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Kidney Disease: What you should know to improve your kidney health and avoid kidney failure

after being diagnosed with chronic
kidney disease I was at a loss of what to do so I’m gonna share with you what I
discovered during the first year of fighting and beating chronic kidney
disease that improve my health that more coming right up hello kidney warriors! James here with
Dadvice TV, your online kidney health coach and this is video number 58
documenting my journey from stage 5 kidney failure up to the amazing high
energy person I am today at stage 3 now in this video I’m gonna share with you
what I think were the most important things that I discovered during my very
first year fighting kidney disease and kicking it to the curb things that I
wish I would have known right in the very beginning now Before we jump into
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you agree with me that we need to make changes to fight kidney disease to delay
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it a thumbs up and if you know someone who’s also fighting chronic kidney
disease share this video with them I share my story hoping it will help
educate you and motivate you and inspire you to take charge of your treatment
strategy you are a key part of getting better and without you your doctors may
not give you the best treatment strategy now let’s jump right on in to the great
things that I want to share today alright first and this one is a
mind-blower kidney specialist known as nephrologist are still trying to figure
out exactly how the best treat people have chronic kidney disease the
old-school method was just to be quiet watch it declines when he started
getting pretty bad tell you to watch your sodium and drink more water and
maybe avoid a few things like potassium and phosphorus but eventually you’re
gonna need dialysis that’s not treatment that is torture but
that is what so many nephrologists still used to this day and the core of that
problem is a lack of proper education your kidney specialist got barely any
nutritional training practically a pamphlet worth is what they got when
they were in medical school they don’t look at the body as the whole and look
at all the little problems they don’t refer people to dieticians often or soon
enough and when they speak to us they speak over our head it’s as if they’re
speaking another language and they think we went to medical school also and the
lack of education doesn’t stop there it continues to us the patient who actually
is suffering with chronic kidney disease we try to get information from our
doctors but we don’t understand what they’re talking about because they don’t
understand us and very few of them have empathy to take the time to figure out
how to properly talk to us so you grab those brochures and those little guides
that you get at your doctor’s office those are no help they’re written so
high level that most people can’t understand them and the information
again is too general it’s too broad and it’s often missing key information that
you really need to make yourself better educating yourself is extremely
important and it never stops when you have chronic kidney disease because you
are your number one advocate for getting the best care the best treatment
strategy and trying to always improve and get better you need to educate
yourself about chronic kidney disease so you can push your doctor and push your
entire healthcare team to keep striving to improve your health not just waiting
until you make the stage five and then throwing you on dialysis so how do you
educate yourself of course you’re gonna go on the internet it’s a wealth of
information but understand the majority of what you find out there is very
general very broad it’s missing key pieces of information that you need
or and this happens far too often it is completely wrong and maybe even
dangerous speaking of missing information dialysis and transplant are
not the only options you’d think they were when you go to all the kidney
websites you grab all the brochures about Stage five and they say Stage five
is pick your dialysis congratulations you’ve made it to stage 5 would you like
to do it at home or come to one of our many many treatment centers located very
near to everywhere you go that is not the only option we’re missing that
information telling us about conservative management using diet and
lifestyle changes to slow down or even completely avoid ever needing dialysis
I’ve done it and you may be able to also now diet is critical in improving your
overall health and your kidney health and it’s the one thing that you have
full control over you get to pick what you put into your body now there is no
one best diet no one diet is gonna guarantee that your kidney function
improves you need to work with a dietician who has experience with kidney
disease to customize a diet unique to you and the best diet is gonna be one
specific for you based on your labs and that you can stick to if you can’t stick
to a diet it’s useless now what’s your best resource for figure out the best
diet for you I said it a few moments ago a dietitian you need to be working with
the renal dietician no matter what stage you are if your doctor says that you’re
only stage four you don’t need to do it now you need to do it now even if you
are stage one you just got a little teeny tiny little bit of kidney disease
see a renal dietician they are life-changing and unbelievably helpful
do it now one of the key things your dietitian is gonna do for you is help
you determine your unique daily minimum and maximum nutritional targets for a
lot of key nutrients and this is going to be based on your labs every time you
get new blood work done they’re going to adjust these if Nessus
area and here’s what you’re gonna want to look at you’re gonna watch your
calories your calcium your carbohydrates your fiber your iron your protein your
phosphorus your potassium your sodium and your water and that is a lot to keep
track of so how do you do it you’re gonna use an app there are a ton of them
out there that are free and some only cost a little bit per month I use
chronometer and you can read about it on dad vice TV the reason I love it is
because there’s a free version and with the pay version it’s very affordable I
can set my daily limits in there for each of micronutrients and it graphs it
and lets me know when I’m getting close also my doctors can all access all of my
nutritional information from the web without me having to email them anything
it’s all available in real time and another huge bonus with using a
dietician let them know what foods you really enjoy and the cravings that you
have and they can help you adjust your diet and portion control so you can fit
the things you really love in your diet who doesn’t like a diet that has all the
foods they enjoy another huge benefit of a dietitian now one thing I didn’t know
in the beginning and I wish I did know there is a huge difference between the
types of protein animal proteins are really hard on your kidneys and the more
damage you have the more stress they place on your kidneys plant-based
protein though does it play stress on your kidneys so try to eat more
plant-based protein and less animal base especially as your kidney function is
declining and you’re getting more damaged now it can be hard to get all
those nutrients every single day and this is where the right supplements can
be life-changing for you talk to your doctor in your dietitian about adding
different supplements do you need more fiber vitamin C vitamin D iron whatever
supplements can help you achieve your daily minimums and they can reduce or
even eliminate some of the symptoms such as anemia alright just six more things
to share next is everyone out there whether you are diabetic or not
and that’s the big thing or not you need to manage your blood sugar those spikes
in your blood sugar are not friendly to your kidney so maybe even talk to your
dietitian about using a low carb diet to better manage those spikes speaking of
managing things you better manage your blood pressure normally this is done by
your kidneys but as they get damaged it gets harder for them to keep your blood
pressure under control which then increases the amount of
damage that happens to your kidneys which makes it even harder to keep it
under control oh we don’t need that we don’t want that
work with your doctor find out do you need a special diet do you need to take
some prescription pills if you have to take pills take them one time as
prescribed every single day that you’re supposed to take them there are apps
that can help you with that exercise can make a huge impact in your
overall health and your kidney health make sure and get at least 30 minutes a
day five days a week and it can be something as simple as
swimming aerobics or walking now here’s a tough one to talk about and I suffer
badly from this being overweight it’s not good it’s not helpful
alright so work with your doctors find out what diet what amount of exercise
you should be doing to help you get to a healthy weight now this is gonna sound a
little odd but we put way way too much focus on our GFR now it’s an important
number it’s just what measurement though you got to remember that you got to
focus on your overall health how are you doing what symptoms do you have what can
you do to minimize or eliminate those symptoms just because a person has a GFR
of 23 does it mean they are they have more symptoms or are less healthy than
someone with the GFR 29 we’ve got to look at the body overall alright so
don’t focus too much on your GFR it’s gonna fluctuate and yeah it’s used to
determine what stage you’re in but a person who has a GFR of 30 stage 3 and
another person was a GFR of 29 there’s not a heck of a lot of difference
bearing you can’t even look at them and spot the difference
but I can look at someone suffering from anemia and someone not and I can spot
those right away so look at your entire health how you’re doing and work I’m
feeling better all right now the last one and this is what’s gonna get the
people to give me a thumbs down on my video there’s all sorts of people out
there and some of them have beliefs that they will not change no matter what no
matter how much scientific evidence there is they will not believe it they
are set in their ways and a lot of times they’re gonna be very negative if you
want to make changes if you want to fight kidney disease into play or avoid
the need for dialysis they’re gonna try to hold you back and pull you down you
need to just stay away from those people stay away from the negativity and when
you’re out on the internet remember what I said earlier most of the stuff you’re
gonna find is gonna be too general it’s gonna be missing information or it may
be completely wrong and dangerous so anything you see out there check with
your doctor first before you do it and there you go those are all the things
that I wish someone would have told me when I was first diagnosed with chronic
kidney disease if my doctor would have sat down with me and went over that
entire list with me whoa I would have been off to a much better start in the
beginning and a lot of that fear uncertainty doubt and depression that
comes with being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease would have been minimized
or even eliminated for me now remember the most important thing is you in
fighting chronic kidney disease you are your best advocate you are part of the
solution educate yourself continue to educate yourself push your healthcare
team and your health care team involves a lot of people your primary care
physician known as your family doctor your kidney specialist uh nephrologist
your dietitian and maybe even others work with all of them communicate you
have a question ask the question you don’t understand the answer tell them
that we have to let them know we are patients we don’t understand you we want
to understand the more we know the better we can
fight chronic kidney disease kick it to the curb and get healthier like I am
alright everybody this is my last video for 2019 whoo I have created 58 videos
documenting my journey during the first year and I went from stage 5 kidney
failure told I had no hope if I didn’t go on
dialysis or get a transplant I’d be dead in 45 days that 45 days is
almost exactly one year ago from today I’m doing better my kidneys are doing
great I’m healthier I just went out and walked six miles yesterday and getting
my exercise I try to do a minimum of five miles every single day tons of
energy watch my first video if you’re new to this channel look at me
quiet sitting there my eyes all sunken in someone healthy severe anemia and
compared me now not even a year later doing stuff love in life not being held
back but my my kidneys and one thing I ask of all of you if things are working
for you share them there’s not enough of us kidney patients out there sharing
what does work there’s more than enough people repeating false fake dangerous
nun helpful information all over the place but how many people are out there
saying hey I did exactly this am i GFR tripled my GFR doubled we need more of
that out there so that people can find the right information and then they’re
not sitting there thinking hey you know what I just read something’s gonna cure
my kidneys which there is no cure and I’m gonna watch Netflix and we’ll sit
down watch the latest episode of you know on Netflix of something and eat me
a box of baking soda that’s real people are actually doing
that alright oh okay so be careful there’s some crazy stuff out there I
would love for anyone out there that has success share it record a video of
yourself talking about what you did send it to me I’m gonna make a testimonial
section or dad buys TV and put lots of videos like that
if you’ve had success you wrote a book do a little video send it to me I want
to support our community we are a huge community and we need positive support
from each other and we need to celebrate the wins that we make all right
everybody it’s been a fantastic 20 19 I have huge huge plans for 2020 lots of
great stuff coming and I look forward to talking to all of you online and in the
comments see you guys the next video

Randall Smitham



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