is a nice little option I love Daiya Cheese I also purchased some
sugar-free jell-o thank you God I love sugar free jello it’s so good Y’all, I have not had diet cranberry juice in a while yes it has been a while so I saw
it and I was like girl what are you doing with your life get you some. So, I
got me some and I know I’m gonna be happy
of course y’all know your girl had to get this So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut
Milk Vanilla Bean No Sugar Added Ice Cream Wow y’all that’s a mouthful um I
have tried their butter pecan ice cream and it was delicious
I am hoping this is good please don’t let me down So Delicious please do not
let me down I am feeling a little sick scratch that I am sick so I bought some
Nyquil and also some Ricola sugar-free lemon mint throat drops Here’s my
Sugar-Free Powerade Zero this is in the flavor Mixed Berry. This is my favorite
flavor from them you know what I’ve only tried this one and the fruit punch I’m over here acting like I’m an expert but I really do like this flavor y’all they
were only 80 cents and I really wanted to get more y’all but there are some
people working over there in that area and I don’t want to be like you know
judge whatever so only got three next item that I purchased was the No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins listen y’all I have to be careful with these things because
I will literally eat the entire jar and maybe this one as well they’re so good
like oh my gosh like why are they so good I don’t know I also purchased the
multicolored cauliflower blend like does it matter about the color does it taste
any different I don’t even know but we’ll find out and just in case y’all
are interested in the nutrition facts here they are hashtag lazy keto so I
purchased some Tyson grilled and ready fajita chicken strips and nutrition
facts is 110 calories 4 grams of fat 1 gram of carbs 0 grams of fiber 1 gram of
sugar and 17 grams of protein next thing I purchased was some raspberries I love
berries period y’all and yes I have fruit on the keto diet that’s not
gonna change I love me some fruit it’s not like I’m eating a ginormous I’m out
of fruit but a little bit here and there there’s nothing wrong with having fruit. I
also purchased some pecans because I plan on putting these pecans in either
maybe my keto muffins or some keto cookies I don’t know. Or, you know
what I may just dig my hand in the bag and eat some pecans who knows
what’s gonna happen and to end this maybe what little lazy keto grocery haul
I did purchase two bags of my pasta zero noodles In case you don’t know, here are
the nutrition facts zero grams of fat four grams of carbs three grams of fiber
and one gram of protein if you are maybe like a vegan or vegetarian on the keto
diet I will link in the description box for my favorite vegan keto friendly meal
and it includes these bad boys oh my gosh all I still eat this to this day so
good I almost forgot to tell you all that I did purchase this cookie scoop
and the only reason why I got this is because I was watching I think maybe one
of the live videos from Keto Connect and Megha said that we should get one and
that’s what I did okay y’all so it is 2:30 and I haven’t
eaten like actual food yet so I’m about to start cooking but I’m about to have
some of these no sugar added sweet gherkins um I wish this thing will stop
moving sir please stop because I am gonna eat you whether you want me to or
not thank you alright you guys so one of my favorite first meal of the day I’m
having two eggs two sausage patties two pieces of bacon strips and I whole avocado that I cut up and I put some salt on top of my avocado about to eat all
of this okay you also we are going to Walmart um so I guess that’s what us
Mississippi people do we hang out at Walmart My mom is so cold. We both got here sick as can be we don’t even need to be out here
you really don’t but we just getting a couple of items out of Walmart then we
going back home I realized I guess I really don’t want to get well because
I don’t have anything protecting my neck see how prepared my mother is She’s like I’m not even here for this
weather right now alright you guys so here shopping at Walmart I guess I’ll
show y’all a few of the items that I have gotten so far I haven’t gotten anything
much but here are my beef hot dogs then I got two avocados and I also got some
NyQuil. I had to get some more NyQuil because…whew! I am clumsy this
could just be me being crazy but then again I don’t feel like that’s true but
I have the berry flavored NyQuil and I just feel like it’s not doing
anything so I’m just gonna use the regular NyQuil the last time that
I got sick I bought the berry flavor NyQuil and I just felt like it didn’t
do anything so I went and got NyQuil like the regular kind and this time I
accidentally bought the berry kind and now I just really feel like it doesn’t
do anything for me I just need the original og NyQuil that’s what I
need in my life so that’s why I’m getting it and yeah hopefully I’ll be
happy and knocked out tonight just made it home I found this recipe for a
cauliflower soup online and so I’m gonna try to basically copy it but try to add
and take away a few other things so I’m bringing a whole new meaning to lazy
keto because I just don’t feel like cooking bacon because um I just don’t so
I think I’m going to use my Gardein Beefless Ground instead of bacon for my
cauliflower soup this meal is of course going to be dairy-free and keto friendly
so let me go ahead and get started cooking my food I’m also going to link
the recipe down in the description box because I think it’s pretty cool and it
doesn’t seem like it’s gonna take too long either so yayyy! I know this doesn’t
look like freakin amazing but y’all all I put in this was bone brothm cauliflower
rice, my vegan butter, broccoli, and eggs and honey this is delicious I’m shocked
right now like I am shocked at myself y’all I’ve already started eating but I
forgot to let y’all know that I did add in my Beefless Ground from Gardein
like I said I just did not feel like cooking any bacon or anything to that
nature so yeah I’m very happy at this meal y’all like wow in order to make
this like a vegetarian keto friendly meal Maybe, just don’t have the beef broth just add maybe just like vegetable broth or
whatever like I said I’m gonna link the recipe down in the description box, but
y’all you gotta try it. I plan on trying it the way the actual recipe say but y’all
I like this though mmm look at me something so simple yet so good

Randall Smitham



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