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Kewpie Mayonnaise Recipe – Original Japanese Mayo Recipes

Hi everyone, welcome back to another video
recipe, I’m Chef Devaux and today I am going to show you guys how to make this stuff — Kewpie
Mayonnaise or Japanese Mayonnaise, awesome stuff. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s
get straight into it — let’s go. Okay so first off what you want to do is you
want to mix some sugar, some lemon juice and a little bit of rice vinegar in a bowl. Add
about half a teaspoon of mustard, perfect, and a little pinch of salt. Some would call
that maybe half a teaspoon. And then you just mix it up. If you want the measurements for
the rest of the ingredients then click on the link on the top left corner and that will
take you to a recipe page where all the ingredients will be listed and their amounts.
Just basically dissolve the sugar into this liquid. Now you add your vinegar mixture to
your egg yolks, make sure it’s all nicely added, close your food processor and blend.
Once the egg yolks are mixed properly like so you want to start adding your canola oil.
If you don’t have canola oil you can use grape-seed oil and as a last resort you could use vegetable
oil. You want to start adding very little while the machine is on and start incrementing
as you progress. Make sure it’s nicely incorporated. Add little by little at first, but in a continuous
stream. Alright, so the mayonnaise is now done, it’s
really thick and dense and it’s not quite there where you want it to be. Now you want
to add a little bit of warm Dashi Stock and you want to incorporate it slowly, the more
you incorporate the more liquidy it will be, the less incorporated the thinner, so just
find your preference, but at least the amount that is in the recipe on the link that has
just appeared on the top left corner of your screen. Just incorporate it slowly.
Alright perfect, that’s perfect, just the right density, just the right thickness, right
taste — I could start factoring it. I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe. Stick
around for the end and give it a try. It’s fun to do, you have to do it at least once.
You feel like you’ve accomplished something, creating something from nothing.
Okay thank you for watching this video recipe How to Make Kewpie Mayonnaise. I hope you
guys enjoyed it, I know I did and I really suggest you guys go make Kewpie Mayonnaise
at least once, or just mayonnaise in general. It’s a life experience, it’s like sky-diving,
you do it once, check it off your bucket list and you’re good to go.
Now if you want to see more of my videos because you loved this video a lot then check out
all my other videos by clicking on the right, right now. And one last thing, if you’re not
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It’s completely free and you’ll be updated whenever new videos are released which is
usually around Wednesdays. I try to go for Wednesdays, if it’s not Wednesday you know,
I’m human so forgive me. Anyway, until next week, good-bye.

Randall Smitham



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