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[Korean Food] How to make cauli flower kimbap |KETO recipes | low carb recipes | low carbon diet

Hello. Welcome back to my channel. It is Stella’s recipe. if you’re new to my channel, please don’t forget to press the subscribe button below to see more interesting recipes. Today, we are going to make a cauliflower kimbap. Last time, I made KETO kimbap, which use cheese and eggs rather than a steamed rice So at this time, I’m trying to use
cauliflower when making a kimbap. Cauli flower is a good source of fiber, which means that it helps to lose weight. Also, it has a nutrient that helps to prevent cancer. So, if you are ready, let’s get started! Wash a cucumber with a running water and cut them into a half. Remove the seeds using a spoon. Slice them vertically. Slice the carrot and cut them into a stripe. Place the sliced cucumber and carrot on a tray and sprinkle and salt on a cucumber. Let them pickle for 10 minutes. Put one tea spoon of oil in a pan and put a shredded carrot. Put a pinch of salt and stir them for 3 minutes in a medium heat. Put a one tea spoon of oil in a pan and put a pickled cucumber. Stir them for 3 minutes in a medium heat. Crash 6 eggs and sprinkle a salt inside. Mix them altogether using a whisk. Put one tea spoon of oil on a pan and spread it using a kitchen towel. Pour an egg mixture on a pan to make a thin layer of egg. Flip it to the other side and let them cook for 1 more minute. Fold it twice and cut them into a stripe. Put a sausage in a boiling water and parboil them slightly for 5 minutes. Take them out from the boiling water and slice them into four parts. To wash out cauli flower, put one cup of water in a bowl and one tea spoon of vinegar. Put a cauli flower inside and add one more cup of water Leave them for 15 minutes to remove any kind of impurities. Take them out from the water and remove the stem of cauli flower using a small knife. Separate them into several pieces. Then, put them in a food processor and grind them into fine particles Put a ground cauli flower in a pan. Stir them without oil for 12 minutes. By doing this, we can remove moisture inside a cauli flower and prevent laver from getting wet. Put a one spoon of mayonnaise in 200g of ground cauli flower. Mix them using a wooden spoon. Tear out 6 crab meat bar using hands. Put two spoons of mayonnaise and mix them altogether. Then, we are ready to make kimbap! Place a kimbap maker on a cutting board and place a piece of laver. And put a 1/4 of laver diagonally. This small piece of laver prevent kimbap from tearing out once they are rolled. Put a cauli flower rice on a laver on a 3/4 of its surface. Put two cucumber in the middle. Put a pickled radish on the side. Place a shredded carrot beside it. Then, put a crab meat on a top of it. Place an egg beside a carrot. Put a sausage on top. Roll them using a kimbap maker. Gently squeeze the ingredient using hand and roll them to the front. Brush the water to the edge and seal it. When kimbap is done, brush the oil on the surface and cut them into a bite. It looks quite alike a kimbap and cauli flower inside the kimbap has a same texture of rice This is perfect kimbap for losing weight So, if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below See you in the next video. Bye Bye

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