April 9, 2020
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This week’s video is a review of
something cool! Literally, cool. It’s in my hand, and my hand, it’s kind of cold. It
is Killer Whey’s new flavor, Caramels Back, and my review is starting right now. Hey,
everybody. Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where you can
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blogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I do some keto giveaways. If this is your
first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, make sure
you’re on Notification Squad by clicking the bell. All right, guys. My pals at killer Whey have a couple of new flavors. This is the
first of them that I’m gonna be trying. It’s called Caramels Back, as in the
straw that CRUSHED the camel’s back. Very excited to try it. It’s their salted
caramel flavor. If you’ve seen any of my reviews before, particularly the ice
cream reviews, you know that I break them down into four parts. The first part is the
texture. What’s it feel like coming out to the pint? Is it smooth? This is 45
minutes post-freezer, so it’s been at room temperature for about 45 minutes,
now. The next part of the review is the taste. Do I like the way it tastes? I’m a
huge fan of salted caramel, so we’ll see how this stacks up in that department. Then I talk about the carbs. And the last part of the review — I discuss the
ingredients. So let’s get into this guy. Caramels Back. It’s the straw that broke
the caramels back. I like Killer Whey’s lid game. Wow! It is like glass! Look how
smooth that is. The thing to know about Killer Whey is that they are a keto-
specific ice cream. They’re not afraid to have more fat than
protein in their ice cream, and not afraid of calories, either. We’ll get
there. But these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to keto-specific ice
cream. That looks really good. I like the color of it immediately. It’s sort of a…
you know, sort of a beige-ey. All right, let’s see what the texture is like after for…. it… um… it made me stop talking. Texture
looks to be very good. Oh, that is really something else. That tastes very, very
good. And the texture is so smooth, and like… fatty. It’s the fattiest ice cream. It’s so good. Nutrition facts: the serving size is 1/2
cup – 85 grams. Servings per container: four. This is where things are completely
different than any other low carb or keto-friendly ice cream. Calories: 150
grams per serving, 130 of those coming from fat. So 600 calories in this pint. If
you’re counting calories, be forewarned. 600 calories right here, if you put this
whole thing away. Total fat 15 grams, 10 grams of saturated fat, no trans fats.
6 grams… or 16 milligrams. excuse me, of cholesterol. 90 milligrams
of sodium. 3 grams of protein. total carbohydrates: 13, dietary fiber: 2, sugar
alcohol: 8. So just like it says right there on the front — 3 grams of net carbs
per serving, 12 grams of carbs. All right. Let’s now look at the ingredients. A
low-carb frozen dessert created to fit your ketogenic lifestyle. Our desserts
are handcrafted in small batches, utilizing simple, all-natural ingredients
with your health and wellness in mind. Ingredients: cream, filtered water,
erythritol, whey protein concentrate, chicory root fiber, MCT oil, vegetable
glycerin, natural flavor, sea salt, stevia, gums (xanthan, locust bean, and
guar). Contains milk and coconut. Those are really fantastic ingredients. They’ve
got little icons here on the side. No sugar added, M… guys, it’s still there.
Killer Whey! You’re killing me, Killer Whey. this says “MTC oil”. Something to to maybe redesign slightly. All-natural, 15 grams of total fat per serving, three grams net
carbs per serving. Guys, Killer Whey is — I’m not ashamed to
say — my favorite ice cream. Oh. Like when that stuff melts around the
sides? Look… oh. Look out! Oh boy. I don’t know where I’d rank this. I’ve got a video up here, where I rank the flavors that Killer Whey has put out prior to this.
There are four. This is gonna be very close to the top, if not on the top. I am
kind of over the moon about this flavor. So get yourself some. Speaking of which, I have the same coupon code as before. It’s KETOAD10. Use that at check out.
That discount code, which used to be for $10 off is now 10% off.

Randall Smitham