April 4, 2020
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what’s up guys it’s Iva Scelfo
welcome to my channel and welcome to the last day of my 30 days keto diet summer
transformation challenge I can’t even believe it but yes it is truth today is
the last day of my challenge it doesn’t mean that my keto journey ends on the
contrary I do really love this lifestyle so I’m definitely gonna keep on doing
what I’m doing I can’t wait after this day is over to actually sit down and
make a video for you about insights about tips about how we felt during
these 30 days and most importantly the results inches kilogram pounds whatever
you wish for we going to deliver so you definitely want to subscribe and hit
that Bell button so you get notified and you do not miss the video when we
actually gonna reveal our results I’m ready to break my fast it’s about two
o’clock so I’m gonna make some lunch I completely forgot that I have this
sausage still in the fridge from the last time when we growth it’s been like
four or five days well buy tested it and it’s still good so I’m gonna heat up
this thing I’m gonna make a little bit of lettuce I’m gonna add some grape
tomatoes of five of black olives and I’m gonna fry up one egg it is Oh awesome but look at the yo hey
guys it’s Rob it is about 12 o’clock I’m breaking my fast a little early today
cuz work ordered us lunch again and I always kind of pack also a lunch with me
just because I never know what they’re gonna get and if it’s gonna be you know
keto friendly and it turned out that they got like a barbecue so there was I
just stay away from like the mac and cheese and the bread and there was like
roasted beans so I stayed away from that there was actually a lot I could have so
let me show you what I have so we got some barbecued chicken got some sausage
and a piece of ribs and a whole lot of awesome looking coleslaw also brought my
own lunch a lot of food here I got lettuce wraps with some turkey and
cheese topped with some Thousand Island dressing and tomato and a lettuce wrap
so brought some string cheese for a snack and some salami which I’ll have
later and I brought some roasted garlic
dressing with some chopped vegetables some cucumber and celery so I am
probably going to I don’t even know I’m not gonna eat all this that’s what’s for
lunch it’s about three o’clock I am ready to make myself another cup of
coffee and I think I’m gonna try one of these quest bars we got the other day
I’m gonna try this quest hero protein bar this one it’s chocolate caramel
pecan flavor can’t wait I’m gonna just eat a half of it because it’s just too
sweet for me I really don’t have a big sweet tooth and if I do I really just
need a little bit to satisfy so I’m gonna try it and let you know how I like
it so did I like it no I loved it this is
honest I’m a I ate half of it as it’s really sweet
but it was so so good this one’s definitely gonna make the list of my top
of the favorites one hey and by the way I would love to know which one is your
favorite quest bar so please leave me a comment down below look at it guys so
one more day to go yeah we made it by the way if you did miss yesterday’s vlog
it was Rob’s birthday so you should definitely watch it it was a fun day and
I actually made this kita a birthday cake for the first time it turned out
amazing it was so delicious so if you’re interesting in the recipe or si would
rob God for his birthday then I’m gonna link the video in the description and on
the end of this video if you watched my previous vlog I told you we got this
Aikido fiber supplements so I want to give it a try today I’m gonna take one
scoop and let’s see what I have to say I’m pretty surprised I I don’t know why
I kind of expected it to taste awful but it tastes pretty good obviously it has a
little texture at as it is a fiber but it has like this licorice a cinnamon ish
taste to it and I do really like it I think it’s gonna be amazing if you put
it in the tea as they suggest they say put it in the water tea or coffee I
think tea will be excellent choice we’re gonna test it out for quite a bit so we
can give you an honest and good review on this product and tell you if it did
help us or not so you gonna have to wait for it for a little bit I’m gonna
marinate some chicken for tonight’s dinner
so I defrosted two chicken breasts and I mixed it up my marinade which I always
use extra virgin olive oil soy sauce this sugar-free honey barbecue sauce and
then this wing sauce and I all just except together and let the chicken
marinate for about hour or two as a side dish I just checked bunch of veggies I
had some zucchini bell peppers of all sorts of colors and some mushrooms it is
a pretty big amount of vegetable so I hope we’re gonna have some leftovers for
tomorrow as I still do have leftover of that barbecue pork so I was thinking we
can pair it up and have it as a leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch look guys who I found here resting I bet
she had a very busy day lying on my carpet here she goes I tie it five
o’clock I’m feeling a little hungry so I’m just gonna quickly make me some
snack so I’m just gonna have six slices of black forest ham and two slices of
Muenster cheese and this is how I do it I just gonna make this little rolled ups
and this time I’m not gonna fry it in the pan as I’m lazy I’m just gonna pop
it in the microwave and I’m gonna have some Claussen because with it
and I just took them out of the microwave i microwaved it for about 45
seconds just until the cheese perfectly masked yeah these roll-ups are really great
keto snack you don’t have to even heat them up if you can’t but I do really
prefer them fry it up in a pan with a little bit of Kerrygold butter it’s just
it tastes better but if you don’t have time you can eat it cold or just pop it
in the microwave like I did and it’s really great you can taste the fatty
cheese in it it’s gonna keep me full till dinner so I do really like having
dough’s pretty often chicken is on the grill so I’m melting and one tablespoon
of curry goat butter so I can saute my vegetable stew go with it I also feel
three gloves of garlic which I’m gonna shred in with the veggies it’s gonna be
sort of vegetable so actually I’m gonna use some salt pepper onion powder and
oregano leaves through the spice it all up and here it is the barbecue chicken
and vegetable ratatouille Bon Appetit dinner was delicious I love
this veggie Cambodia’s ratatouille I haven’t had it in a long time you have
to little watch for the carbs though as peppers are generally a little higher in
carbs but my overall all-day carb intake was pretty low so I could afford it to
have that yummy thing for dinner and as I mentioned I have some leftovers
ratatouille this is the barbecue pork from yesterday or the day before a
losing track and then some sauerkraut so it’s for me and wrap for tomorrow’s
lunch so guys let’s wrap up the authority of the 30 days keto diet
summer transformation challenge are you gonna miss us don’t worry I’ll be back
with other videos I’m gonna be making plenty of or full day of eating’s and
recipes and tips and tricks on keto you’re gonna be seeing a lot of us mmm
so let’s just wrap up this video it says you did it yeah guys well this
Kingo of my fridge maybe we find some other challenge we can do like the squat
challenge maybe well day 30 of the 30 days keto diet summer transformation
challenge is done so is the entire challenge it was a pleasure I’m very
happy you guys were able to join us and I hope you enjoy all of these videos if
you did enjoyed today’s video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe
us I’ll be back and most importantly we’ll be back with wrap together to tell
you our results of this 30 days keto challenge so hit the build button so you
get notified and you don’t miss it and I’ll see you soon right you

Randall Smitham



  1. VIVIANA DASILVA Posted on August 14, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    Amazing Job both of you!… your personality was awsome and the recipes so helpful and delicious… I found myself waiting for all your videos this past 30 days… The fact that you guys did it as a couple is even more valuable…. Great job overall and thanks for all the tips and good info ♡

  2. Wealth Creation TV Posted on August 14, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    haha your rabbit is the cutest. I love your meal choices. They seem so easy and simple. Cant wait to see how much weight loss you had on your keto diet journey in the next video

  3. m99 Posted on August 15, 2018 at 1:28 am

    WTG Rob on eating right at work. Wish I could say the same!! And WTG Iva for having such enthusiasm on this challenge without fail. I've enjoyed all 30 days and can't wait to see what you two come up with next. I'm looking forward to seeing your results! I love that you guys did it together good for you. 🙂