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KETOSIS | Keto Diet | Bodyprocoach | Fatloss Diet | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair | Fitness Experts.

Aright are you looking fat loss muscle
gain and look good naked
then you’re in the right place a very
warm welcome to BodyProCoach this is
Praveen and I’m Maahek and today we are here
to discuss about ketosis, ketogenic diet,
ketones they all are the same so let’s
quickly move on to the pie diagram
that’s gonna give you a brief about
ketosis so basically a ketogenic diet
comprises of a diet which includes really
less amount of carbohydrates that’s
about 5% of carbs from your daily intake it
consumes about 25% of your protein
intake that means moderate protein
throughout the day, the whole day it
comprises maximum the day the whole day
you’re gonna be staying morely on fats
so it’s gonna be high amount of fats
approximately 70% of your day intake of
your food will be from fat sources let’s
hear more in detail about it so what is
ketosis? ketones are the byproduct of the
fat burning now when does it happen
it happens when the body depletes the
carbohydrates or the glycogen the body
start using fat as a source of energy in a
very simple we being Indians we end up
eating a lot of carbohydrates rice, roti,
bread, pasta pretty much all the fruits
are even into that stage of fructose or
glucose or glycogen in the level
of it so we need to specifically
avoid those forms of food in order to
use ketones as a source of energy now
let’s quickly move on how you can test
ketosis yeah now ketosis can be tested
in three ways the easiest way is through
the urine strips so you can get it from
the pharmacy you can test it through
your urine the higher the color code on
the urine that means if it is purple on
the shade card that means you’re on a good
level of ketosis that’s the easiest way
ideally the second way would be a breath so
you could check ketosis even by breath
the third and the most accurate way is
through your blood ketones it’s kind of
little expensively but the most accurate
way where you can check the blood
ketones so now let’s talk about the
benefits of keto why do we do ketosis as
in a whole ketones or ketosis diet is
great when it comes to stable the blood
sugar levels it’s great for weight loss,
it’s great for fat loss and the science studies
says that it’s a great energy for the
brain which means that it’s going to keep
you really active through the entire day
so ketogenic diet basically has enormous
benefit even with regards to your hormonals getting in balance and stuff like
that alright guys, stay tuned with us in
the channel because we’re gonna bring in
more videos on ketosis, more videos on
fitness so in ketosis we’re gonna get in
videos about how to check ketosis,
what to eat in ketosis and how to stay
in ketosis for a long period of time
alright what foods to avoid in ketosis
so there are going to be a lot of videos
more coming up please stay tuned to our
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Randall Smitham



  1. Arihant Nahar Posted on September 26, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    Can it be done on a regular basis ? Benefits and side effects !