March 30, 2020
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what is up what is up is your boy Kino
Kino spreader reviews game gangster out there how is everybody out there doing
today I’m bringing you guys a video of some more haul of things and pickups and
today it’s about a whole food Kino selection when I got in this bag right
here oh yes so like I said y’all bringing new stuff to the channel
we’re gonna cut maybe you know stuff that I used to get back in the day just
going out there versatile so let’s see we got right here by the company 4505
right there yes indeed y’all we got some pork Roger says go pig or go home now
you guys already know you can actually eat these because carbohydrates is zero
you know saying general sugars you can eat these to get your fats in the day
because you know Carlos is all about how fat you know I’m saying and no cause
where you can get your jawbone we’re all enough how we got this oven big part
Chris right here in this gland pick these out she was so eating is so happy
that she actually wanted to try these and she was like I said I’m not gonna
eat them I’m just now looking because it says how opinion I’m not a fan of you
know high stuff because like I said it be burning all my career long everything
is a part of Kido make sure it has low low low carbs and you can eat one gram
of shop you don’t say bro I’m not cutting you want to just make sure you
got all your best in there like I said if I’m talk telling you bone I’m still
learning with my fat ass and I’m saying if I start to coffee slim tip you know
we’re rolling up so anyway this fucking here see what
else we got over here okay we’ve got another part Chris so this one it’s
pizza now you know I love me some pizza so vinegar McClendon gonna be mad she
bad I bought that bed and go to sleep type of shit come you know about time
she come artists Oh back over yup so yes so uh like I said I’m this is a
piece of flavor and the green bag right here is a jalapeno Java Pina whatever
the hell you know you call it jalapeno Java peel oh yeah and I gotta tell you
guys back these chocolate chips right here
you got two bags and this bag of chocolate chips costs about $8 apiece
and I’m telling you kill is expensive but it’s all good though because when
you get skinny you gonna love yo shit walking around with your drop zone so
yes I love another thing too is Lilly’s new Lilly semi-sweet style taking
chocolate chips right here that’s a bacon I make this a bacon not baking
baking chocolate chips these are party quino’s because like I said y’all with
these chocolate chips represent on the back right here and ingredients and like
I said y’all zero trans fat real rubber nut cut zero calories zero sodium’s
and dietary fibers to make your bow bow you’re no saint by right I’m drunk there
then we got this look at those two semi dark chocolate
and then it says right here no sugar added with stevia chocolate chips and I
gotta tell you guys I’ve been some good keto cookies the other day and this
gamma Glenn the second batch I made she tore that up I only got the ìiî I made
like 12 of them she ate her ass dumb she could even contain yourself cuz you know
what the fresh cookies y’all you gotta eat them within three days freshness ba
let’s see we got a couple more stuff in this bag right here and these right here
is called slackers organic flaxseed crack of sea salt now I’m gonna tell you
guys a real real seeker here don’t tell him this damn it man you know saying her
belly was just hurting all damn day I said you probably gotta go take a
boo-boo she was hurting I don’t know what the
flaxseed was doing better I may just eat a couple of what the hell she was going
through when she had a really boo-boo without either take a boo-boo you knows
every you took that booboo you get all that down waste out and that unbroken
this these are let me see zero trans fat you know saying total need up total
taxes 12 grams and like I said carbohydrates is 10 you know grams as
well no dietary fibers in this and no sugars in this these Lilly Lilly
yummy yummy candy bars was $5 for this little thing even miss Glen would even
bother you when you buy your round I said you drag me to Whole Foods just
to give me one little panty I’m saying but yeah so this is the
almond kinda got all kinds of you know different colors you guys gonna see the
pictures of the other ones but all my Instagram because I got all the one all
of them of the other lilies that I’m holding up and like I said y’all make
sure you guys go pick up your Kino foods and keep it going
burn that fat keep your low cost yes indeed y’all straight up reviews and

Randall Smitham



  1. A Casual Gamer Posted on July 27, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    I’m On Keto Too. BUT I Do Eat Carbs At Least Once A Week.

  2. That’s Him Right There Posted on July 27, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    Thanks for the people who actually are supporting the channel, I'm thankful for all of you and if you guys want to see more just please share the videos and my channel about. stay up guys love ya'll

  3. TIMMY MAC Posted on July 28, 2019 at 12:10 am

    Keep it up bro. Enjoyed the video!!!

  4. Random kid with no friends live! 101 Posted on July 28, 2019 at 12:51 am

    Dang my boi this video was gangster af Especially that sexy intro no homo tho bro