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Ketone Supplements – Do They Work? -supporting the keto diet for weightloss

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In this video today, we
are delving into ketones.
Now, it was originally believed
that the body could never
survive without glucose
as the brain needs glucose to survive.
Otherwise, it will die which is true.
However, the body is very clever
that with these ketones
that it breaks down fats
into a usable energy source
allows to pass through the
blood brain barrier to the brain
to give the brain exactly
what it needs to survive.
Okay, so let’s look more
closely at these ketones.
As I mentioned, ketones
are produced in the liver
by the mitochondria.
So when the body increases these ketones,
it also creates a process known
as mitochondrial biogenesis.
So this is just a fancy term.
All it means is that it now has more
of those power factories inside the body.
So the original workload
that it had before
is now shared evenly around the body
with more of those mitochondria.
Ultimately, this means
that your body can function
more effectively.
So if you wanted to increase your ketones,
there are two methods.
One, endogenous ketones
and two, exogenous ketones.
Endogenous ketones just means
that it is created naturally
from within the body
whilst exogenous ketones
means that it is from
an external source from the body.
So I go into more detail
of the endogenous ketones
in another video which
is titled What is Ketosis
if you’d like to watch that one
but for this video, we’re
just going to be focusing
on exogenous ketones.
Exogenous ketones, put very simply,
exogenous ketones are
introduced into the body
via an oral supplement that you drink.
These ketone supplements
put you into a guaranteed
state of ketosis within a very short time.
Essentially, it synthesizes
all of the benefits
of being on a ketogenic diet.
These exogenous ketones
were created in 2014
by Professor Dom D’Agostino.
Now, Professor Dom D’Agostino
was contracted and funded
by the US Navy Seals.
So the US Navy wanted
to improve the mental
and physical performance of their divers.
So Professor Dom D’Agostino went ahead
and studied the ketogenic diet
and he managed to
replicate the same effects
via these exogenous ketones
without all of the strict
adherence to a ketogenic diet.
Okay, so what does this mean for you?
Well, it means by taking these supplements
that you will be in a
guaranteed state of ketosis
within 30 minutes.
So the benefits of taking
these supplements are multiple.
Some examples are things like
improved mental clarity and focus.
You will have neuroprotection.
So there’s multiple clinical
studies showing improvements
from patients suffering
from Alzheimer’s disease,
epilepsy and Parkinson’s.
You will have an elevation of your mood.
You will have a decrease
in the inflammation
of your digestive system.
It will lower the cravings for sugar
and it will also lower your
appetite so you will eat less.
It will improve your physical performance
and it will also burn body fat
and it lowers the biggest hormone
that is responsible for weight gain
and that is insulin resistance.
In fact, there’s over 24 benefits
of following a ketogenic diet.
So for those of you who are looking
to implement a keto diet,
these ketone supplements are an ideal way
to transition from the
old sugar carbohydrates
to now using fats as your fuel.
So exogenous ketone
supplements help to support you
or supplement you through
the adaption phase.
When it comes to how effective
the ketone supplement is,
you will need to go to
the ingredient label
and check the amount of BHB per serve.
Now, some brands hide
behind a proprietary blend
and will not disclose the
amount of BHB per serve.
Other brands have more transparency.
That way, you can compare
one product with another
to make a better decision.
Some brands also have
additional ingredients added
apart from the BHB that will
give you far more benefits
whilst other brands
you would need to purchase
those ingredients separately.
Taste is very important.
If you have to drink an oral supplement,
it goes without saying
it has to taste good.
If you are looking to use
a ketogenic diet long-term
and want to keep using these
exogenous ketone supplements,
it needs to be reasonably priced
to go into your lifestyle.
So the one that ticked
all of those boxes for me
was this one, Keto Switch.
It’s produced by an
Australian manufacturer,
Switch Nutrition.
So in summary, if you are
looking to get a kickstart
into the ketogenic diet,
grab yourself one of these
and if you’re watching this
video all the way to the end now
then I’ve got a very
special offer for you.
So I’m offering 10% off the
recommended retail price
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So I’ve put the coupon code
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So let me know how you go with that.
I love hearing success stories.
So please put your questions
or comments down below
and I look forward to seeing
you on the next video.

Randall Smitham