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KETOGENIC GROCERY HAUL | Lulu Hypermarket Eqaila Kuwait | JAH LEONES

hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s
Misha and today over the time I’m grossly Cassie who’s nothing stuck at
weekend neon so Magan dumpin home para maja family mnemonic island for art
people Susu latina Sabatino things to do within
palette and base now foods to buy an eponymous Ilana the guerrilla stop or
Paramatma convenient pero having a go grocery Mohammed be no Padma Wilson
while I necessarily score my columns on it dry for a change
cosmic on keto diet mcstick Odense Muhammad Ali lambda to enlarge shot in
the neck the trabajo a major complicated on go in Kalama young young time much
annum air for so mossis I am shocked Tina Tina : a guy in the madalina mansion massara so
tanana guys a community dear interpreter guys because marathon
Malou Istanbul are you normal to the extreme get ready listen up for me maybe I’m gonna gather so identify guys naina Angela a Muslim
can take a soap from humid syllabus also from a minute and certainly not in the
husband Milan up a building happen Vanina wanting Piniella at settlin con
tu serais lead Alma Paha in attract a syllabus fontanel emotion and Islam
inaho San anaranjado so I know abominable eco guys and we run a grocery
store nothing typical la la Rosa pair of spring mix an alum community endemic
upon our portobello mushroom asuma sarutobi
tapas lagina party parameter McGinn Bunyan then asparagus Louis parables romaine lettuce America mr. already
fighting it’s all set up – terrified Jeremy Thomas from Alicia means I’m a part
coconut oil and cumin and white meat tuna in water do you know apple cider
Ellen is Emily proceed a patina Kooyong raw unpasteurized and fill the
facilitator with the matter marinum I’d better clean ringing very aged cheese
chambray whipped cream women with Korean singer Miley the host
milk P women leading a phenom
strawberry essence that was demonic haunting olives SML Agosta olives
minsang topic I imagine of Omaha Montana high income we saw him all leaves an
open tangle now in my course to mark on our turkey political encoding burnished
my solid post Omaha Khan and Salman salmon
find some type of champagne when on the intercom take a slice Jessica harp on
the biblical names in Asarco pnina American Natasa marabou milling up was
nervous Illumina salam-o-alaikum chicken breast a simile plumbing resna me Lito
biblical madam a mop or AHA Telugu in China model a special place paramahamsa
seven down milling graph normal of a little person means chicken killing
anyone of course it’ll need to meet you must
not eat non squares they’re all check up check Oh si
Anisha prolonging zero grams so what in our own letters let iceberg lettuce tomato certainly of course
avvocato that long pyramid otherwise your whole thing on your champagne I am
polio soul food not two weeks with God their entire on kpop I see a man in my
people time at Masonic Nam agglutinin sorry lemon vodka in and 9j gonna Mancha
papadelis on Sarkozy in 90 thank you so much for watching and I hope you like
the video don’t forget to Like and subscribe

Randall Smitham



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