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time to educate the masses hey guys
Chinna nation here neasha actually took off work early today to come home and
make this video because she knew she knew I couldn’t do it alone so yeah so
here we are we have been working on this recipe for about a month and I think
we’ve got it perfected enough to share with you guys you’ll be able to tweak
this whichever direction you want to go for taste but this is basically going to
do away with the keto flu so if you’re just starting the ketogenic way of
eating then you’re gonna want some of this yeah we tried to hit as many nails
with the hammer as we possibly could we nail this hopefully we’ll see you let us
know okay so let’s go with what you need first so you can go get your stuff you
can hit the pause button and then you can make it with us okay to the store
and then all right yeah take us with you to the store another thing we try to do
is keep the rent the ingredients simple so that you don’t have to you know go
three counties away to find something alright so obviously the main thing is
going to be water we like sparkling water because it makes
it a little bit more like a soda type taste in your mouth and Sanpellegrino
it’s just life so this is what we’re gonna put on as our main base so if
you’re trying to kick a soda addiction this is going to give you that little
bite that you like the little fears and also Sanpellegrino has no fluoride or is
very very low fluoride so that was a bonus obviously we don’t call this soda
we don’t call soda soda in the south we call it coke yeah but we figured you
guys would not that’s a good southern ism they should
know that so if you ever come to Tennessee you order a coat and that
could be a dr. pepper Pepsi Mountain Dew whatever but you call it a coke I’m
gonna have a coke and then they’ll say which kind that’s that’s a southern us
thing I don’t know we don’t call it pop or soda if you call it pop or soda in
the South will judge you silently but no judge will say oh they from around here
alright so the second most important ingredient is apple cider vinegar you
gotta get the right kind you can’t just go and get any apple cider better um our
favorite is Bragg’s really it makes a huge difference then it has the mother
so you down at the bottom I’m gonna do a roll when I shake this ya always shake
the Bragg’s so apple cider vinegar has many many health benefits it can help
with heartburn reflux gastritis it can if you take some of it before a meal it
can help keep your blood sugar spike down it also helps you digest other
things better okay multiple multiple good things can you think many other
good things heartburn it’s it’s it’s like magic for heartburn if you take any
of the acid blockers you need to stop that even if you have to wean them down
you need to stop the acid blockers and use this instead Anisha
Maria just turns it up and takes the swig I have to mix it with water cuz I
ain’t tough like that alright next is no salt I think in Canada its new salt it’s
called mu salt or no salt or light salt in Australia I think but the main angry
this is potassium potassium chloride there’s actually 640 milligrams in a
quarter of a teaspoon and how much you need is about four to five thousand
milligrams a day for the average person next ingredient
unprocessed sea salt it can be pink it can be gray can be black it needs to be
unprocessed and ours is pink maybe pink don’t spill the salt you know in our
container so cute and that’s that’s Jesse next is liquid stevia doesn’t
matter what brand just make sure it doesn’t have anything added to it it’s
just pure stevia you’ll we’ll go over how much you need when we actually start
making it that’s the next grant and then half alive over half a lemon
we’ll use the juice out of this this in a quart which is what we’ll be making
this amount of juice is not enough to elevate your insulin level so this
technically can be used when you’re fasting this also has zero carbs so it’s
not going to elevate your insulin level so you should be able to and then this
is a little little bit of sweet taste but not enough to break your fast
because we’re only going to put what five drops all right and then the last
ingredient is if you want to put it in there a lot of people are like the smell
of the apple cider vinegar if you have an essential oil that is the highest
grade that is ingestible you have to have ingest able essential oils to do
this if you don’t probably die seriously don’t do it probably won’t die but you
shouldn’t you shouldn’t use it if it’s not for if you don’t use random choice
obviously it is young living they’re the best and that’s just all there is to it
they actually have a whole line they’re labeled specifically for ingestion
they’re actually FDA approved for ingestion that’s pretty big deal for
essential oils they are my go-to brand and here I have tangerine spearmint
peppermint orange and lemon and we’re not gonna put all those in there
it’s just whatever you want and so we’ve been experimenting with this for a while
but I she didn’t mind but I couldn’t get over when I went to take a sip the smell
and so this genius figured out that if you put a drop maybe two but usually one
drop of your favorite essential oil it completely hides the apple cider vinegar
smell completely so you’re getting health benefits health benefits health
benefits health benefits right right right
and you are basically eliminating the keto flu by sipping on this keto aid
yeah yeah that’s pretty cool right and you’ll want to make it in glass just
because we don’t want to use plastic first of all but secondly very
importantly if you’re using a real essential oil this stuff will eat
through plastic okay you want to put this first I feel like
we should do this okay yeah sounds good so let me start with the Ramona did you
know that lines are just lemons that have stayed on the tray longer the
lemons are just limes they don’t stay on the tree longer I think that’s it yellow
it’s been there longer okay it’s off to different treatment it’s the same yeah
it would kind of confused me I didn’t know what to think about it and how many
drops of make sure you’re careful with these little droppers because if you
school you that like it just shoots out and then you don’t know how much you put
in there Bob drops got it yep I’ll put stuff back here so everybody can keep up
with what we’ve done so far I actually saw another expert on YouTube
used Bragg’s but he didn’t check it up and I was a little bit disappointed all
right so we’re gonna put one ounce of the apple cider there which is basically basically shot glass
if you have a shot glass good start glass is about 1 ounce oh okay and we go
next so we got the Bragg’s next assault Salter we’re pitting in here we’re gonna
god it’s got me I’m telling you man oh okay 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 of it unprocessed
sea salt color of your choice this is 1/4 of a teaspoon so I’m just gonna do
two of these because we’ve lost a half teaspoons bit and the salt goes a long
way towards hiding the apple cider vinegar taste potassium just bought it
for this video break a nail to these so 1/2 teaspoon and this is
gonna be a little salty tasting and that’s okay because we’re gonna have
some other flavors in here to kind of mix it up now okay so this is a quart
jar it’s reacting with this stuff that’s how you know you got something good
going on that’s right loved it oh gosh it’s like you know it’s like the
volcanoes why don’t we really found up a lot good
and then which oil do you thinks gonna be the best please take away the smell I
would go with cinnamon or our thieves essential oil which they also come in a while
label sounds good is it oil ah if medium it’s not too big I think it’ll
drop evilly but not cinnamon okay very concentrated you don’t want three or
four drops or you won’t be able to drink it up things if you have thing that’s
still strong because you don’t actually want to get the essential oil like right
in your mouth that’s gonna taste horrible but if you stick a straw in it
you’ll get the smell and the essence but you won’t actually suck up that oil just
the pure oil because it is gonna float around and you don’t want that and
remember to start it with metal or glass because this has an essential oil which
will eat plastic that’s just how fragile plastic is always like the maximum
health benefits from every ship can be increased or decreased according to your
preference I can’t smell the apple cider vinegar don’t know if you were new to
essential oils I do not work them including more than one drop you’ve been
doing it since it wills for a while you already know how much you think one drop
should usually do the trick though when it comes to anything and we’re gonna
post the recipe down below but you’re welcome to it’s good right yes it’s a
little salty but you cannot taste that oh yeah it’s almost like a ginger ale a
little bit I think it’s just like kombucha so if you’re a kombucha over
this is your jam it tastes just like it and it’s got the fizz if you don’t put
essential oils in it like it’s pure kombucha
if you put this into oil and it takes a little bit of that away so if you hang
kombucha then add this into oil as if you love them go Jenna you’re on a roll
– this stuff is life-changing I had storytime I drank a little vodka the
other night and how it really affects me much more since I’ve been doing keto so
I felt really crummy and so we made some of this and I
immediately after drinking it felt brought back to normal like it helped my
system flush out so it’s almost a little detox II as well so yeah absolutely
and then after you drink if you do go out and party a little or if you just
start a keto you’re gonna have electrolyte imbalances right they’re not
going to be optimized and so you might feel crummy after or not a drinking or
after you’ve just started keto this is going to give you your sodium your
potassium your chloride you got all kinds of acid that’s good for your
stomach people think acids bad but you want acid
in your stomach right then we’ve got some good essential oils that came out
of the the peeling of the line plus the juice itself to give it a little flavor
and then wonderful essential oils that are full of helpful benefits yeah
and so you’re gonna pour it look at this now is this an extra or what I’m gonna
say anything about this this is not mine this is my birthstone in it I’m just
Lydia my favorite youtuber is she had one and so I can actually take it out
can touch the crystal yeah don’t touch my crystal sorry and you can take it out
so you can put the bottle and then what huh dishwasher a bit but not the crystal yeah and so now you’ve got Tito aid on
the go right you can literally take this to work with you put it in the fridge
and you got it it’s got a little fear so you don’t you’re not tempted by the Coke
machine or the pop machine or the soda machine right and you’ve got all these
good things that are gonna keep your electrolytes right where they need to be
so that you can rock the ketogenic diet okay so if you enjoyed this recipe and
you’re gonna give it a try give us a thumbs up maybe even get Siri hit the
subscribe button we’re gonna post this on my youtube and Nisha’s youtube I
don’t know are we no I think it should be online I don’t know we’ll see it’s
gonna be on one of our YouTube channels and I want you guys to leave us a
comment how you would tweak this recipe what would be your favorite essential
oil would you use lemon or lime would you use stevia or monk for an extract
would you use more or less of this what would you do leave it in the comments
below that’s so good I can’t do this I could
do all day long mmm it’s kinda like pickle juice a
little too I feel like this is very pickle juicing if you like her just
didn’t like I don’t know it’s like the feeling yeah yeah yeah I guess it’s
because all the good healthy salt in there and you guys know by now surely if
you’re subscribed to me already that salt is not a nutrient of concern you
can have as much salt as you need to keep your electrolytes balanced salt
does not increase your risk of heart attack or stroke or any other bad thing
salt is good for you not bad alright so I hope you enjoyed this video we love
you so much make sure you get those thumbs if you
have in some this is derivation

Randall Smitham