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Ketogenic Breakfast for the Nomadic Lifestyle

Hey there! I’m Cahlen and today on The
Wizard Life I’m gonna be talking to you
about how I make breakfast every morning
while I’m living in my truck and on a
roaming around the United States living
as a nomad people have been asking me
how am i feeding myself out here and the
the key secret to doing this for me is
basically compacting the calories into
his small space as possible and getting
making it so those calories come in a
form which doesn’t need refrigeration
because a refrigerator takes energy and
it also takes up space in the in the
truck so the way I do that is I
basically drink butter and I drink
coconut oil so right here this is my
giant jar of ghee so Dee is kind of like
clarified butter and you may give I
taking butter and kind of boiling it and
then skimming off the stuff that comes
to the top which is the protein and
other stuff like that and they’re the
advantages of that are that the ghee
doesn’t really go bad so it you don’t
need to refrigerate it and it stays good
for years and the other advantage is it
the proteins that people are often
allergic to like casein and stuff like
that it’s not really in there anymore so
you’re not going to get the reaction
there’s all kinds of other benefits to
ghee and as long as this grass-fed by
the way and then also the all the other
things that I’m going to talk about but
I’m not gonna go into all of those
benefits in this video but I will leave
links in the description if you want to
look into that so the other the other
thing that I use is called caprylic acid
and I use a brand called brain octane
sold by the bulletproof company and it’s
basically just kind of like purified
coconut oil so coconut oil has many
different types of fats in it and that’s
determined by how many carbon atoms are
lined up in a chain and this caprylic
acid has 8 carbons in a line and the
advantage of capilla casted is that it
basically puts your body into ketosis
like that so normally for those of you
who don’t know what ketosis is katoa
when you’re running on ketones which is
a a something that your cells use for
energy so and it’s it comes from fat so
your you eat that or you have fat in
your body and your body processes that
and it turns into ketones and your cells
can use that in the same way that they
would be using glucose so if you were to
eat rice or carbohydrates or just
straight sugar your body’s gonna turn
that into glucose and just gonna use
that so you can kind of switch in
between using these two different things
the advantages I found for myself of
being in ketosis is that I feel it’s
it’s like a you have a level amount of
energy so back when I was kind of just
relying on my energy coming from
carbohydrate and sugar is I would burn
through that stuff really quickly so my
energy would be really high and then it
would dip and it would go really low in
a bit oh man you know I don’t know I’m
not sure that if anything comes up a
situation that I need to be able to
think really clearly about and be able
to act I’m not really sure I’m gonna be
able to do pull it off I don’t know I
thought how the energy reserves when I’m
in ketosis it’s like I don’t even
question it I just feel it in my body my
body’s just like dude we got so much
energy and this energy is gonna last and
last and last and I don’t even like when
I drink this I don’t I don’t even eat
lunch until like 2:00 2:00 p.m. and
that’s called what’s that called
some kind of fasting intermittent
fasting so there’s all kinds of
advantages of intermittent fasting as
well and I can leave a link down below
about that so there will be links down
below about ketosis and intermittent
fasting and the advantages okay so the
other ingredient is I just have
basically cocoa powder or chocolate
powder and it’s not sweetened and the
reason I use this is because for those
of you have heard a bulletproof coffee
which is basically just butter caprylic
acid and coffee I can’t drink coffee
because it I’m not actually sure exactly
why but I get after about a day or two I
just crash and my immune systems goes
bad and I tend to get sick and I my
energy I just feel horrible so if I
could I would be drinking bolt
Coffee because I love the taste and I
love the way it makes me feel but I
can’t so I instead of coffee I use the
chocolate powder and there’s an
advantage to a chocolate powder and that
coffee takes all this time to prepare
and you have to like filter it and press
it and all this stuff and chocolate
powder I just go whoop done so yeah
that’s kind of nice and I like chocolate
so and it chocolate has all kinds of
benefits like polyphenols and stuff like
that it’s just not quite to a level of
coffee so let me show you kind of the
process of making this so the first step
is I start heating up my water and so
the way I do that is I use this little
water heater which is runs on a 12 volt
system so you’ve probably seen these
things this is the type of plug that
plugs into your car the cigarette
lighter slot on your car and I just plug
this in to this battery which is
connected to my solar panel you hear a
beep and I this this one gallon it’s
like a it’s for milking cows but I use
it for storing my water and I just pour
it in here put the lid on
and I pushed the boil button when I go
do all the other things all right while
that’s water is boiling I’m going to
start putting the ingredients into this
thermos the advantage of a thermos is
obviously it’s going to stay warm for a
long period of time and since I’m
drinking 1,500 calories that’s not
something I’m going to down all at once
and so it actually lasts me all the way
from in the morning all the way up until
I have lunch and actually sometimes I’m
still drinking a little bit after I’ve
had lunch so what I do is I put 1
tablespoon of chocolate powder and I use
this long table spoon because I have to
use this because when this gets low I
have to be able to scoop all the way
down there and I really like getting my
hand in there and then I put so one
tablespoon of the chocolate powder and
that seems to be enough and also it’s
nice because then I don’t have to buy
this stuff all the time it goes a long
way and then I have 6 tablespoons of the
caprylic acid and 6 tablespoons of the
ghee so a tablespoon of either of these
is roughly about 125 calories so times 6
I believe that’s 1,500 calories by
itself so something I want to mention to
you if you’re going to start drinking
fat for breakfast in some form don’t
start it at 6 tablespoons butter and 6
tablespoons of coconut oil you’re gonna
get sick you’re not gonna feel very good
and when I first started there’s no way
I could have done this I’ve been
drinking this for probably almost two
years now and I started I think one
tablespoon of each and that’s what I
would say if you were gonna do it
probably start at one tablespoon and if
you get if you feel like not so good in
your stomach at that point like ease off
on the caprylic acid a little bit but it
doesn’t take too long I’d say a few
weeks to start ramping up I’d say it
probably takes longer than that to get
up to 1,500 calories though so I’ll just
gonna show you I’m not gonna do the
whole process burn you it takes kind of
a long time but I’ll I’ll show you one
scoop of each thing okay first I put in
the single scoop of chocolate powder
just a level scoop and I like to stick
the spoon down in there turn it upside
down and pop it so that it comes out
then I take the caprylic acid
I put the spoon kind of sitting on top
here and I tilt it just a little bit so
if it overflows it pours into the
thermos and not all over the place
so there we go and then I just tilt it
and I do that five more times then I
just take a big scoop of Doug it’s warm
out here normally this stuff’s pretty
solid it’s a little bit starting to
liquefy a little bit and I have to use
my thumb to get it out usually just drop
it in there and then do that five more
so again if you’re going to have this I
would say you probably want to stop
right there
and then ease into it and I don’t know
I’ve never actually heard of anyone
having 1500 calories if this was a lot
of people who are having this sort of
thing for their breakfast I’ve never
heard of anyone doing quite this much
except maybe Dave Asprey or something
like that and I don’t even think he does
that anymore so I just say start low so
the water is reached nearly boiling I
tend to not to let it quite get to
boiling just because it kind of
overflows and the water starts to steam
off and I lose the water I add the water
at this point
and then I put the lid on and I leave it
for about just a couple minutes to let
the butter melt because the next step is
to mix it and you don’t want to do that
while the butter is solid and now the
last step is to mix it and this part is
really important because your body has a
tough time digesting fat because in
order to get it into the bloodstream it
kind of needs to mix in with the water
and as you know oil doesn’t mix with
water so what it usually does is it
creates a compound in various organs
which helps the the fat mix with the
water but the thing is if you’re
drinking like really like large amounts
that’s not normal the body’s not going
to be like oh yeah we can totally handle
that so what you want to do is you want
to break the fat down into tiny tiny
tiny little droplets to make its job way
easier and so blend when I when I lived
in a house I would just use like a real
high power blender but I found that I
can do the same with just a milk frother
and this is a cool little thing because
I can use can charge it with a USB cable
so anything that can charge USB can
charge this thing so just take this I
added a little after the butter melted I
add a little bit of cold water to it
just to fill it up to about here so that
when it’s done I can actually drink it
and then I just turn it on high slowly
go in there
let it mix for a little bit
so I usually do this for about 30
seconds to a minute so once it’s done
mixing it’s good to go ready to drink
and once I’m done with that I just put
the lid on and if it’s been sitting for
a while the fat can tend to settle on
the top and so what I’ll do is I’ll pick
it up I’ll turn it over once and then
open it so if I if I shake it and then
open it especially when the water is
still really hot it tends to go and
spray all over the place and it makes a
pretty messy situation so just something
that I like to think about I think of
the butter and the coconut oil is
basically like condensed liquefied
energy from the Sun like liquids Sun
energy and the the coconut oil comes
from a from a tree a tree is taking the
sunlight is taking the soil and it’s
kind of using water in that process and
it’s creating a compound which when you
drink it it’s just it gives you the
energy to do everything that you do and
it’s the same thing for the the butter
and the ghee the cow it drinks it drinks
the water it eats the grass and it
absorbs the sunlight in its skin and it
turns all of that into pure energy so
just something to think about and I
definitely recommend this I think that
if you’ll if you try it out you’ll
notice how much better you feel and so
if you want to do the intermittent
fasting type thing this is all that you
drink and you don’t eat anything in the
morning make sure you’re not having any
protein or any sugars of any kind just
fat and go all the way until like one or
two and then at that point you can eat
up to you know a couple hours before
bedtime and then you can just keep
repeating that and again I’ll put links
about all the benefits of ketosis
intermittent fasting ghee coconut oil
all that stuff in the description below
so thanks for stopping by and I hope to
see you next time

Randall Smitham



  1. James Hinkle Posted on February 5, 2018 at 3:30 am

    my grandfarther and I mad a stove that hooked to the bumper and we heated it with the exahust of the engine, it never touched the meat or pie or cake the heat went around the inner chamber then out, we put milk in a bucket and hung it on the bumbper with a hook and had butter and bread we pulled over alot to base or check on food we also used the heat of the engine to cook it was really good,

  2. James Hinkle Posted on February 5, 2018 at 3:32 am

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  3. James Hinkle Posted on February 5, 2018 at 3:39 am

    I am going to try that drink do you get hungry when you take it, hey you know you make vitiam d from the sun yes your body photo

  4. James Hinkle Posted on February 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    this is the year of the bike, the van broke down and It is gone and my wife and I decided to use bike instead , I am having withdrawl syptom not having a car any suggestions, I have always had a car but the bike are working to

  5. James Hinkle Posted on February 10, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    you ok I have not seen any video lately,

  6. overunitydotcom Posted on April 24, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    I really have to try that ! many many thanks for this great information. By the way your videos did not work today on DTube..

  7. JB_vaporz Posted on May 29, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Coffee doesn't affect me my morning is an egg or two
    Then a blended drink
    Good pinch of wheat grass
    Two spoons of chia seeds
    And depending on mood spinach and kail or a couple pieces of fruit

  8. Scott Cutler Posted on June 17, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Thanks for your informative videos! What is the brand of the milk frother with usb charging?

  9. DarkpowderUK Posted on April 3, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Cahlen brother: Here's some tips, i've done Keto for years now. Thanks for bringing this to some more people.
    – If you are training, you'll need to maintain a good protein intake
    – Calories still count, fats can't be eaten as much as you like. In summary insulin theory of fat loss has been debunked. Insulin does store fat but energy balance dictates fat gain, NOT insulin. Storing fat and getting fat are NOT the same thing. You get fat in a caloric surplus
    – ketogains.com is pretty useful for people who do a lot of athletic work.
    – In terms of intermittant fasting, "fat-fasting" is what you are doing, isn't quite doing what you need in terms of a good long term liver cleanse. Try an eight hour eating window, followed by 16 hours (overnight) before you have your keto drink/coffee etc in the morning. Once people (like you) are fat adapted, you can actually fast fully (other than water) until say 10-11 (after 16hours or so, and then start your keto drinks in the morning :D)
    – And for those new to it, you will get carb-flu when you first start Keto, so just eat some more fats if you get hungry. Avoid everything sweet tasting to start with, sweeteners, sugar substitutes etc. until your sugar addiction goes. Also make sure you have plenty of magnesium, potassium and vitamin D in your diet – as well as SALT your FOOD, as Insulin is your mineral transport system in your body (well one part of it) – you'll need to up your healthy salt intake to maintain this, otherwise your body will flush your minerals down the drain.
    – I do about 1100 calories for breakfast

    Hit me up if you want to chat man, and I'll line out some more things with you 😉