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[Korean Food] Eggplant Beef Roll |KETO recipes | low carbon recipe | ketogenic diet

Hello. Welcome back to my channel. It’s Stella’s Recipe If you are new to my channel, please don’t forget to press the subscribe button below to see more interesting recipes. Today, I’m going to make an eggplant beef roll. It is a low carbon recipe that could be categorized as a KETO food. Usually eggplant roll includes a rice ball inside, but I would put a tofu instead. Tofu is so proficient in protein, so you will be full enough without having a steamed rice or bread. This is also good for an appetizer
before having a main course. So, if you are ready, let’s get started! First thing you have to do is slice the eggplant I don’t want eggplant to be too thick, so I am going to use a wide peeler to slice eggplant. Then, place them on a tray and sprinkle a salt and pepper. Leave this for 15 minutes. Then, brush the oil on a pan and put a pickled eggplant on it. Roast them for 1 minutes and 30 seconds for each side in a very low heat. Then, let’s season the beef. Put one spoon of sugar. Put half spoon of ground garlic. Put two spoons of cooking wine. Put one spoon of soy sauce. Put two spoons of oyster sauce. Put two spoons of water. Put one tea spoon of sesame oil. Put a bit of pepper. Mix them very well using a whisk. Put 200g of beef. I will use a thinly sliced beef, which is a front leg of a cow. Leave them for 20 minutes. Put one tofu in a boiling water Let them simmer for 5 minutes. Take them out from the water using a net. Place them on a cotton and squeeze them very hard to remove any moist inside. The tofu is very hot once they are boiled, so be sure to wear a glove. Afterwards, put tofu in a bowl. Put 6 tea spoons of bean flour. Put a bit of a salt Mix them using hands It will be less moisty and feel like a flour dough. Then, lump tofu together using hands. Be sure to make each mess 15g each. Place a seasoned beef on a cutting board and place an egg plant at the 1/3 point of sliced beef. Put a tofu mixture at the end of eggplant and roll them until the end. When you are done rolling them, put them on a pan in a very low heat. Try rolling them on a pan for 5 minutes. Place them on a dish with a sauce. So, we’re done! This is the most soft beef I’ve ever had I guarantee that this tastes awesome, but it will be helpful for your weight loss. So, if you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below. See in the next video. Bye Bye

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