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Keto What I Eat In  A Day I Weight Loss Vlog 2019

Good Morning YouTube Family so y’all I
really hope y’all can hear me because my neighbor is cutting his grass today
first and foremost how y’all doing I hope y’all having it great what every
day this video goes out let me just be 100th y’all so I really in truly did not
want to go to the gym today but yeah and y’all I even tried to blame it on
YouTube y’all I tried to say like I need to go ahead and edit my video but y’all
I edited the video like this and so I was like dang it so I really do have to
go to the gym today so I’m gonna go phase video is going to be a keto what I
eat in a day video my last video was my weekly keto grocery haul so I’m gonna
link it up here or maybe up here it’s somewhere up here at the top but yeah
just in case you didn’t check that out and yeah I hope you just sit back relax
grab a snack if you will and enjoy the video yeah what am i doing I don’t know
meditating I am feeling awesome y’all just feeling so happy right now great
vibes over here we just don’t have good vibes we have great vibes over here
I even have my meditation shirt on yeah and y’all I do also have on my shots
Coco bracelet this is the chakra bracelet ever since I got this one y’all
I have not taken it off my wrist like honestly I mean I took it off to take a
bath but I mean that’s better but yeah down below in the description box you
will see a link to their website and if you’re interested in checking out some
very beautiful jewelry it will be there yeah y’all we just having like all some
vibes over here like I’m just filling today now like after my meditation I
feel like a whole like brand new person cuz before y’all I was like I’m not
feeling this whole gym situation or just today period but uhm yeah like now y’all
I feel like a brand new person anything my love so we’re about to head to the
gym today is going to be a lower-body day workout my lower body is still sore
from somebody all because they they’ve been like kicking up the workouts lately
in zumba class and I’m just like hold on wait a minute
like I don’t feel like dying today but they don’t care it like they they really
trying to whip us into shape you’re all life
whoo child yeah baby always make that money in a thousand family so we are done working out yeah
as y’all can see I tried a little pull up again today one day we’re gonna get
there at y’all one day I’m gonna be able to do the pull-up y’all be like don’t be
like proudly crying because you know I’m so emotional sometimes I could see
myself crying over that but um yeah so we are about to go home and eat some
food because it’s 1:15 have not had anything to eat
we’ve been drinking a whole lot of water a whole lot of water a whole lot of
water and getting that water intake in today so yeah let me stop talking so I
can go ahead and get some food at home yeah all right y’all so it’s 1:30 9 p.m.
I’m having two slices of liver cheese as you can see then I have one scrambled
egg and I have two strawberries and I’m just drinking water because I have yet
to go get my cheering Coke Zero yet yeah so yeah I’m drinking water right now yay
all right y’all so I have to make a thumbnail for my video that’s going up
before this one so um I don’t know if I told y’all this already but it’s my
weekly keto grocery haul video I don’t know if I’m gonna start doing those on a
regular anywho y’all so I brought some cucumbers with me haha so I can eat them
before I go into Walmart and create my thumbnail cuz y’all I’m still a little
hungry so yeah they do have a good amount a pink Himalayan sea salt on them
UK we see that but that’s why I sprinkled on top of these and mm-hmm
it’s like I forget how good cucumbers are our cucumbers is numbers are I don’t
know okay but then when I even I’m just like whoa
they’re so bone like I don’t like cucumbers don’t get the respect that
they deserve because they’re so good mm-hmm if you moments later
all right easy family said I just don’t feel like cooking it I just don’t okay I
mean y’all have those days right so I’m about to have the Catalina Crunch
cinnamon toast keto friendly cereal yeah all right so just cuz you see my previous video it is paleo friendly
vegan 100% plant-based so that means y’all it has no dairy in it yes thank
you soy free non-gmo high in fiber and no
sugar alcohols and here are the nutrition facts just in case you’re
interested so I’ve had this one before this was in a previous keto crepe yeah
if I’m correct and I liked it so I’m gonna have it again yeah yeah yeah yeah
for a milk y’all we are of course using the silk almond 30 calories unsweetened
almond milk this is the milk like if I ever drink milk this is the one I like
to get yeah oh yes I’m about to have the Catalina Crunch cinnamon toast cereal
I’m gonna tell y’all which one is my favorite after I tried them all I just
don’t want to spoil it and y’all keep asking me and I have to ask you like I
don’t want to like not y’all cuz you know that’s rude yeah I try my best to
always reply back to people like if I don’t reply back to you like I feel
horrible okay so we’re about to go to Zumba class um
y’all just let y’all know this now hopefully my car just time I had a gas
because we were basically going off of a hope and a prayer right now y’all so I
really really really need to get cash y’all but I just don’t wanna be late for
Zumba class so um yeah fingers crossed that cut over and out of gas so we have a nice little Aikido friendly
taco we have a 5 gram NIC carbs wrap and just some ground beef one scrambled egg
some avocados and I just cut up then I put hot sauce on this just gonna drink
some water yeah and I’m currently watching the good
place on Netflix show this is actually pretty good like I really do like this
show right y’all I am having my halo chopped
dairy-free candy bar ice cream yes it says that when you hit the bottom and
yeah I’m so excited right now y’all are waiting all day for this
hi YouTube family so editing version of myself coming and I hope y’all really
and truly enjoyed this video if you are new to the channel welcome to the fam
mother here documenting my keto weight loss journey
your girl is sharing everything right now we are combining stict keto and
lazy keto so join me back clicking that subscribe button plus the notification
bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here I do upload
three videos a week so you can’t expect a video from me on Mondays Wednesdays
and Fridays to my returning YouTube family thank you so so so much for
watching this video as always if you down here from anyone else I love you so
stay blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be Wednesday
alright y’all stay safe and stay blessed and I will see y’all Wednesday

Randall Smitham



  1. Desiree 2123 Posted on September 9, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Cucumbers are super good but unfortunately don't agree with my body. They will bloat me up like an inflatable water raft honey. Lol!!! I eat them once in a while anyway though. I can't help it they're good and I figure it's Better then eating chips. Lol 🤣💜

  2. KrisTeaFit _ Posted on September 9, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    Zumba looks so fun!! I want to start incorporating this into my workout routine. You were getting girl!!

  3. Truncine Saulsberry Posted on September 10, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    I love liver cheese but I didn't know it was keto friendly

  4. michael mcgee Posted on September 15, 2019 at 2:34 am

    U look georgous working out. Keep that health up, it’s a wonderful thing. Also, I just love your voice definitely.